Pho House

400 College Rd, Fairbanks
(907) 456-1086

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Garry Kepes

The Original Pho beef bowl was very good. A small bowl for one person is sufficient. Thecwait staff was very pleasant as well as the discussion with the patrons. The newly paved parking lot makes the resturant look open now. I passed by before this and was not sure it was really open. Try it. It is a good meal.

Jacques Manuel (JM)

Food was Super good and location is quite convenient, service was quick and fast, i mean it.I ordered bbq pork sausage and grill pork combo vermicelli, i hope to have more vermicelli than meat but it was delicious, egg roll was hot and crispy ?? top Vietnamese food in town.


I got the curry soup. It was tasty with quite a bit of vegetables and a few pieces of thinly sliced chicken and a bowl of rice. It satisfied me the day I wanted a bowl of good and hot soup. But the price was Alaskan size! They give you a little discount if you pay cash. Fast service and great people.

Diamond Willow Boutique

?. They used to be good. I ordered 3 bahn mis. Horribly dry bread. No sauce. 50 bucks may as well burned it. I asked them to make it right. The owner said he could not. Who else sells bahn mi’s?


Nice phô! Service was fast. Excellent broth and all the fix’ins. Will certainly come back again if I ever find myself in Fairbanks again!

Neil F.

The best food during an entire week of sampling Alaskan food. Pho and Beef Stew were amazing. If I ever find myself in Fairbanks this would be my first stop.

Raych X.

Where to begin? Hair in small broth with meatballs. Meatballs had gelatinous hard bits-- odd. Super expensive soup considering my beef stew had about 4 pieces of beef which where the toughest chunks of nearly inedible meat. Egg noodles in same dish had next to no flavor. Broth was fine, but $14 or whatever for broth is outrageous. Went to pay and looking around while we waited, this place is so dirty. Hanging pieces of dust from a lantern, soaked rags on their kitchen floor, dust everywhere... just gross. Will never step foot in this place again.

Shayla T.

Everything was delicious! Total was around $50. Ordered Pho, spring rolls, Thai tea, and Bun Bo Hue

Matt S.

I ordered the Alaska choice 2, It was good. The broth was a little sweet and flavorful. I ordered spring rolls to go, I enjoyed them at home! Pro: Quick service, good broth, friendly service, great rolls. Cons: Small amount of basil, Tendon very chewy, peanut dip watery, and not enough for 4 rolls. Regardless, mostly enjoyable meal. TV set for religion a turn off.

Bennie Colbert Von's Realty and Re/Max Associates of Fairba

Always amazing food whether you eat in or take out! Not to mention the wonderful friendly service as well!!!

Zihao Zhang

Edit: it was very narrow minded of me to say that I didn’t usually have Vietnamese food when I wrote this review in 2017. I’m editing this in 2022 and Vietnamese food has become one of my favourite cuisines. And I always remember this restaurant which introduced me to this new world :)Wow! This is like nothing I’ve had before! I don’t usually have Vietnamese food (sorry), but this one is certainly worth trying! The yellow curry is so special; it’s like one of a kind! The milk tea is so fresh and warms you up immediately! The best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had!

Beth M.

It's another mom and pop restaurant in Fairbanks. Pho is always consistent, the restaurant itself it not so much. Tables and chairs are all run down. Condiments in the table are never been cleaned up in a while. Kinda gross. If they can renovate or clean up a wee bit, this place will look so much better. Other than that, they're ok.

Kasandra Joyner

This was the best food we have had since being in Alaska. Quick service and delicious food. Don't let the exterior of the building fool you.

Gen T.

I ordered Pho House via DoorDash. And had the Pho bowls and a Thai tea. I'm originally from the Bay Area and when I saw a review that said it had too much flavor and that their clothing smelled for more than 2 days I knew I was in for a treat. Boy was I right! I would definitely come back again. How perfect being in such a cold area. I could have soup everyday in this weather


I may have given more stars had the owner/manager's child not been in the restaurant playing with a mobile phone watching annoying loud videos with the volume on FULL with neither parent doing anything about it while we were trying to eat our dinner which was extremely annoying. The food is ok, they probably do their best with the ingredients available to them up here in Alaska, which is pretty limited, but I wouldn't be in a rush to go back. It was hot and came out really quickly.

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