Taco Bell

1104 N Eisenhower Dr, Beckley
(304) 256-6389

Recent Reviews

monster meeko

Most of the time I go there all my foods not there or its wrong

Aaron Meaty Goods

Love these folks, but they forget something almost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Tenisia Jarrell

They have great food .and they do good having their doordash orders ready when you go to pick them up


I love this place and love their food they have pretty fast service and the employees are very friendly and polite overall I would definitely recommend this place.

James Jarrell

The food was good, however whoever the lady that was in charge was rather rude, and didn't want to honor the fact that they messed up my order for the last time I was there. I informed them that I called and told them my order was prepared wrong, and that the lady I spoke to said they would replce the order the next time I come in. She try to say the telephone hasn't been working for two months. I bet the management would have something to say about that.

Britaney England

Sat at the driver thru speaker for 5 minutes. Nobody took my order. Drove around to the window and nobody was there. This is ridiculous, if you don’t want to have a job then quit.


Good service. Will be coming back.

Shawndyl Hughes

I love Taco Bell's breakfast selections. It is perfect to go and order when you don't have time to fix breakfast at home because you have to go to work. I also lo e the workers!

Steve Dillon

Great value very friendly employees

Debra A Johnson

I love taco bell.But the hours of operation at the Lewisburg taco bell SUCK!!If they need to hire more staff on then BY ALL MEANS!!HIRE MORE PEOPLE ON!!YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO YOUR REGULAR HOURS OF OPERATION...8AM-12:00 AM.

Alyssa Phillips

I've never had a bad experience here, always fast and friendly service.

Loretta Neff

Lacked some zesty taste could add a little bit of flavor.

Heather Sorrell

It was okay we had to clean our table though before we ate

Kathryn Richmond

Tables were not clean, food was ready quickly and I did not have to wait long for service. Staff was friendly.

Brandon Dent

Don't bother showing up for breakfast they only serve it for 1 hour. You think when it says breakfast on the menu you would be able to get breakfast before 10:00 a.m.

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