726 E Broadway Ave, Medford
(715) 748-4031

Recent Reviews

Becky O'Brien

Incredibly slow in drive thru even though there was only one car at the window when I was ordering. When it was my turn I waited another 5 mins or more before anyone came to the window. They did get my order right. Kudos for that

Bruce Tatera

French dip and loaded fries! Amazing!

Jay Hoffman

Went through drive through. Food was pretty good

Jim Laazar

Your could raise your own animal to slaughter before you get your food here super slow!

Howard Sackmaster

Good Fish on Friday Night

Nathan Weiland

Its Arby's. Always good. Just never sure if they will have roast beef or not. 2 of the last 3 times they didn't

Lynette Binns

Really good fast food! Love their reubens!

Carla Lee

The food is great and the service is wonderful and working very hard to, keep up the good work everyone

Justin Kutchenriter

Not very good. Gives you gut rot. I don't know why I eat here sometimes. Not worth the money. Only good side is it's quick.

Benny M

Always have to wait longer when ordering chicken sandwiches. Fries were burnt and too crisp from the bottom of the fryer. Not the best arbys out there

Don Bluhm

First ordered orange cream shake and they were out at 1:45 pm then we ordered a eight piece jalepeno bite and a four piece mozzarella sticks and they only gave us a four piece jalepeno bite! Grrr! This is why people don't use the drive through!


Always have to wait longer when ordering chicken sandwiches. Fries were burnt and too crisp from the bottom of the fryer. Not the best arbys out there

Chuck Kuhn

Good food amazing service

Antoinette Slack

Everything was good. Fast service, hot food, and order was correct.

D XLund

Better than other fast food places. Thank you for curly fries

Rachael Krug

Good food. Great service

Larry Hochmuth

Food is always good at arby's

Lisa Kitzhaber

Love there loaded curl fries and regular curly fries

Angel harrison

They have good food and friendly people

Ginger Kubicz

Ice cold peppers on the philly, cold meat as well surved on a hard bun. I heard good things but was very disapointed.


We live the gyros sandwiches they serve and love the sale they had 2 for $6. It was really worth it and we went several times to get them. Thanks Arbys for that special. Good fast service at the drive up!! Kathy

Nico Mahner

Better than Mcdonalds, but can be hit or miss. Most of the sandwiches on offer here are pretty good.

Alayna Z

Some really good food and friendly service.

Jeanette Dassow

Tables were dirty, my sandwich was cold, and only 4 pieces of roasted peppers. And your large drink was way too expensive McDonald's only charges a dollar for ice tea.

justin reese

Great food, friendly environment, speedy service!

Chloe E.

Pretty good food over all. Service is average. Not too slow, not too fast. Over all food was very hot and freshly cooked! One thing was off putting though, the manager was eating Subway in the lobby!

Brenda Hoel Dahl

Great, friendly service and food!

Emily Holub

Yummy! I'm super happy to pick up Taco's for my family. Fresh and made when I come to pick up our order!!

gregory fifield

Food is really good there the service was excellent the bathrooms are pretty clean.

Melissa Rast

For the amount of staff they have, they're great!! If you complain that they're understaffed, I feel for you... BUT, you have no idea how hard it is to hire people who will show up to work when they are scheduled, be pleasant with customers, and do their job. They're trying the best they can and they're doing the best they can!!

wendy fremming

Ordered a big chedder cheddar and beef sandwich and they didn't put chedder on it long wait time for food only one cashier during lunch hour

Todd Larson

good food .... pretty quick service

Donnie N Jody Neubauer

Went to get Arby's after working a long shift at work. The person making the food in the back had a visible bloody finger under his glove. When I asked about it, the person said they cut their finger. I asked for a refund and they told me they didn't know how to do that. They offered to make me different sandwiches by someone else. When they did, the person went off to the side so I couldn't see them prepare the food. Not really sure if I got new sandwiches or not. As I was home eating my sandwich, I pulled out at least a 5 inch hair from one of my sandwiches. I can assure you, we will never eat here again. I will also be spreading the word of unsanitary conditions!


Almost all Arbys are well stocked usually and have decent restrooms.

Dan Koehler

High prices higher than surrounding fast food restaurants

Mary Nelson

Good food but a wait that is longer than most fast food restaurants.

Lori Warner

Food is okay. They occasionally run out of roast beef, which for Arby's is not a good thing. I've been served stale buns and over microwaved bread on my sandwiches. When you pay that much for prepared food, you should at least get what you pay for. The dining room here could definitely use a bit more attention. It's frequently quite messy in the drink area and condiment area.

Heidi Miller

Great food. But always check your order mine always gets messed up!

Nichole T

I was here a couple days ago and the costumer service is horrible! There is this one guy there who's dark complected and has curly hair and he was the most rudest person EVER! He acted so cocky towards me and I just couldn't believe it..... I've been here before and besides this one experience it was pretty good.

Renee L

Staff was very friendly, place was very clean. Close to place we were working at in town. Had a few items that my local Arby's didn't have.