The Golden Rooster Restaurant - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

7001 Crestwood Blvd #1012, Birmingham


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The food is great, its always hot and fresh each visit. However, I would suggest that they are more consistent with their plates. If it comes with bread ,fries and chicken that should be the norm each time..sometimes they give you bread sometimes not. Let the customer decide whether they want it or not. The white velvet cake is awesome, the staff is professional and friendly. Lasting the only major turn off will be the inconsistency in opening hours. You never know when they full review
Pretty unassuming location in a strip, I saw this listed on Waitr and decided to not be lazy and grab it myself. I ordered cajun wings, honey hot wings and a shrimp combo. Cajun Wings - 4/5 The cajun wings had a nice crisp to them, a little harder than I personally cook in a wing but I like mine a little softer than most folks, so no points down for that. The chicken itself was still tender under the skin, and had clearly been cooked to order. I feel like they could have full review

Inconsistent with being open on a regular scheduled basis. I've come by on at least 4 occasions and 3/4 of those times they weren't open during a time that they're supposed to be. I stop going because I'm tired of wasting gas/energy on uncertainty

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