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726 E Broadway Ave, Medford
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Reviews for Arby's

For the amount of staff they have, they're great!! If you complain that they're understaffed, I feel for you... BUT, you have no idea how hard it is to hire people who will show up to work when they are scheduled, be pleasant with customers, and do their job. They're trying the best they can and they're doing the best they can!!

Went to get Arby's after working a long shift at work. The person making the food in the back had a visible bloody finger under his glove. When I asked about it, the person said they cut their finger. I asked for a refund and they told me they didn't know how to do that. They offered to make me different sandwiches by someone else. When they did, the person went off to the side so I couldn't see them prepare the food. Not really sure if I got new sandwiches or full review

Food is okay. They occasionally run out of roast beef, which for Arby's is not a good thing. I've been served stale buns and over microwaved bread on my sandwiches. When you pay that much for prepared food, you should at least get what you pay for. The dining room here could definitely use a bit more attention. It's frequently quite messy in the drink area and condiment area.

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About Arby's

They have the meats you want to eat! Arby's has long been famed for serving up fast meaty sandwiches that go way beyond burgers to give you sliced meats piled high on buns, chicken sandwiches, and perhaps most famed of all - Curly Fries! Grab some Horsey Sauce and you're golden! Beef N'Cheddar has never been better. Make sure you get a Jamocha shake too. There's nothing else like it anywhere! To delight your meaty senses, head to Arby's now!