Siam Thai Cuisine

5008 W Northern Ave, Glendale
(623) 931-2102

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Toto R.

I am glad to ordered the party tray this week Green curry is the best. Siam Thai are very generous for the vegetables and tofus. I love their authentic green curry!

Anthony Leon

I love this place for its Red Curry one of my favorite restaurants

Rebecca C.

Love this place! Hidden gem and the place is super clean and food is absolutely delicious!!!


Adequately sized place, with some larger tables for bigger parties. The staff was friendly. I got takeout, during my wait, there was no place to sit and wait. As usual, I tried a curry and pad Thai. Yellow curry with chicken was today's choice, I found the taste to be mild and out of the norm, they used red skinned potatoes in the dish. The pad Thai was as equally mild, where you normally find a burst of flavor. The food was good overall.

Jennifer D.

We live like 3 minutes from here and have just never went. From the outside it is very unassuming, even a little scary looking. Tried it today, and it is the best thai food I have ever had. Will be a go to place from now on. The appetizer sampler was good. A stand out was the chicken satay with peanut sauce. You could put that peanut sauce on anything and it would be amazing. The shrimp pad thai was the best I have ever had. The vegetable and tofu green curry was delicious. The perfect amount of spice for me as I ordered mild, and am pretty sensitive to spicy foods. It was great. The sticky rice and mango dessert was amazing. Already planning when we can go back and try more dishes.

Dori Lopez

Ordered the chicken larb and ground chicken thai basil. Very delicious and staff was very friendly. I will be going back and ordering more often :) Thank you!

Chuck Owens

Excellent fried rice.

Gottfried W.

TL;DR: I have been to a fair amount of Thai joints in my time, and Siam ranks highly among them. If I'm being honest, it's my favorite. Their yellow curry is unparalleled. When you ask for Thai Hot, you get it. Everything I've tried has been good. Flavorful food, excellent service, wonderful ambiance. Everything here is authentic. Do yourself a favor and give this place a shot; you won't regret it. Siam Thai is a gem, a veritable joint. This a family-owned restaurant, run by actual Thai people. It's situated in a dilapidated strip mall, next to some unsavory businesses (that, frankly, made me feel uncomfortable) in the cultural and spiritual void that is Glendale, AZ. You've never seen a town so depressing. Coming from NJ, I had definite culture shock. It's an odd location for such a wonderful restaurant. I've been a patron for over 15 years. I've never had a particularly bad experience at Siam. The service is always excellent; the staff has always been polite. The interior always feels clean and orderly. They have a real shrine at the cash register area. If you end up eating here, take note of all the little eccentricities and objects. This place has character. I've never waited an excessive amount of time for a meal to come out, nor received rude service. I've never had an outright bad dish here. I recall there being a time or two where it may not have been as spicy or as tasty as usual, but those were rare. It was always a treat to indulge in an experience at Siam - whether that be dining in or getting takeout. As a side note, my late uncle, who lived in Thailand for some time, including on a ship, praised Siam. He accompanied me on a few occasions when visiting in town, and never had a bad word to say. Standout dishes include yellow curry (my personal favorite), lemongrass soup, shrimp salad. If you're ever slumming it in Glendale, or just want good, genuine Thai, go to Siam Thai. Tell 'Em Groucho Sent Ya.

Dani M.

5++++ stars Seriously good food great service Staff is so nice and attentive even my fussy toddler sat his but down and enjoyed every bite! The yellow curry tai hot is fire ! Very spicy witch I LOVE we've been here more than a few times but I finally decided to leave a review they deserve it

Carolyn Pell

We love the pad this here. The atmosphere here is nice. Its quiet. We also love the mango sticky rice

jamie rivera

The food was ok and so hot that's a plus?? but I do have to say is expensive!!!

Beverly S.

I've eaten at Siam Thai cuisine probably close to half a dozen times and each time it just seems to get better and better this is by far one of my favorite Thai restaurants! The prices are good the service is excellent and I always have a nice time. The restaurant is always clean & has a very ambient atmosphere+to not too bright not too dark. Well lit and in a good location close to everything. Drunken Noodles area the bomb!!

Muthukumar V.

Awesome food and service.. we were looking for the best Thai food in north phoenix and this one is the best one as far as I know..

Sean Davis

Thank you so much for your wonderful service like ALWAYS! I drive across town to get my food from here because NO OTHER restaurant compares in taste and service! Today I was really embarrassed because I left my debut card at home and I realized it when I got to the restaurant and I only had enough cash to get one drink with the food that I ordered instead of the original too and when I stressed it to the hostess she was like no no keep the drink its no problem. Wow Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! You guys are the best !! Arijana

J D.

Delicious food, fast service and friendly staff. Everyone in my group was very satisfied with their food and there was plenty for leftovers!

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