1391 University Ave S, Fairbanks
(907) 452-6328

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Nathan Colson

Don’t know who works the night shift on Saturday, but, the person at the window was super super slow. And then forgot our drinks, we had to wait forever in the line again just to get our drinks. The last time we came here everything was fast and on point, tonight it wasn’t. Also, we couldn’t even order the newest steakhouse burger due to something wrong inside the restaurant. It’s a new building and hasn’t been open long, come on, things should be working great. Not breaking down. Plus the door was locked for dine in area.

Tonya Flores

Sooo disappointed. There is a salad on the menu inside the restaurant. I have Celiac and was excited to see something "safe" as the rest of my family was eating here. I ordered the salad. Then was told they don't have a salad (it is ON THE MENU). Fine, I won't get a salad. EXCEPT...the cashier asked the manager on duty (or whoever was in charge of the shift) if they had a salad. That person then feels the need to tell me, quite rudely, that "ALL fastfood restaurants are getting rid of their salads so don't bother asking about them." Like she needed to lecture me about salad availability in all food establishments everywhere. And she wasn't kind. Maybe Arby's is discontinuing salads, but that is a far cry from ALL fast food restaurants everywhere. If the rest of my family hadn't already ordered and paid we would have left.

John DeRushe'

Sat in drive through line for 20 minutes and was told that they are now closed 15 minutes before thier posted closing time. The explanation was that thier computers tell them when to close randomly between 1030 and 11pm. Can't do anything for you, bye

Barbara Hawkins

Brisket is delicious ? the curly fries fresh hot and rootbeer good. Service good but can improve the window situation.

Tabitha Humphries

Mike at Arby’s on college rd, deserves a raise!He got my name from my debit card and proceeded to use my name throughout the remaining time he was serving me, that means a lot. All the staff was very friendly and fast, food was delicious as always!

Sea Wolfe

Without a doubt the worst Arby's in America. Not one have they ever made an order correct, and they're food is somehow worse than every other Arby's. Avoid like the plague because you might get it here when you order a chicken bacon Swiss.

Kimberly Sweeney

Had a bad delivery with Doordarshan. I finally get my order after having it being delivered. 2 times. Opened my sandwich. I just couldn't believe what would even send out. Anyways the reason why I'm giving Arby's a 5* rating is because the manager on duty at the university store was exceptionally incredible. Excellent coustomer service.just a class act. Remi ded me of when I worked for Arby's decades ago. Thank you

Sharon Capporelli

While having 2 Arby's in Fairbanks is great, it never seems like the food is hot, even when eating onsite.My grandkids Love the mac & cheese and cheer when we go in though.Please never get rid of the turnovers !

Bobby Pine

Good and clean, only drive thru right now.

Britt M

First time there and will be the last. Ordered 2 gyros and had a BOGO coupon. Employee had a meltdown because he never scanned one before and said there was nothing he could do. Waited patiently and finally the manager came over and she was more rude about the situation. They were trying to give us an entirely different order. Incompetent and unprofessional.

Martin Flora

I get it. New business long lines. Food was warm and acceptable when we received it. However the milk for my daughters kids meal was expired by over a month. Rather than wait in line again we chose to stop at a gas station and grab another. When I called the store the first person I spoke to seemed to not care. I asked to speak to someone else. The second lady walked back and checked all the milk and confirmed it was expired. Offered a refund and apologized.

Trista Crass

If this was the last restaurant on Earth, You would still be better off boiling your boots and eating them instead. Let's start off with the fact that all of their meat has been heavily dyed brown and pink to look like food, and then I want you to remember that they sell the lowest grade of food that you can legally serve humans.

Breanne Morley

Ordered off grub hub. Driver was great but the order was wrong. Sandwiches had no cheese and one was supposed to be a gyro. No sauce was included. That was my first experience ever with arbys and it will be my last.

Akrose G

I was very disappointed by there customer service. I asked if the order could be remade for one of my customers, i was running a bit behind on my orders. The food was cold. This is what she told me when i asked to remake the order"DRIVE FASTER", NO WE WILL NOT REMAKE THE ORDER. I del the cold food but i felt so bad i refunded that customers whole order. I hope who ever owns Arby's here in Fairbanks sees this.

Tabatha Land

Take out. I love Arby's but they seemed to be out of half of their menu items. Hoping next time they will have shakes and curly fries. Especially since they don't have, potato cakes available any more.

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