Hot Pot Restaurants in Tuscaloosa, AL

KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Korean • $$
4373 Courtney Dr, Tuscaloosa

Customers` Favorites

Miso Base with Various Meats and Buffet Items
Cucumber Kimchi and Radish Pickle
Salad Bar

“So the restaurant is new so there’s some hiccups that can be worked out. Like technically there’s no full bar bc they are still working on it . But u can still order soju sake and I think beer . My server Faith was the best & madeMy experience so much more pleasurable . I would come back just for her!!Pan Chan is a large salad bar but a lot of Korean staples needed to be fermented longer . Dumplings were wild cold and it’s a shame bc they were very crispy and flavor was good but sitting at salad bar with no warmer .Meat was on point I got BBQ not hot pot soooo good . If. you’re into making lettuce wraps aka ssambap it’s kinda a challenge bc they give u the bottom half of lettuce so not able to wrap . This place I’m sure will be worth 5 stars soon and again service definitely boosted the rating!“

4.6 Superb58 Reviews