Wings Olé Specialty Restaurant

725 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Morgantown
(304) 598-3010

Recent Reviews

Steven Morehead

The burritos and tacos have recently improved their meat sauce spice recipe, or maybe I have missed eating there. Great food, call ahead and pickup your food at your convenience.

andrew morgan

Prices are way outa hand. Hard to afford to go there anymore

Marlene Price

Nothing like their burritos and wings

Avery S.

The staff was absolutely the best & very friendly, 5 stars for them. The food was awful. I ordered wings & they were cooked well but the sauce that was Buffalo was tomato based!? I was very confused. It tasted like they added a bit of Frank's red hot to tomato purée... WEIRD. The white sauce was phenomenal & the celery sticks fresh. I ordered a beef taco too & it was awful. The rest of our table agreed what they ordered was yuck as well. We certainly didn't complain as we were starving & ate it anyways. Avoid.


Great service, food, prices, location… Great!

Rachel Taylor

Great workers, clean environment and the food was outta this world

Bettina Weaver

Fresh ingredients, can't decide which menu item is my favorite! Absolutely love this place!


This used to be my favorite place to eat the past few months it has really gone down hill! Most employees seem to be high and moving 2 million miles a hour. Took my family in for dinner few weeks ago there were a few ppl there eating told us can’t take our order until they catch up in 15 or 20 mins wouldn’t take the order and let us sit down wanted us to just stand there and wait I’ve been there before place was full never had to wait to order. Called in last week after placing half order the person answering the phone goes silent and never returns to phone. Today there not even answering at all smh

Palch Mogglur

I love their food but it is hit and miss on quality so.etimes at dinner, so that is why I go at lunch. Today was great except for rude customers.

Debra D.

This has been a favorite of mine for 40 freaking years! I love the chicken burritos and fries and blue. I've always found the employees there to be friendly and helpful. They could step up cleanliness in some areas and improve the process for taking VIP orders. But you will find the food to be addicting!

Mike Lowery

Food was very good. Fries and blue are always welcome.

Anthony Sickles

Fake covid-19 charge. Don't eat there! It is illegal taxation without representation. I'm talking with layers today about it.

Stanton Manilla

Don’t get me wrong. Wings ole is one of my favorite restaurants. But the last 3 times I’ve gone they’ve gave me the complete wrong order. The reciept is always right but when I open the bag to things I don’t even want to eat It is saddening.

Nikki Gibson

Would be nice to update your hours online so people don’t drive all the way to your restaurant and you close 4hrs early

Samuel Mckay

Food is always so good!

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