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530 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee
(414) 744-2555



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Ugh. This place always sounds like a good idea and then I regret it. Kind of like champagne. Nice until it's not nice at all. It's always so sad when two different locations of the same business offer a completely different experience. I frequent both the Oakland Gyros on Oakland & Locust and the newer location on Layton Avenue. Layton Avenue has a drive thru, so if it's winter and you left your house in flip flops or you just don't want to put a bra on the...read full review
We ate here Thursday night after my daughters concert. I usually get the gyro combo with extra onions, but my son convinced me to try their double cheese burger. I ordered the double cheese burger with extra onions; I wasn't expecting much, but I was impressed by the burger. Don't get me wrong, the burger wasn't Culver's or Koops or even Major Goolsbey's, but the burger was pretty good. My wife and I split the burger with some fried mushrooms. My oldest...read full review

We left the airport and wanted to grab something to eat close by. This popped up on yelp. I saw the awesome rating, and should have read the entirety of the reviews then we would not have ordered as much. These portions are HUGE! SHARE! We both had gyro platters - the meat was fresh and the veggies crisp. Such a gem right by the airport.

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Soups & Salads

Egg, lemon, rice soup.
Chicken Noodle$2.49
Greek Salad$4.99
Spicy Chili$3.19

Sandwiches & Combos

Combos include French fries and medium drink.
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