853 E Grant Rd, Tucson
(520) 624-9393

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Kelly L

The food was phenomenal. My husband ordered online, and the food was ready in 20 minutes as promised. Some of the best Indian food we've had.Food: 5/5

June N

We were visiting Tucson and craving for Indian food so we decided to try this restaurant. It was a really nice restaurant located near downtown and plenty of parking. Ordered lb curry and chicken biryani. Both were excellent. The basmati rice was so aromatic and tasty as well. Saw so many GrubHub and Door Dash orders as well.We are definitely coming back to this restaurant next time when we are in Tucson for sure. Next time we are going to dine in.

Fathima Thasneem Doole

If you’re looking for halal option always double or triple check. Over the phone they will say chicken and lamb is halal. If you go there they will say only lamb is halal. If you order lamb buriyani it will be rice soaked in chicken gravy with chicken pieces. Highly disappointed.

Amy H.

We ordered take out delivery of three vegetarian items, garlic naan and papadum - The three items came with ample rice but so few vegetables it seemed we had received only sauces for the rice. The papadum was broken and the naan of course was great. The dal was so watery that it seemed like another dish entirely. The cost of this meal was NOT cut rate but rather pricey compared to competitors. To say we were disappointed is putting it mildly. This restaurant has a great reputation so perhaps it was an off night, still I will get my Indian fix elsewhere from now on.

Anup J.

It's a hit and Miss on their foods... sometimes they are excellent and some days really pathetically bad. Who makes a tomato curry on Shahi Paneer? First ever seen worldwide

Anusha B.

The food here is always so fresh and amazing. Some of the best Indian food I've had ever! The paneer is so fresh and goes well in most dishes. They adjust to spice very well and are also priced well for their food.

The Silent Shadow

Our favorite restaurant in Tucson. Our family has been going here for 10+ years and keeps on coming back. This restaurant started as a little hole in the wall diner with amazing food. I suppose people like us found out how amazingly delicious it was, because sense then they have expanded and renovated the restaurant, it is barely even recognizable!!We've probably outlasted most the staff, but the food is just as good as it ever was. I'll be going here for the rest of my life.I can't stress how good the food is.It's really, *really* outstanding.I will say however, that I feel that the service quality isn't exactly what it used to be, of course we've never had any major problems at all, but I remember it used to be a lot friendlier and more attentive. I suppose you might loose that atmosphere a bit when your restaurant expands in size and popularity. Still my favorite restaurant, with the best food I've ever had the pleasure to taste.Vegetarian options: My father is a vegetarian. They have amazing vegetarian options. We've been going here for over 10 years now. I think we've been here longer than over half the staff of the restaurant. This is by far our favorite restaurant in Tucson.

William David

Wonderful dining experience for those who enjoy Indian cuisine. The staff is respectful, courteous, quick on their feet, and very accommodating. The overall environment of the restaurant was clean, easy going, and welcoming. I ordered an array of foods from all over their menu and everything was tip top and the service was relatively fast to boot. I enjoyed it so much I get their food delivered regularly and will be returning for another sit down.Vegetarian options: Indian cuisine in general offers many vegetarian options this place is no different in that regard.Kid-friendliness: The staff is friendly, the environment is safe and doesn't have anything that would pose a threat to children; however Indian food has a litany of spices in it so I would be wary of feeding it to children who are very young due to potential intolerances your child may or may not have. Parking: It's positioned in a strip mall so it has an abundance of parking outside.Wheelchair accessibility: It's on the first floor and the door is wide enough to drive a wheelchair through the door is not automatic though.Dietary restrictions: The menu is varied enough to meet most people's dietary restrictions. They have gluten free meals, dairy free meals, and vegetarian meals you just have to read the description of each dish to know exactly what ingredients are in it to make an informed decision.


This restaurant has no idea what Customer Service is. I want to start by saying the food was good but the experience was horrible! We experienced 3 uncomfortable situations in 45 minutes.... 1. As we walked in the door to be seated the man at the front counter was literally yelling on the phone at the person on the other end and hung up on them. My initial thought was "WOW!" but don't know what that was about. 2. We ordered a dish to be prepared "MILD" but it was prepared "Hot" and so we sent it back. When they brought the "MILD" version to us we were told that this was it. They would not make us another one. Not something a customer should be told when their order was prepared wrong. BTW...the 2nd dish was prepared correctly. 3. Well dressed business man was sitting at the bar having a drink when we arrived and later learned he was waiting for a 2-go order. When they brought him the food he paid and there was some exchange of words between him and the man that was at the front counter who had the phone exchange. The customer threw the order on the bar and walked towards the door. The employee followed him and began yelling at him. Customers in the restaurant now have became focused on the altercation and quite frankly it was very uncomfortable and a plan of "cover" was made in my head had anything escalated. The exchange between the 2 men continued at the front counter and this went on for several minutes. Now I am not saying who was right or wrong because I honestly don't know the argument was over as I was engaged in my personal table conversation. Bottom line is I will not be returning anytime soon. The experience was absolutely horrible and there was no respect for the diners in the restaurant.

Trish K.

This is my second time to Sher-e- Punjab. Their food is absolutely outstanding. They also have good service. Very friendly and helpful. Today they went above and beyond. I was with a friend who cannot eat dairy. We asked about dairy and the server was able to replace the dairy in one dish. But we did not even think that the biryani might have dairy in it. When it came we all realized that it did. The server replaced it with some thing that was non-dairy, no complaint no charge. This is our new favorite Indian restaurant.

Madhu Chadha

We stopped for dinner at this restaurant on our way back to Phoenix. It was our first time, and we decided to try it because it had many positive google reviews. Nice place and good customer service. Their food was bland even though we asked for spicy food. I think it is not geared toward north Indians. They should adjust their spice levels- they asked us for mild, medium, spicy or extra spicy. Next time will ask for extra spicy.

Alyssa M.

I've never had any form of Indian food before because I'm not great with spice but this place was amazing. They really do a good job at making the spice level to your tolerance and the garlic naan is a must!

Mortimer B.

From the first bite, the flavors are rich and full. I ordered medium spicy and should have ordered spicy but that was my choice. The rice was perfectly separate and fluffy. The garlic Naan is perfect for dipping in any luxurious sauce. Perfect for a foodie in Tucson. I do wish they had the Buffet Lunch though. This restaurant was recommended by a friend from India. Enjoy!

Zac Perkins

This is our go-to spot for Indian cuisine. We've tried every Indian restaurant Tucson has to offer - but this place is the best. We've never - not once had a bad experience here. The food is always on point and their customer service has always been top-notch. My only complaint is when I ask for something extra spicy I don't mean "normal person" x-spicy... I want it "regret my decision" HOT!

Annu Bhalla

Im Punjabi and my mom makes amazing Indian food but this place is exceptional. I've read many of the takeout reviews and have ordered from here many times and every time it has been consistent with flavor and portions. Reminds me of home cooking with lots flavors and deliciousness. Me and my wife's favorite Indian restaurant in Tucson. Friends have been impressed as well.

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