Luci's at the Orchard

7100 N 12th St building 2, Phoenix
(602) 633-2442

Recent Reviews

Kirsten Z.

I've ordered takeout from here a few times during this pandemic. It's always been fresh and tasty. I personally love their açai bowl. It's somehow better when you eat it there though. The atmosphere is really cool. Tons of shaded outdoor seating and it's a great place to bring kids!

Kayla H.

Such a cute restaurant. It felt like a small town country escape from the city. Loved the fresh flowers, water tower, and open air. Noticed several people biking to the restaurant. Would recommend going for food, coffee, and browsing the connected shop if ever in the area.

Frank S.

Great patio dining! Diverse menu with many great breakfast and lunch options. Fun gift shop.

Lyndsey E.

If you want to have a delicious breakfast in a beautiful environment this is the place. Their patio is covered in large trees with great shade, I love that they offer light and healthy breakfast options alongside the classics. If you come on a weekend, prepare to wait in line for a bit due to the size of the establishment and popularity. It's worth the wait if you aren't in a hurry!

Michael H.

Got take out breakfast this morning for Mother's Day. Miss the great atmosphere but excellent breakfast prepared well in nice to go containers. Great local place in uptown that we love to support and go for great food every time.

Duncan B.

My breakfast burrito was delicious, hence there's no photos of it. But my wife's toast was super burnt and the turkey sausage I got for her was sort of burnt/dry as well. I'll most definitely give Luci's another shot. The beverages tasted awesome and the service was really fast.

Corey Solano

The food and ambience were great. Good selection of breakfast and lunch items, beautiful presentation. Now the problems. Limited parking if you go at prime time. And while the trees are beautiful, birds target you while you eat. They need umbrellas or bird control. The restaurant next door was having a baby short do there was no parking. My strawberry banana smoothie was good, but my burrito was just average.

Danny Duarte

Just want to thank the staff for being open during this tough time. Your pizza six pack deal is great. To walk to your location and enjoy some great food and beers at home - making memories that will last a lifetime.

Phuc-An N.

Ordered food from phone call and arrived to pick up. Was told it was only 15min minute wait but 30 minutes later it's still not ready, we watched as a man ordered his food at walk up and received it before we got ours still somehow. Had to remind the person again that it was a phone call order and with how long its taking it's like they just barely put the order in now. Right after being informed she leaves to grab my bag of food, yeah she literally just forgot and left it there since we arrived for no reason we were waiting. Service not up to par and food lukewarm because of it pointlessly sitting. One star for leaving the order there and another taken because it affected the food temp. Service person looked at us with a sour face like we were in the wrong when handing us our food but we werent the ones that forgot about it and left it on the counter for 15 minutes

Ryan Mccutchan

Didnt even know this place was here and now that I know....I cant wait to get back and take my friends and family. Cool little shop and an awesome patio space.

Mindy H.

The price and taste of the gelato here can't be beat. My partner and I shared two scoops for around ~4. That's unheard of where I'm from. Being so cheap, I was skeptical about the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavors were incredibly rich and flavorful. Even the vegan flavor I got. With vegan flavors, I worry about feeling like I'm just eating a blend of crushed ice with a hint of flavor. I did not feel like that at all when I was eating the vegan chocolate flavor. If you're vegan or dairy-free, I would recommend coming here if you're craving gelato. The outdoor area was a bonus. It was a really nice place to hang out and sit. It's a perfect place to visit with friends or with family. I would definitely recommend coming here if you're craving gelato.

Brooke H.

This place has my whole heart. It's the place in the city where i wake up and always want to spend outside drinking a coffee or a tea. While being unemployed i would come here ever day to fill out job applications and read. It makes my heart happy to work at a place like this

Wendy Davis Gosline

the atmoshere here is awesome. the food and ambiance were both outstanding.

Mediya P.

I came here yesterday with one of my best friends and her daughter! We both live up the street, so we both know and love this spot! We came late, at noon, we thought. Hoping the rush had passed. It had not. Lol oh wow, lol that line is literally always out of control so just prep for it and get over it. You're gonna have to wait, but it's totally worth it. I ordered The Grinder, mmm so good!!:) I ordered with no mayo, so if my sammy looks a little dry, that's why! I ordered it like that lol My friend said she was literally craving their avocado toast so she was very happy too!! We had mimosas that were delicious and then enjoyed some wine! I loved my Pinot Noir, I didn't know what to expect but it was a perfect easy drinking red! My friend got white sangria and I had a sip. It was nice, I'm just on a red wine kick. The manager was very attentive! We don't know his name, he was really tall with dark hair and nice. The girls at the front were all so sweet and friendly!! We love their little shop with little knick knacks too!!! Everything about this place is adorable and we love sitting outside. Her daughter is able to run around and play in their splash pad!

Nicole S.

Best hidden gem in central Phoenix! All the food is amazing. Love the cinnamon rolls and breakfast foods although they also have lunch food. Burrito bombs are made to order with choice of meat and cheese and sunrise omelet is a healthy delicious option. You will love the unique ambiance and lushness in the middle of the city!

Sarah O.

I love coming here for the ambience on a beautiful day and to take a look at what they have in their shop. It's extremely quaint. Their food and coffee is okay. Nothing crazy out of this world mind blowing. But because I love the seating outside i decided to give them 5 stars. I know that I've tried multiple dishes here with my grandma and my stepmom I just can't remember for the life of me what I've ordered. I know my grandma devoured her salad. They have a drive thru for people who are on the go and need a coffee quick. Which is extremely convenient. I however live in chandler so this is definitely a hike and a half for me to make trips up here. Without traffic it's at least 35 minutes minimum. What is also convenient with this location is that there are multiple things you can check out all in one spot, ice cream and Pomo which is an Italian spot.

Ernest Guerra

My wife saw somewhere the advertising for this place and we decide to go.. And we are not disappointed with this place outside patio inside dinner room gift store ...

Andrea L. Rand Cathey

Burger was delicious and atmosphere was exciting and lovely. will be back!

David Reyes

I might have found my new favorite breakfast spot. Very peaceful area nestled off the road. We had our breakfast out in what I believe to be The Secret Garden. Ending our meal at the ice cream parlor that's sits next to the Candy Shop. This place has it all!! They also sell unique quirky gifts

Kasey G.

I like this spot for a couple reasons! First of all you order at the register which is amazing because it saves me time once I finish my food I don't have to wait for the check etc, open seating was also nice and the courtyard was very pretty and lastly the food was delicious and so many options from smoothies to all day breakfast to lunch. I got the corned beef Benedict and I was very pleased!

Sally Michele Rubin

Love! Great food, super cool ambiance!


Got there early around 8am on a Saturday of Presidents weekend, not too crowded. Food is very good! Good portion and not too expensive. Good variety of options.

Trina G.

This place is fabulous!!! Awesome boutique that has a little something for everyone although a bit too pricey for me. The food was magnificent!!! I had a breakfast burritos that could of fed all three of my friends that joined me.. lol we had one of their specialty drinks, the detox... it was full of freshly juiced fruits and veggies that we watched them make! So amazing!! You have to stop by... it was the perfect stop after hiking Piestewa Peak!!!

Richard Farlow

We enjoy the eclectic nature of Luci's. Fun to browse while waiting. Food is delicious and fresh. A bit pricey for my tastes. The outdoor seating is very relaxing.

Betty W.

Luci's also has another restaurant (the first one) on the corner of N. 16th Street and W. Bethany Home Road. Its food is very tasty and reasonably priced, but it is a challenge to get into that restaurant on a Saturday or a Sunday morning as it is extremely busy. I have said to my husband that I like Luci's but its a chore to go to it as you wait in line to take your order; it goes quickly but then you have to find a place to sit which can be hard to at times. So when Luci's at the Orchard opened a few years back, I thought it might be bigger and have more seating (it does outside but I tend to like to eat inside) and the same thing happened there with having difficulty at times finding a place to sit inside to eat. So we stopped going there until this morning on a Wednesday around 8 a.m. when we hoped it wouldn't be so busy. It was too cold to sit outside even if we wanted to this morning, which I didn't, but luckily there was a table that we could share with someone (table sat six, one person was there at it working on his laptop). He was gracious to let us share the table with him. Ordering is easy to do as the menu is up on the wall, easy to read, easy to understand. Breakfast is served all day. There wasn't anyone in line in front of us so we could place our order when we were ready. I got the traditional breakfast which was 2 eggs with a choice of bacon, turkey sausage or sausage links, served with potatoes and toast. I chose the turkey sausage. Hubby got the Spanish omelette. We both got coffees. We got our number, found a place to sit and hubby went back to get the coffees when they were ready. They do have specialty coffees but we just ordered regular black coffee. Our food was delivered a few minutes later. It was delicious and plentiful. The turkey sausage had a little bit of spice on it, as did the potatoes, but all in all everything was tasty! Hubby enjoyed his omelette which came with potatoes and a cup of fruit. Luci's also has a small gift shop with tables and displays of items to buy throughout the restaurant. There were cute baby items, stuffed animals, books, donut socks, lotions, candles and so much more. I always look at items like this and say "I could do my Christmas shopping here." And in most cases I could find something for everyone on my list. The same would apply to Luci's. Lots of parking available but it wasn't the weekend. Sometimes its hard to find parking on weekend mornings. Nice outside patio area shared with Pomelo's restaurant. There is also an ice cream shop in the same complex of buildings. It would be a fantastic experience if there were more places to sit inside. Otherwise, worthy of a weekday morning treat!

Pete R.

Food: I ordered the Burrito Bomb, and my wife ordered the Funky Monkey French Toast with coffee and tea. Both were fantastic, but the French Toast was outstanding! Atmosphere: great outdoor patio, mind the birds and kids! But really enjoyable. Subtle music playing in the background. There's a lot of seating. Service: They pump a lot of people through here on a Sunday morning but the staff were super friendly and helpful! Tip: if your staying at the Hilton nearby, it's a nice walk!

Michael Bollinger

Good place to stop. We will be back! Awesome food, cool gifts, great atmosphere. Parking was really difficult during busy times, seems there's far more seating than parking ratio it happens. Needless to say, your doing something right! Thanks allot!

Lynn R.

We took a photo with the owner cuz we loved this place. The owner approached us and just added to our fun. My Alpha Phi Sorority had a 40 year reunion and a few of us wanted a healthy lunch option. We all order salads and I tried a bite of everyones and they were all delicious. However we blew it on the desserts but oh well we were all on vacation and wanted to live it up. I highly recommend Luci's for a quick bite to eat, tasty healthy food and festive fun atmosphere.

Tanya C.

This place is weird. Very homogenized. It's the perfect place for a third baby shower. But not the place where you can create an interesting story or memory. I ordered a Bloody Mary at a register from a young girl who asked me if it was "for here" or "to go." Then a little further down the line another young girl put a Bloody Mary in a glass with two olives and a piece of celery. I was standing there with my number, but she ignored me and walked right past me looking for my number. I followed her, calling out to her until she almost ended up where she started. When I caught up to her, she was impatient with me. This place is boring and not memorable. The Bloody Mary was bland and really weak. The food was the same way. People must forget how boring the food and beverages are if they ever come back. The only interesting thing about Luci's was the outside area. Last note, all the child labor that is working Luci's seem uninterested, uncaring and somewhat brow beaten. They gotta be making decent tips for the number of people here, so why so glum?

Rita Baca

First time there and I loved it. There was indoor or outdoor seating. We sat outside it was a beautiful day...there were love birds in the trees so beautiful. The seating outside so clean.

Kim T.

I was drawn to this restaurant after seeing the website while looking for a breakfast spot close by. It really does resemble an orchard and is so beautiful and relaxing, I felt like I was out of town. Food was fresh and delicious. Eggs were perfect and bacon was crispy and flavorful. There are lots of cute gift items for sale inside so while waiting for my meal, I was able to browse the eclectic collection of fun stuff they sell. Sitting outside was a great choice ju watch out for the birds that like to swoop on your ate'

Esti S.

We went for s Saturday Lunch (1-18-2020), we were 4 ladies. The food was good one lady who is allergic to onion asked for no onion and got them in her Turkey sandwich the manager was nice enough to replace her lunch and gave her full refund. It should not happen. I had No spring chicken bowl I was not sure which dressing to select so I selected both 0.29 was extra charge, I only used one. I went and got myself a ice cream and found a black hair inside my ice cream, I went back and the young man replaced my ice cream, should never happened. I am not sure I will return here. The place is amazing, outside sitting it was packed.,

Courtney Toomey

This place is fantastic. The inside was super full when I went for breakfast and coffee but it was a gorgeous day so sitting outside was perfect. The pancakes and cold brew were each outstanding and I have been back for the same order a few times since my original visit. Can’t go wrong ordering here!

Nikki Brennan

This place has a super awesome vibe! The food was fresh and delicious. They had the cutest little gift shop and very friendly staff! It's quietly tucked away so that you can really enjoy each other's company.

Michael Calcinari

A gem in a perfect north Phoenix area. All the great coffee and meals we have come to expect from Luci's... with a unique outdoor multi use space. Plus breakfast all day!

Alberta L.

Came for a weekday breakfast with a friend and didn't know what to expect. We chose to sit outside because the inside was crowded but we regretted not sitting under the covered area because my friend got bird poop landing on her. After the people next to us left their food remains stayed on the table for a good amount of time which attracted many birds to come around us. I got a juice and it was $11 which I thought was a bit pricy.

Hungry Madre

Luci's is super cute and has a ton of potential! The idea is amazing but the execution needs work. It's really a good thing for them but bad for consumer but every time we come here it's super busy and (SORRY IN ADVANCE ) first world problem but the line is super slow, it's worth the wait since the ambiance is charming but it's inconvenient. The cashiers are delightful and portions generous, it's a perfect neighborhood cafe.

Peter Reeburgh

Great breakfast place and really awesome outdoor atmosphere! Beware - the birds on the outside patio are really bold - don't leave your plate for even a second or they will take over. Management has done everything they can to reduce the nuisance, but it's just part of nature when you dine outside. Management cleans up quickly to reduce the problem.

Bethany Eggleston

Luci's is a cute little lunch and breakfast place. Food was great and came out quick. I recommend the fig and tuna wrap, and if you get a side with your order the fries are a must. Only downside is the seating area inside is pretty cramped and the service could be more friendly. Server, "Can I get you anything else?" My husband, "Can we have some ketchup?" Server, "It's at the condiment bar around the corner. " Left me thinking- dude why did you ask? I would hands down go again though. Next time I seriously want to try breakfast.

Marisol Arnold

This place is very cute, they have a nice courtyard. Great place to have breakfast or lunch outdoors. Staff was ok, they could do a bit better with their customer service other than that food was very good and prices are very reasonable.