Vintage Brewing Co. Madison

674 S Whitney Way, Madison
(608) 204-2739

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Thank you for a wonderful experience! Our server was Anthony and he did an excellent job. He had infectious energy and kept our drinks topped. Mike, the owner, provided fantastic customer service in dealing with a kitchen mistake from my last visit. The Homegrown burger is delicious! I would recommend eating here for tasty burgers and kind staff.

Pam Hoffman

The grilled salmon was excellent, I was so surprised as this is a bar and usually they excel at burgers. My husband had the turkey sandwich and said it was just ok. My daughter had the hamburger and said it was really good but could have been cooked a tad longer, as it was a little too pink. The cheesecake didn't have enough flavor. But that salmon was awesome! Our server was excellent, always helpful and attentive. I would definitely go again.

Rohan C.

Sidewinder fries are a great combo of thick cut fries with plenty of crispness. Thick cut bacon tasted great on the big sky. Great burger, good beer. Definitely worth a second trip.

Charles L.

Met a friend here for a beer. He had food, as well. The food looked good and the beer was decent. The service was okay but could have been a little better. I'll cut it some slack as I know that everywhere is experiencing issues with staff.

Giselle A.

Not sure how this place isn't rated higher! I've had dinner here several times and their burgers are always cooked to perfection (for me that means a beautiful medium). Their deal on their award winning beers on Fridays ($4!!!) is awesome. Their fries are my absolute favorite, I would classify them as a work of art. We've brought out of town friends here for dinner and they've loved it. You've got to try the Rip-Rip chicken with the peach chipotle flavor. SO good. Try it. Big Sky Burger is my favorite, hello fried onion rings. Haven't had the curds yet! The appetizer pretzel bites are okay, nothing to write home about. The mustard sauce that comes with them is better than the pretzels if you ask me. This place also has lots of patio seating which helps on busy days. I would guess most negative reviews are from people complaining about slower service on busy days, but that's what you get when your food and beer is fantastic. Oh well! Our food has always come quick even if our waiter took longer to get back to us.

Mike Toral

Today I had the Breakfast Burger and my son ordered the BBQ Mac and cheese. Both were generous entree portions and very tasty!! We have been here multiple times and each visit is very pleasant and we leave super full! Our server, Leroy was excellent! He came at all the right times and was sure to have a refill of my diet Pepsi at the ready. Look forward to our return visit!!

Noelle L.

Great family friendly brewpub. I saw the listing that there are lots of vegetarian options and I definitely wouldn't say that is true but there are several options - two flat breads, one caprese and one salad. Our server said all the dressings but ranch are made in house. Full bar and the beers they make in house available as well. Patio seating for seated dinner and bar customers. Lots of indoor seating. Pretty loud acoustics - might be an issue for customers who have hearing issues.

Lisamarie L

A nice brewpub with a lot of house brews on tap - I'm partial to the hibiscus saison, but we always get a flight. There's a good variety of beers in different styles. The food is pretty standard Wisconsin pub fare. The cheese curds are good, they have tasty burgers, fish baskets and my husband likes the fish tacos. I also enjoy the Thai salad when I want something a little less meat heavy. This is also where my son discovered Shirley Temples and they enjoy the burgers, so there is a little something for everybody.

Natalie S.

1000000/10 Amazing food, the blacken salmon salad was absolutely lovely. The lava cake was the perfect way to end my night...the rich chocolate cake paired with the light sweet vanilla ice cream is the perfect combo. Great service!

Aliyah C.

The food here was good enough to come back but the server was awful. After waiting 10 minutes for service, Isabel came without introducing herself and just asked our drink order. She took a long time for everything and the only reason we knew her name was because of how friendly she was when introducing and serving other guests around us. This is the type of Service that makes you not want to come back, but I know it isn't representative of the restaurant as a whole which is why I gave three stars! Cheese curds - can't go wrong Mac n cheese - delicious! Cod - needed some seasoning for the broccoli but overall good Beers - fantastic

Chris Currier

There were ton of us for dinner the evening of June 27, 2022. We had a reservation and we’re seated properly and then waited pretty close to 30 minutes before our orders were taken. About 45 minutes later the food arrived. I had ordered the car dinner. The fish was called the mashed potatoes and gravy were cold the “creamy“ coleslaw was anything but creamy. The tartar sauce was like a very thinly made soup that literally could be pouring out of there paper container and dripped over the fish. I didn’t say anything to the waitress about the coldness of my meal because I didn’t want to have to wait another 45 minutes for another order. When she came to take my plate I told her that my food was cold and pretty tasteless. She said she would speak to the manager. I have no idea if she did that but I got my bill for a $16 cold meal and a three dollar glass of small milk. It was a total waste.

Jonathan B.

We've had a lot of good experiences here. The service is usually great and the food is good. Recently we visited and tried the Nachos and bluegill fish and chips. For two people, we honestly could have eaten only the Nachos. Lots of good flavor in the nachos and they aren't spicy as they might sound. The nachos are huge, be warned. To add to the quantity, the amount of fish in the bluegill fish and chips is surprisingly large as well. The fish is cooked and breaded well so it's a good fish fry. The fries are thick and curly, a little different than normal, and we enjoyed them.

Jesse H.

Came for a family lunch. Service was bad. Waiter ignored our table, had to flag him down for water 3 times. Bathroom was out of paper towels and toilet paper. Server also didn't know what sides were vegetarian. Overall food was good, just disappointing service.

Larry G. Irwin II

I remember going here before COVID and the food was ok. Now that the patio is open for the non vaccinated kids... We have started coming back. Each time I'm pleasantly surprised at how good the both the food and drinks are. You'd think by the third trip I'd learn .. but no. Still surprised. At those point it's on me, but it didn't take away from the quality.And the cherry on top: the few times things don't go as planned, they make it right.Would recommend

Sarah Erickson

No friendly faces to be seen here, hostess and waitstaff both. Just a very bizarre experience to order your food with the waiter not speaking to you and then to have him slam your receipt down on your table and never to be seen again. Never thanked or anything like that by anyone. I will say the fries and root beer were delicious but the burger wouldn't be on my list to order again.

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