Dickman's Meat & Deli

6472 N Oracle Rd, Tucson
(520) 229-9777

Recent Reviews

T Townsend

These guys are from Wisconsin and know their meats. Ugly steaks are always excellent but they have a wide variety of fresh meats and deli items ... plus many frozen exotic meats. Quality at a reasonable price. Like an old time meat market. I always enjoy going to Dickman's.

Jen W.

Not sure how the food is, but smelled like rotten fish. My whole family had to leave. I'm not sure if it always smells that way. I may try and stop by one more time to see if it still smells.

Mike Meador

First-time Tucson visitors -- we picked the right spot for lunch!! Ignoring the surly guy behind the counter, the deli sandwiches were outstanding!

Felix B.

Holy crap the selection is INSANE!!! I'm a super adventurous eater and this place is El Dorado

Chris Towner

Very good meat, especially the burgers. They have a lot of seasonings. Some exotic meats. Service is always friendly with good suggestions. Highly recommend.

G D.

Full service butcher counter. Guys are knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are good - not low nor high. Less expensive than I expected, and they even carry prime grade. Just about any/every cut you can name. Good quality too.

Stephen B.

Amazing butcher shop. Anything you want, just ask. Lots of unique meats in the freezer, and they will cut anything in the case to your desired thickness.

Margaret Pike

I don’t know the Dickman family, but l know meat, and it’s great. This is a great butcher shop , that sells great sandwiches, not a restaurant , for those reviewers that turned up their noses at the few small tables, and gave bad reviews, although they never actually bought or ate at Dickmans, like Susan from Washington,. Susan ,who knew through telepathic power that the meat was bad although she did not actually buy anything . We go here when we want special meals or have guests and barbecue. I know good meat, as I was raised on a family farm, so l have raised cattle , lambs, poultry and , game birds, all grass fed and no antibiotics, and butchered alongside my family since l was small. We come to Dickmans for New Zealand and Australian rack of lamb,alligator, and game birds, as southern food is very diverse . When we came to Tucson as military transfers inn1997, you could not buy bison , venison, pheasant, and anything else remotely exotic. Most Americans only eat beef , pork , and chicken or turkeys. We transferred to Tucson from a isolated tiny military and farm town where fresh bison, free range game birds , venison and elk were raised and butchered by family farmers . Dickmans was the only place that sold bison, even though it was cheap, and has more protein and less fat and cholesterol than chicken , and almost all meat . Thank you so much Dickmans for your service and making good healthy meat available. It was not until 12 -15 years ago that even bison and lamb , and venison started to be sold at Costco , and it’s no cheaper than Dickmans .

Jessica B.

My boyfriend got a goft card here for his birthday and we decided to go get some sandwiches and meat there yesterday. I didn't know what exactly to expect but I walked in and there was a very weird smell. The place itself is small with 4 little tables to eat at if you want to stay and eat your sandwiches. I opted against eating there because of the smell and there were a few flies buzzing around. The lady who took our sandwich orders was very abrupt and definitely acted like she didn't want to be speaking to anyone. I ordered the sandwich of the day, Italian Sub and it said it came with a "side salad". To me a side salad means greens with a dressing or something. So I asked instead of a side salad to get a pasta salad. She rudely replied back that a side salad is a pasta salad. Um...okay? Then I asked if the hot cappy meat was spicy. She told me yeah that's what hot means. Lol. Last I checked hot is a temperature not a spice level. But whatever. So I asked to remove the hot cappy and pepperoncinis. My boyfriend had a rye bread sandwich with provolone and turkey. Unfortunately my sandwich bread was soaked in some sort of oil dressing which made it very soggy. I think the sandwich was also warmed and the meat edged were burned which tasted weird. The "side" pasta salad was good but came in a teeny tiny little cup...maybe 2 tablespoons worth of pasta salad. I only finished one half of the sandwich and threw the other half away. We also got some cheese curds which were decent, along with some frozen gyro meat. We haven't made the gyros yet but I hope the meat is decent. Unfortunately I probably won't ever order a sandwich from there again but would go back for their meat selection.

Teresa Norzagaray

Awesome place Best meat cuts, seafood and delicious sandwiches ? in town. Stop by .

Tori Alvarez

Went there based on a friends recommendation having high hopes but then saw what kind of shop it was; dirty, poorly lit, and miserable looking employees. Asked for 4 pounds of ground chuck and the employee looked at me repeating ‘ 4 pounds?’ And I confirmed 4 pounds. While employee #1 packages my order me and another buddy saw employee #2 scratching his head with the clear gloves on and proceeded to touch the meat he was cutting. While paying, we witnessed employee #3 with cellphone in right hand and his left hand resting on a steak. Fast forward to getting home and getting ready to season the ground chuck, we noticed that a majority of the meat was a brownish grey color in the middle of our 4 pound loaf with a spoiled smell to it. With everything that we witnessed at the shop, we unfortunately ended up throwing away the meat and going to fry’s instead. Zero out of 5 stars.

E Rock

Awesome!!!!! If you haven't been you are missing out. Order some lamb burger or bison . Or you .want that perfect steak for BBQ. Grab some ugly steaks. Trust me

Nicholas Enekwe

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Farmer T.

Haven't been here in years and finally went the other day and was pleasantly surprised!!! Awesome selection of meats, rubs and everything else. Staff was really friendly and will definitely become a regular customer again. Highly recommend!!

Mark Merino

Don’t go elsewhere looking for choice cuts of steak anywhere else. I’ve been on this planet for some time now and I can honestly state that Dickman’s ugly steaks are so incredible that they could bring about world peace. Don’t forget to grab some of their landjaegers for the ride home.

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