Pei Wei Asian Kitchen

5285 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 514-7004

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Samantha H.

The food tastes good overall, and I'm glad they brought back the Thai coconut curry which isn't exactly the same as it used to be but still delicious. But what's with the measly portions? I shouldn't have to dig around and only find 6 pieces of chicken in my bowl. It's especially bad if you get the honey seared (my husband's usual) or any plate with fried pieces of chicken, like the orange chicken I ordered yesterday. Quit being so cheap with your portions Pei Wei! I'm 105 lbs soaking wet and I shouldn't still be hungry after eating a regular sized bowl! I suspect they do only this with to go orders because we somehow can't complain to them since we don't realize it til we get home. Also, don't even bother with the curb side pickup. Sat there for a couple minutes and decided to go inside and just grab my food as it would probably be quicker. Lo and behold some dude was standing at the counter not doing anything. Don't advertise it if no one is actually going to come out deliver it maybe?

t-town clashin

My wife and I come here about once a month usually our food it good. So today my wife picked us up lunch I order teriyaki steak veggies on side. They got one part correct and the rest not sure what they did. The part they got correct was veggies on side but s I check my box it’s just dry streak with no sauce and dry rice. On the realest level possible if I wanted to cook my own lunch I wouldn’t have spent over 30 bucks on food that isn’t right. Oh did I mention my wife ordered honey seared chicken and low and behold she is eating orange chicken with under cooked noodles. So disappointed won’t be going back for a long long time


I went to the Broadway location by the park mall. Been coming here for years and the food has been great. But,, I had the house special chicken and the battered chicken was soogy and tasted frozen. Left more then half and didn't want to take it home. My kids ordered a chicken plate with green beans and some of the chicken pieces were tough and there was bigger pieces of chicken that were raw. The green beans were tossed in sauce and uncooked. Also, a second plate that I ordered, the cauliflower rice was drenched in sauce. Crossing my fingers we don't get sick.

Steve B.

Came here on a Thursday, around lunchtime, and they were busy. It's no surprise, the food was delicious. I will definitely be back whenever we are in town. The people that were working were on top of the orders. I was seriously thinking that they would mess up the order, however, I was pleasantly surprised that they got it right

Maximus Kiowa

Disappointed!! Have been eating @ pei way for years & never have I recieved soggy pork egg rolls. The cooks can totally make or break you guys.

Terry Middagh

Disappointing and dirty.Both dishes were unremarkable and lacked attention to detail.In addition the restaurant needs attention. Restroom dirty, dirt is piled up in corners and the room needs thorough cleaning top to bottom. Kitchen area has 3 of 5 overhead lights burned out, service counter also had overhead lights burned out.

Janeva Carrasco

First time there and it was amazing! I got coconut Thai chicken curry and it was just delicious! ? I thought my Thai grandma made the best chicken curry but they are definitely tied. Lol Definitely will be back when I'm in town. Thank you guys!

Richard McGee

Not sure how you get burnt flavor into sweet and sour but they did. Tasted horrible.

Tony Frank

Not very good at all. Preprepared frozen chicken with 5 times more rice than chicken (honey glazed chicken.) Weird tasting pad thai. Small soup portions. Everything seems not fresh. Only redeeming quality was quick delivery but that was door dash soooo....

james dorman

Honestly I never write things like this, but I am incredibly encouraged and surprised with the staff here specifically a gentleman named Josh...he was above and beyond friendly kind and guys are more than lucky to have an employee like this and I hope he is compensated handsomely as he would bode well at any company specifically working with any sort of customer service... I work in marketing and communication and am genuinely considering hiring him after having seen him in action haha!

Barb Elliott

Very tasty Asian fast food. Affordable. We had Thai coconut chicken and Dan dan noodles.

Nick Tomi

Always delicious. Always quality. Always affordable. Safe seating and mask required until seated.

Cassie McGuire

I ordered the Pei Wei bowl with an extra side of zpei Wei sauce. It was very good. I've been going here for at least 10 yrs#

Jessica Dolan

Very good food. The only reason my rating is a 4 out of 5 is due to the bathroom being a mess and a bad smell. I did report it and they got right on it.

Marie Fox

Food was good, service was not that great. They forgot me

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