Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6000 Durand Ave, Racine
(262) 554-6884

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Tony W

Love the place. Great food, great service.


Food is always decent...predictable and consistent which we like about Olive Garden. This visit though, given coronavirus virus cases are on the rise, we were a caught off guard when they sat guests at every single table around us. The restaurant wasn't packed and there were several sections completely closed off. With the virus on the rise again, protecting staff and customers should be shifted back to top priority. We will visit again but likely long after this next go-around with the delta varient tapers down.

chris Salamone

Went for lunch and we both got the endless soup and salad. They do have very good of both at a good price. Most other items are somewhat over priced for what you get.

Tyler Wilson

Food was delicious. I got the 6 oz. Sirloin which came with a side of fettuccini for just under $18, very good deal! Waitress was kind and we didn't have to wait to long. Always loved olive garden!

David Herek

Good food service was okay staff seemed too busy talking at times to bother with their job.

Heather Sanborn

I was there around 3pm on a Thursday afternoon. They said the wait would be about 10 to 15 minutes. It was more like 5 to 10 minutes, which was great. Both the hostess and the waitress were very nice. There were things about my meal that I didn't like but, that wasn't their fault. I couldn't remember what was all in their salad and I didn't think to ask. Before this visit it had been years since the last time I was there. There was something in the soup that I didn't like either but, to be fair, I picked it over the other ones. I picked it because it had dumplings in it and I, usually, like soups that have dumplings. It also had some sort of greens in it and I believe that they gave the soup a spicy kick. My lunch buddy got the same soup and it wasn't spicy to them at all. I have a very, very low tolerance for spicy foods. I can't even eat something that has too much black pepper on it.[side note:] (Even though every once in a great while I'll put the spicy salsa from La Tapatia on my tacos. Which is the same place I also buy my tacos from.)

Amber Carson

There was a bad smell on the entry way but the staff were awesome. Food was wonderful. Their $5 take home meal was exactly what I needed because we're staying in a hotel. And there was no wait time.

Kristina “Chucklez” Toto

Just because people order all u can eat soup n salad doesn't mean they are cheap or u won't get tipped...some if us just really love and get full off of soup and salad. And stop just giving us broth.

Hasnain Attarwala

Food isn't bad. Bread sticks need improvement. My wife called & the lade said oh ya come on over, were empty. When we arrived there was a long wait, but open tables.I personally am not a fan of Kiosk style paying / ordering & then tip lands at 20%. Why'd I pay 20% extra money for the staff to just bring it to me. Wait staff is really depends who you get. Sometimes we get really positive uplifting people who offer stuff which is included, other times they just read stuff off the menu & tell you to use the stupid kiosk.When I was there last time, the frier broke down, which is fine stuff happens but the waitress got so confused, didn't offer any substitutions for appetizers already ordered, poor thing must be new, her supervisor should have offered assistance to her.

Insfires Bts

Worst waitress ever!! She didn’t give us refills, she didn’t let us get more than one soup and we all got unlimited soup and salad. Worst experience ever!

Valerie Sorensen-Martinez

Our waitress was awesome. She was on top of everything. Very friendly. Food was ok. A bit over seasoned.

Adam Heusdens

Not the same overall quality I remember from pre-pandemic times. There were cleanliness issues and the menu is much more limited. Food was good and our waiter was great.

Julie Kortendick

Wasn't impressed. First the hostess put us by the bar. Didn't seat us in dining room due to air conditioning wasn't working on one side of restaurant. Really? Our waiter was just ok. More managment needs to be on in the evenings. Will not be returning.

Morgan C

Personally, having gluten allergies, although they have gluten friendly options, I can't say the food is any better or even as good as what I can make at home. The gluten free pasta has had only one sauce that is also gluten free and it tastes like it came from a can. The salad without croutons is the best option for gluten free which is sad because I can literally cut lettuce at home and buy a bottle of Italian dressing at PickNSave or other nearby grocery stores. I do not have any experience with the other menu items as almost everything has gluten. I do wish they had more gluten sensitive options but even the ones they do have are mediocre on a good day.

Rebecca Werning

Wanted to go there for my birthday but upon arriving to a restaurant that was more than half empty-not talking about social distancing of tables, I'm talking literal rooms of empty tables that can be seen from the outside-we were told that it was going to be a half hour wait. Absolutely ridiculous! Don't waste your time going to this location unless you want to enjoy waiting for no reason!!!

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6000 Durand Ave, Racine, WI 53406
(262) 554-6884