Byrd Drug Soda Fountain/Lunch Counter

198 Elm St, Troy
(334) 566-0100

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Debi Holloway

Parking: There is several spots in front, and a whole parking lot next door... Plenty of parking!Wheelchair accessibility: Plenty of room for wheelchairs.

Toni Ridge

Love this pharmacy. The people are friendly amd remember you as a person, not just a number.

Phillip Moore

Good food and service


I had a pimento cheese sandwich and a chili dog . The chili dog was good but that pimento cheese sandwich hit the spot . I will go back for the pimento cheese and try something else

Victory Omolola

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Cody Knowles-Northcutt

Don’t go here for ice-cream after a hot afternoon at the park with your kid.

William Smith

They always have a smile and help me above and beyond the call of duty . I left my box full of my medicine this afternoon . I called and the owner Joe Dotson after they had closed . He drove back to open up for me to get it after he had already gone home for the day . Cindy delivers for free . They treat everyone like they would like to be treated themselves . There's many reasons they've been in business for so many decades . Kindness is just one of many .

Jason Lee

Friendly staff at the lunch counter. Got a bacon, sausage link, egg and cheese sandwich. Toast was a little dry, and eggs were dripping water the whole time which was weird. But the sausage and bacon was great! Really convenient for a quick, simple breakfast.

Jeremy Self

Quality hometown feel. Definitely stop in if for nothing but the nostalgia and great service.

Sherry Bradley

Great food, and very good price. It's just a neat place to go look around.


There's not much more of a home town feeling than at Byrd's on the square. Their Chicken Salad plate is my go-to for a quick delicious take out. Call it in and you can normally walk in five minutes later and find it ready to eat in or to take out. Top your lunch off with dipped ice cream. Feel free to drop a tip in the jar on the counter, The prices are exceptionally reasonable. The food is very good and it's a popular place for the downtown lunch bunch.

paul s

My lovely bride and I are trying all the local establishments. We committed to at least twice. Well wouldn’t you want a second chance? We heard about da’ burgers being wonderful. Some Locals say it’s the best in town. That’s a high order considering all the burger joints.. We went for a later lunch, we were surprised that they didn’t notice we looked lost as to how things work? So we went to the counter and ordered burgers. I were taken back by the sign no free refills? How many people can abuse drink? I guess a lot. There was only two people working. Didn’t seem well organized for a well established place. But hey it Local and tats what we wanted. You could tell we-r-not from there. The burgers lived up to the expectations. Well worth a try... 4 of 5 yums. Maybe the staff was worn out or an off day... Again good burgers...

Shawn Bristow

Bird drugs has been around a long time there a HomeTown drug store and then delivered right to your door

Regina Ham

love the friendly attitudes and helpfulness of the staff and they are always pretty quick with prescription filling also if you havent eaten from the deli just believe me ive eaten everyrhing from rhe menu and its all been consistently good.

Mable Horn

great service local owner quick in and out

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Byrd Drug Soda Fountain/Lunch Counter

198 Elm St, Troy, AL 36081
(334) 566-0100