4530 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson


Reviews for Daily Dose

Very disappointing, after reading the reviews I went to Crave. I ordered a green tea latte which was very water down, not strong and overpriced. The crave bar was good. The service was not good at all, it was as they hated being there and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

This coffee shop has the most wonderful atmosphere that I have seen in any coffee shop in Tucson! They are spacious, and have plants on the wall and a separate little room for private conversation. In addition, they have board games. And of course I should mention the coffee drinks...very good!

This is one place in Tucson that I am super happy with. As far as coffee shops go, this place is as good as it gets. This is why I think Crave is such a great place: 1. This place has regular, traditional iced coffee on the menu. Some coffee shops automatically give you cold brew when you ask for iced coffee. I find cold brew to be truly repulsive, so I very much appreciate that the menu at Crave is clearly marked. No unpleasant mouth surprises at this place. 2. Tons of open...read full review

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