Presta Coffee Roasters

Coffee, Tea

100 South Avenida del Convento #180, Tucson
(520) 333-7146



Reviews for Presta Coffee Roasters

By far my favorite coffee roaster in Tucson! I really like the atmosphere and the service! The barista had competed in a local competition and was telling me about it. They have more than one location, but this is where I went. The instant was not but but not great.

Call me old fashion, but I like to think I am getting a good value for my money. I didn't come away from Presta feeling that way. I ordered a black iced tea, four bucks for a small glass of tea which was mostly ice. Then they have the nerve to charge fifty cents for a refill. It didn't taste like anything special either. The staff was friendly though but I won't be back.

My experience this morning was extremely disappointing!!! People think that hate/bias/micro aggressions can be covered up because they don't say anything that reflects how they feel and what they think. When you work in any industry you depend on an income from the service or product that you provide to the community. If you DON'T LIKE people (especially non-white body people) get a different job!!!!! We come to your place of business with an clear intention to full review

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