3574 Airport Way Suite A, Fairbanks
(907) 479-8688

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Marquis O.

I had ordered 2 foot longs and a 6 inch, all of them toasted. I pull through the drive thru and pick up my order and it has 1 foot long and two 6 inch sandwiches, none of them toasted. They are currently having work done in the store and it was busy so I shot them some bail. When I pull back to the drive thru, I show them the receipt and I tell them "I don't think any of these sandwiches are correct or maybe this order isn't mine cause none of them are toasted either." They take the bag and one of the workers proceeds to make what I thought was the order with toasted sandwiches. They only made one sandwich and sent me on the way. I get that it was busy but at least don't mess it up twice after being apologetic...

Barbara V.

Staff was friendly and ingredients were fresh. We had lunch there 4 times because they have the most economical salads in town.


Staff was friendly and quick filling orders. Ingredients were fresh. We ate there 4 times for lunch because they had the most economical salad in town.

JD Hogan

Staff had to ask several times about the order but it was correct. The order was quick, and the sandwich were good.

Jonathan Hamilton

Somewhat dated could use a face-lift

Kamaya Fenton

Absolutely outstanding customer service. Professional & punctual. Ken and the rest of the staff were patient with my indecisive order, they even offered a recommendation on what to choose. I am beyond happy to say I will be a returning customer.

Grandma Dee

I finally got ingredients right. Delicious sandwich!

Lorraine Solomon

Ordered from them with DoorDash twice. I swear they just want to get the order over with. The first one was fine they just forgot the bacon. The second time ordering they messed up on the cheese, they also added stuff that wasn’t supposed to be on there the onions, wasn’t toasted, added to much mayonnaise, and my daughter said the bacon didn’t taste like it was cooked throughly.

Jacob Griffin

I asked for tomatoes and they gave me pickles. When they read my order back, they said “tomatoes” but still added pickles. Don’t go here, the lack of brain cells is real.


It was slow and food wasn't greatI had better subway before

Harrison B.

Service and employees were great. Food just isn't great anymore for how much the price is...Firehouse and others are better and bigger for same cost

Alisha Roddy

Always clean. Always good food. Always made well and never slopped together. My favorite Subway in Fairbanks by far!

Joshua Kugler

Friendly staff! They were quick and accurate even though we walked in and ordered 11 sandwiches.

Johnnie Robertson

Really good food really good stuff

Patti Moss

Love this location!! Everyone is fabulous!! Food is always fresh and made to order.

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