Urban Standard

2320 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 250-8200

Recent Reviews

xvx bby

The staff is SO NICE and very very helpful! They were kind about explaining the vegan and vegetarian options. I got the vegan breakfast plate and it was amazing!


The iced matcha latte is out of this world. Ended up having to get a refill! Will definitely visit again. Chill vibes and great staff.

Latrecca Wilson

Yes yes yes! I miss this place so much. I went there almost daily when I lived nearby. The best coffees and snacks! I loved the scones the best!

Krishana Pleasant

Amazing cabbage soup!! Will definitely be back.

Christy Wessel Willea

We came for breakfast and had the vegan breakfast plate and avocado toast. We came for lunch and got a vegan Reuben and the grilled cheese. Delicious!

Tzena G.

Great cup of coffee and delicious, healthy menu options!

Aubree Bailey

Great atmosphere with lots of natural light. Food was good, coffee good, and lots of vegan/vegetarian options.

Matt Esche

Tremendous coffe, outstanding breakfast. Amazing hidden gem.

Michelle Key Hill

First impressions are lasting. It is a quaint and cozy place. I loved the atmosphere but all that was tainted by the terrible service that I received at the counter. Saturday around noon. The young lady did not smile when taking my order, she handed me my bag without thanking me or saying a word. She just handed me the bag and turned away. So I waited, she saw me waiting but did not acknowledge to find out what I needed. So I just spoke up and asked where I could get a napkin, she did not say a word, she just point in the direction, of the napkins. I’m sure the loss of one customer won’t make you or break you, and I wish you all much success. But I will not be back.

Jesse R.

The cuisine here isn't a culinary masterpiece but for a large coffee shop with a sizable menu they have stuff that I just love to order. Solid breakfast menu, even better lunch menu and a cool enough downtown/urban vibe where you can sit with a computer and work for hours. For the Vegans out there, they have multiple options for plant based/Vegans on both menus.

John Sanders

Laid back coffee shop...caramel latte was superb!


We stopped in for lunch and were impressed with their vegetarian friendly menu. I have never seen a vegetarian reuben sandwich with beets replacing the pastrami and it was excellent. Save room for something from the dessert case.

Michaela Mentasti

Great grits with cheese breakfast. Coffee was good too, and the decor was nice. Sad to see plastic cups being used for patrons drinking water.

Maximilian Upp

Great coffee and awesome work space. We rolled through town ten minutes before close and they still took great care of us. Will be back for a more lengthy visit. ❤️

Ryan D.

Neither the food nor the coffee were memorable, which isn't to say that they weren't good: it's just that, after a few days, I could no longer remember them. The same thing happens with my coworkers' names, so it's really not a big deal. What matters most is that the friendly hipster vibe here is just what you would want it to be if you were friendly and hip-- which, of course, you are.

Josh Harper

Love this place. My wife and I had our rehearsal dinner here, that's how much we love it.

Regina Gargollo

Good breakfast vegan options. I suggest that they bring on some vegan pastry options, additionally clean up messy pastry showcase.

Serena Ravenel

Really smooth coffee and delicious avocado toast!

Gabriel S.

I made an order for 3 eggs any way + 2 toppings. I asked for it to be a 3 egg omelet and instead of charging me for what I ordered, the woman up charged me almost twice as much and said "it takes more effort so I had to charge you more." Don't put "eggs anyway" on the menu if you're going to change my order. I got charged for something I didn't ask for AND I was specific about why I ordered it that way (I don't think I should have to pay $3 more for arugula side salad). They are just here to steal your money.

Kristi Pruitt

I was just there for coffee. Which was fresh brewed and very good (just got the house blend; I never get any of the fancier stuff). Wall decor is urban-trendy, very original. Tables sort of strewn about, not in regimented rows! Not even the same "design". A few folks in there working on computers; probably using it as a temp office or study hall, which adds to the atmosphere.

Brandon Benitez

A very rustic-chic space with a cozy and vibrant feel once you walk in offering coffee, pastries, and much more. Popular with locals and the college crowds. Went for breakfast and it was good for the most part just didn’t like you had to purchase add ons to your main dish instead of them coming included; like the skillet potatoes and the traditional toppings in a omelette. The vanilla cappuccino was good, not the best, no rich thick foam layer which I always enjoy. On the other hand, their strawberry and lemon scones are excellent. A rich, buttery taste with a crunchy texture goes quite with coffee. Enjoy my foodie connoisseurs!

Sara H.

So disappointing to revisit this long time favorite on a weekend trip in Birmingham. Brought some friends in with me and regretfully so. Terrible service-- staff was overwhelmingly unhappy, inconsiderate and rude. Even overheard the barista say "I hate my job, I'm going to quit." Tried to order a breakfast sandwich and was told food was going to take 45 minutes -- even the daily quiche special. How? Isn't it already made and would just need to be warmed up? Settled for a muffin and it might as well have been dough with strawberries on top. Zero flavor, took two bites and threw it away. Left unsatisfied and disappointed. Hope this was just an off weekend, but can't say I would chance coming back with so many other great options around now.

Rosanna M.

I was really excited to try the veggie burger because of the other reviews, but I was disappointed...Big Time! It was soooooo salty! I could only get down two bites! The hippie gumbo however didn't disappoint it was delicious!

Lauren C.

Wonderful coffee shop with many vegetarian options and delightful baristas/servers! I didn't think I'd ever find vegetarian gumbo, but the Hippie gumbo here was amazing! It included brown rice, lots of perfectly cooked tofu (baked or sautéed?), scallions, and okra. I wish there were more places like this is Alabama. Will definitely come back next time I'm in Birmingham.

M. S.

Fresh, healthy options in a relaxed, casual setting. Great place to sit and work. Portion sizes are surprisingly large and a good value. House granola and yogurt was excellent.

Dorothy I.

This café was very quaint and warm. I enjoyed the atmosphere and all the art. The set-up was very well thought out. I thought that the prices were affordable and that the staff was very nice and considerate. I enjoyed the setting a lot. The bakery treats I had were amazing. I highly recommend them. I will definitely come back to this restaurant for more treats. I think that if I knew about this place in college, I would have run out of money because I would go there every day to study. It is just the right noise level to not be disturbing , but not quiet like a library. I can't wait to go again.

Jill England

This is my favorite place to get a latte in Birmingham and the food is great too! The atmosphere is always comfortable and inviting and the staff is friendly. Everything about the aesthetic from the music, to the visual layout and decor embodies what I imagine a coffee shop in the city would be like and it's consistently been a favorite place to meet with family, friends, and clients or even just hang out by myself.

Jeanie Brown

A wonderful venue for comedians, any performers!Very intimate and connected.

Rae Noling

The vegan scramble plate is sad. They did give me a refund though. I only ate 2 bites. Husband said the non vegan plate he had was good. I'd have scored better, but it was a long wait.

Claire Jackson

The best place. So dear to my heart. I love the atmosphere, the coffee, the food and the memories. A Birmingham treasure!

Jamie Limbaugh

The grits were the best I'd ever had. The service was also great. Thank you Urban Standard!!!

Amalia Galindo Sousa

The perfect place for a hearty, healthy or light breakfast in a relaxed ambiance. Super friendly staff.


Popped in here for breakfast but ordered lunch instead. Great food, good coffee, great service, very cool atmosphere. I recommend going here for an inexpensive and delicious meal.


Popped in here for breakfast but ordered lunch instead. Great food, good coffee, great service, very cool atmosphere. I recommend going here for an inexpensive and delicious meal.

Emily C.

Urban Standard has the best atmosphere of any coffee shop in town! There is plenty of space and the noise level is low enough to make it the perfect place to get work done! This is my go to coffee shop to study, research or write, but is also perfect to hang out with friends. The coffee is wonderful! I religiously order a vanilla latte! Their food is also really great, and there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan options. They typically have a soup of the day and top notch pastries. Check out their Instagram to see what treats they are highlighting as the pastries vary! I don't think I would have made it through college without the caffeine, snacks and space to study here! I can't recommend it enough!

Erica E.

My first stop in Birmingham and a wise choice! Urban Standard was at the top of my list for breakfast and I'm so glad that I came! Upon entry, I loved the chill decor that was in place. Very hipster in its own way and adorned with pieces that continue to catch your eyes as you stroll over to the counter. With a display of yummy pastries and sweets available, I was quick to almost change my mind on the menu but I prevailed. Usually a coffee-fan, I was dealing with a bit of a tummyache and opted for their Turmeric & Ginger Tea to start and opted for their Classic Breakfast Plate option with Bacon. I was NOT disappointed! My tea was delicious without needing any sugar or honey, I found myself sipping until the very last drop! My eggs were cooked perfectly (I always ask for soft scramble but they are usually overcooked), bacon was awesome, my grits were perfectly cooked but could have used some salt & pepper, overall an A meal!! I'm so sad that I got full before I could eat my biscuit because it was so soft and looked delicious! Once I finished my meal al fresco, I grabbed a quick Iced Coffee to go which was delicious. Wonderful meal, polite staff and a beautiful location, totally worth all of the hype!

Tatayana R.

The barista was really sweet and the cookie and coffee was great.

Eric F.

During the week, US is where the city's elite come to breakfast and meet. On the weekend it is given over to the hipsters -- so pick your poison. The breakfast wrap is very good. Tried a bite of my daughter's grits, they were excellent. Her usual go to this time of day is the grilled cheese with plum dipping sauce.


First time in Birmingham and I googled breakfast spots near our air bnb. This place came up first with great reviews. We walked on over. Great atmosphere and decor. Good selection of foods. Omelette was amazing. My wife had the breakfast plate and she was very pleased. The grits were amazing. The coffee I did not like. And I drink a pot of coffee a day. It was super strong and had a bad taste. For me to throw away coffee is a big deal so hopefully I just got a bad cup. Everything else was awesome.

Gaz H.

Great breakfast foods. Decent cafe latte. Obviously the hipster center of the coffee dot in this town. The addition of interesting foods and electic furnishings in a big, not-at-all claustrophobic space adds to the allure. Not the most accommodating crew, unapologetic about their shortcomings (how can you claim the hipster mantle without gluten-free toast!!?!?), but that's entirely in keeping with the hipster ethos and the personnel were nice/friendly enough, so all good.