Arby's in Montgomery

Arby's - 5759 Atlanta Hwy

Rating: 4.1 - 43 Votes

5759 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery AL 36117
(334) 277-6379

First time in awhile since I was there. Being it was fathers day, wasn't many people in there so it was quiet and slow. And the staff was good and accomodating, but they were only about 5 on deck for staff. Besides them not having any ice in the soda machine, the food and service was good.

Arby's - 6931 E Chase Loop

Rating: 4.1 - 48 Votes

6931 E Chase Loop, Montgomery AL 36117
(334) 272-1125

This clean and very comfortable Arby's is blessed with great management which leads to a great staff and I want to commend this fast food place for a great experience when I was traveling. Very welcoming and clean enviroment. Our food came out in a reasonable tine and everything was fresh and yummy.

Arby's - 3853 Atlanta Hwy

Rating: 4 - 48 Votes

3853 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery AL 36109
(334) 279-9286

The food was good, but the sandwiches were a tad bit salty. The milkshakes are delicious. The Service is outstanding! The really bad thing is that they have become Very stingy with their Arby's sauce & Horsey's sauce.

Arby's - 2719 Zelda Rd

Rating: 3.8 - 47 Votes

2719 Zelda Rd, Montgomery AL 36106
(334) 279-1124

It's Arby's. So not much else to say about the food. I will say without a doub this is the cleanest fast food place I've ever been in. I asked the lady if they just opened - it was 4:00 pm. She said no. Just super clean

Arby's - 2796 Eastern Blvd

Rating: 3.8 - 46 Votes

2796 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery AL 36117
(334) 270-3352

Very clean and friendly atmosphere. This was my first time visiting this particular restaurant. The minute that we were finished eating, someone came immediately after we got up to clean the table. No food or debris on the floor and everything was in its place. I will visit this establishment again.

Arby's - 971 W South Blvd

Rating: 3.4 - 47 Votes

971 W South Blvd, Montgomery AL 36105
(334) 288-2729

We stopped here while traveling. Nice people ð???, especially the cashier; food cooked and prepped very well; very nicely laid out dining room; well-kept indoor plants; some remodeling going on in the bathrooms, keeping it nice; could just use some deep cleaning in spots. An all-over deep clean and then upkeep would more

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