Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

6770 N Sunrise Blvd, Glendale
(623) 772-9832

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Rodney M.

I ordered a drink and it came to me with more than 4 dead bugs in my glass. The manager offered me a replacement but the damage was already done. How could anyone ever eat there with this knowledge

Amira T.

Service here is polite, but incredibly slow and dismissive. I have had good experiences with the food, never an illness or issue with flavor. From the front reception area to the table you realize, you are in for a long wait for everything! I'm not sure if they are just incredibly understaffed, or if the staff Feels entitled to free time on the job. My first thought after reserving my place in line was, "How does everyone seem so bored, confused, and overwhelmed at the same time?" Getting your food order in takes forever, and they make the process confusing for themselves and the guests. They take drink orders pretty quickly, but delivery from bar to table is an excruciating wait; you'll likely receive your food first. They have more space than they have employees for sure. It's frustrating as a guest to sit and wait to be seated for 20+ minutes, when half the restaurant is empty but all of the servers have been "double sat," according to the hostesses. Here's a little hint from an old pro; I've been "sat" 4+ tables at a time. Guests are happy to be there, and most of them are happy to wait if you touch down. Let them know you are a little understaffed and just wanted them to be comfortable at a table while they wait on service. Tell them the kitchen is also backed up and you have to wait a minute on their food order, but you're happy to bring them drinks as soon as you get back to the table. Maybe offer them soups or salads to get them started and help ease the kitchen's burden, and bring it BEFORE the rest of the meal comes out. Have one of the thumb-twiddling hostess's bring them waters. Most sober people are logical and appreciate communication over the, "stare at the floor and speed past before they can ask" approach your servers were using. And here's a fun one; ask your overly important bartender, who barely moved the entire time we were there, to deliver a drink or two when it's sitting at the otherwise empty bar and the servers are clearly backed up. He gives us all a bad name. That was embarrassing to watch. Other than the confusing and poorly managed FOH service, the location, view, and idea of this place is fantastic. The food, although lacking any striking or unique flavors, has been consistent, healthy, and enjoyable. .

Paola M.

Always love to come here for some good eats and some good drinks ! I've had their Beef Teriyaki that comes with a side of fried rice , soup & salad * My favorite Roll - Las Vegas Roll - Deep Fried Combination of Cream Cheese, Salmon, Avocado & Krab & of course gotta have my other favorite Salmon Sashimi & you can't forget their Garlic Edamame .

Bob W.

Horrible experience. Was told 30 minute wait. Sat in the dirty nasty bar. An hour later and still no table. Was told maybe 30 more minutes. Felt like staff was laughing at me. We left and ate elsewhere

Marina Johnson

Go for the specialty rolls...they are a delicious choice

Luis Ortega

Almost 1 HR wait , half of the tables at restaurant are empty.Short staff and they don’t answer the phones.Hostess not very friendly and she doesn’t care about the restaurant or / neither the regular customers like us. “ Mariah “If this restaurant wasn’t in westgate, it would’ve be a low budget third level restaurant.No management.We drove 45 min to come to this place.It Won’t happen again.Food was ok.Krystal our server had a bad attitude and a chip on her shoulder, I felt like I was bothering her.I spent over $200 dlls on food. Still felt that the staff was making me a flavor for assisting me as a customer.I always tip 20%- 30%, today for the first time I didn’t.Very disappointed


Not worth the money. The food was not bad but not worth the money paid. The sushi was okay fresh but I have had better. The tempura was not cooked thoroughly and I was eating running batter. I also ordered the green tea tempura ice cream and the presentation was good but the skillet was not big enough for the ice cream and eating it was messy. The skillet was a cute idea but was not the best idea for this particular dish. The skillet was too hot for too long and the ice cream was melting too much and burning the tempura shell. The fried ice cream was too runny from melting and it was like eating a shake. Not pleasent.

Keely C.

Been here a couple times and everyone is so friendly. Service is prompt too. They have some of the best chicken fried rice and a good happy hour! Food is served hot & atmosphere is clean.

Arelis A.

Amazing food. Although service kinda was lacked maybe because they had call outs so they were slammed on a holiday like Labor Day. Bathroom were very very filthy. The sushi's we order was part of a happy hour they had I believe it's half price from their original price. Amazing items on their happy hour for food and drinks. Make sure if you go on a busy day you make reservations before had because we waited about 30-40 minutes to be seated. Food was good for the most part.

Alma Espitia

On a 0-5 scale with 5 highestAtmosphere 4 star ... A/C and some music would be greatService 5 star ... Suzanne is AMAZING!Food: (0-10)Garlic Edemame - 9.5 (This is what Edelman should taste like!)Tuna roll - can't go wrong. 8.5BSCR Roll - 6, a little less mayo would be great baby scallops we're amazing.Soup- .5, not our type.Pork cutlet 2 and tempura shrimp 6Drinks .. margarita 9 and whiskey and coke 5.5

John T.

This should have been a 5 star review but I will explain that later. Came here for my birthday meal, party of 5 during lunch time. Booked a reservation using the Yelp in-app option which was super convenient. I have been eating at Kabuki restaurant for years and they have always provided a great dine in experience. This was not any different. This is what we ordered. Appetizers were calamari, fried tiger shrimp, spicy ahi wonton, grilled asparagus. Entrees were seafood salad, assorted sushi, salmon teriyaki, udon, and dessert was strawberry ice cream and banana tempura ice cream. Our waitress was superb and very accommodating to refill drinks and all requests. We wanted extra ginger with our sushi, we got that. We wanted extra wasabi, we got that. Food was amazing but they dropped the ball big time with one big red flag. I am from Hawaii born and raised so I've been eating sushi since I was a kid. Literally. I have 3 teenage kids so that's a long long time folks. The sushi was poorly made. The rice was not proportioned well and it fell apart as soon as it was dipped into the soy sauce. This is a newbie mistake as any pro knows that the vinegar blend is used to keep the rice fused together within the sushi wrap especially when you order nigiri sushi not talking about hand rolls which wouldn't have made a big difference. This totally sucked because we had to fork out the rice that went into the soy sauce after the sushi was dipped into it. I don't like to complain so we decided just to eat it and enjoy ourselves but seriously the sushi was made as if a middle school home economics student made it their first time. The sushi itself was fresh, the rice was great, texture and flavor was superb. The thing that was wrong was execution of making it and plating it properly. I will always come back here and I hope that my next review of Kabuki is better. Our bill for 5 was about $200 and we tipped $40 on that. This is the only time that there was a problem with my sushi and I've eaten here 30+ occasions in the past. I've also eaten at Kabuki Los Angeles at Howard Hughes Center as recently as 2 months ago although this review is for the Glendale Arizona location. Side note for management, please have your rookie sushi chefs practice with your staff before giving them live kitchen orders. I'm a hard core Kabuki fan and I'll always come back and eat here again but this could have been a first time diner and they wouldn't come back for the sushi if they got the sushi I ordered. Also please don't fire anybody over this, just keep an eye on your rookie sushi chefs please.

Emilio Amador

Service was great, Dylan was a gentleman especially to my Mom.Food was very good!!!

Melissa Davila Storts

Friendly and prompt wait staff! Food was Yummy!

Melinda C.

Went to get together to catch up with some friends with whom haven't seen each other in a while. Given that we're still coming out of the P word ... obviously restaurants are short staffed so I'm not going to comment on the service or wait times because everyone deserves a little leniency right now The two detractors that had nothing to do w being short staffed : how noisy it is and how close together they seat everyone. We went at 1 and we were put in a table / booth in the back (6 of us) next to two full six person tables and the two four person tables were sat right next to us even though there were plenty of open spaces towards the front --- my guess is because Bao our server was one of few servers that day He deserved a gold medal for exceptional customer service keeping a fantastic attitude though he was clearly overbooked abd being run ragged and was unsupported by the runners who should have been bringing out food to assist him . So while one person was served their meal thirty minutes before the rest of us received ours Bao was the best part of our visit and I would return just to be sat in his section again and have the ability to over tip him a second time I sincerely hope management at this restaurant recognizes him for stellar customer service because all six of us at our table said thag his calm and congenial demeanor is what impressed us all and made the long wait between dishes arriving tolerable

Adriana Cabrera

amazing service. delicious like always

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