Pho Can Tho Vietnamese Cuisine

2746 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 849-6317

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Lia H.

Delicious pho! I always order the rare beef pho with veggie base, very flavorful broth and the medium size is almost more than I can eat. The Bun with grilled chicken is another favorite when I am not in the mood for soup. Thai tea and espresso are also both fantastic. Have not tried dine-in, but I order about once a week and their take-out service is great- always ready in 10-15 minutes and never any problems with the order.

Mike M.

Super flavorful pho! Excellent service and great food. They do takeout and are excellent at timing. No issues. Delicious soup. Definitely recommend!

Catherine Silvas

Saw the sign on the side as I was driving by and thought Pho is comfort to my stomache! Well so glad I stopped! Quick service, and good Pho with all the trimmings! So glad I stopped!

Moody Foodie

This place is amazing! Their pho is one of the best in town, and the orange chicken is better than anyone else's in Tucson.

Jillian W.

Love the vegetarian broth option for their pho. This is great because a lot of veggie phos in town are actually made with beef or chicken stock. The veggie pho broth is pretty good! They have bahn mi as well. And, students, don't forget their cat card discount!

Meggie Borich

I ordered the pho chay (vegetarian) with steamed tofu and it was very good!!! Good size portion and very well prepared for to go order! No wait and easy pickup! Delicious

Sarah Gonzales

Its literally projected to be the HOTTEST weekend of the year and these people don't even put the AC on?? Wow.

Yvonne H.

Of all things to crave during 100 degree weather I wanted soup,lol.My go to place is closed so I scrolled through Yelp and found this place.I do love Pho. So off my guy and I went. The first thing you see is a notice asking you to mask up and the standard , if you're not feeling well please visit another time.The young lady inside wore a mask and was very friendly.Of course I spotted Vegetable Pho on the menu. I ordered the large and we sat down to wait.Sure, this place is sparsely decorated but it's bright and clean looking. We were there early so the restaurant wasn't busy and my food came quickly .Let me say this order had alot in the bag. Large bowl of broth and a large container of the sides. Cilantro, jalapeno slices, lime slices, mint, sliced veggies and sauces. Yum!All I can say is this was one large bowl of deliciousness. The broth was tasty and after I added all the sides I desired that soup was Pho-tastic!My hunger was satisfied and my belly was happy.Oh, you bet I'll be back. Besides, I need to.take images. The smell made me so.hungry that I didn't even think about snapping any. LOL.

Erick D.

They seem like they're taking all of the correct precautions for Covid. They were doing take out and have shield up in their pay counter area. The pho was well packed to go, but I didn't get cilantro with vegetables. The broth was OK, but not exceptional by any means. The fat wasn't as well skimmed as I would have wanted. The serving was small for the price paid. I will try their other offerings, but don't recommend the pho.

a wright

Tasty pho, really good bahn mi!! Plus, the waitstaff were super nice and accommodating. We ended up making a small change to the order and they were all smiles about it. Because of social distancing, we chose to wait in our car till the food was ready. We were going to go back in to get it, but the girl ended up bringing it out to us, which was totally unexpected! We’ll definitely be going back to this place!

Jennifer L.

I was so relieved to find REAL Vietnamese food in Tucson. The restaurant is very clean and the staff is very friendly. We had egg roll, fresh spring roll, bhan mi and chicken phô. Coming from southern Cali I am SO picky with my phô, and this was amazing! Super clear and flavorful broth, big quality white meat chicken and very fresh bean sprouts and herbs. I will be eating here a lot!!!

Mike Spectre

I got the banh mi dac biet and small pho combo.... It's amazing how something so simple can bring so much comfort and joy. So delicious

Mykayla L.

Got pho delivered. I didn't expect the full pho effect you get when dining in but it was not good at all. The broth which is the most important part was flavorless. We re heated and re heated to try and let the noodles soak in the juice but nothing helped, we ended up having to throw it out.

Kyle D.

This place is delicious! Highly recommend their Bun dishes. It's always so fresh! The herbs and vegetables are always crisp and the young ladies waiting the tables are super friendly. Ignore any harsh reviews, this place is exactly what you're looking for.

Elizabeth Rollem

First time ordering from here off of DoorDash. I ordered the Pho Soup and the Chay (Vegetarian) Fried Tofu & Fried Rice. On my fried rice, I was completely missing my Fried Tofu. Also, there was no option to remove the egg from the order. I was disappointed with my order.

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Pho Can Tho Vietnamese Cuisine

2746 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 849-6317