50 S Houghton Rd #126, Tucson
(520) 298-0408

Recent Reviews

Luis Paz

Worst experience ever. Manager givin attitude to a poor customer asking if that was his drink. Cashier didnt know what keto drinks were or what I was talking about..... Walk away.

Cruisin Susan

Enjoyed this eating concept. Best to go hungry, lots of food.

Sven Hoffmann

Really friendly service and they did an excellent job with my cappuccino. The prices are not what they used to be but it is what it is.

Dean Wick

BEST Starbucks! The nicest coolest baristas.

Elizabeth A.

A big shout out to the crew at Houghton and Broadway! They are always so friendly and they make the most consistent drinks of any walk in or drive up I've been to anywhere. It means a lot to know I'm never going to have to return my drink because it doesn't taste right. Thanks everyone.

Kory Williams

Best baristas

Kira Arnoldi

Awesome people here! They genuinely care about all their customers. I go to this Starbucks frequently and Its worth the 10 mile drive because of the consistent quality and friendly staff.

sang an

Great friendly service & nice coffee

Kara Redlin-Vatthauer

Clean fast n delicious! Really nice place to chill.

Nohl Lyons

It's like Cheers. They know your name and they always greet you.

Teresa Fontes

The barista's here are wonderful


I went to this Starbucks and ordered two drinks around 1200pm. When I received my drink order it was wrong which was not an issue what so ever. The girl was super nice who fixed it. My issue was a different worker, Mary. Mary was extremely rude to her employees to the point where the customers could hear her. The girl who originally fixed my order had stepped in front of Mary and Mary stopped and told her something along the lines of “you need to figure out where you want to be”. When my order was fixed, she placed it in front of another customer. She asked if it was his and he said “I don’t know” I then said that it was mine. She handed it to me and said to employees “someone figure out what he is waiting for”. Before that, she slid a customers drink and it almost went off of the counter if the customer hadn’t stopped it. I completely and totally understand that it can be overwhelming when you have so many orders coming in but I don’t think that gives an excuse to be rude. Everyone that I have had interactions there have been so sweet and friendly. Unfortunately that was the first time I left this Starbucks with a bad taste in my mouth.

Brian Lucas

Friendly staff. Love the people there.

Pete Henderson

Fast service, got my free holiday cup too. Great location I need to add that too.

Linda P

Great service with a smile and I love the breakfast sandwiches and morning buns!

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