Yamato Japanese Restaurant

857 E Grant Rd, Tucson
(520) 624-3377

Recent Reviews

James Raymond

I had an amazing experience getting take out from Yamato sushi. We put in a large order and everything was accounted for perfectly, ready on time, and best of all, very tasty. Best sushi in Tucson!

Arianna W.

We did take away tonight and it was absolutely delicious. Everything was perfectly fresh, our order was exactly right and we ate ourselves into food comas. Really happy that the quality of service and food has gone unchanged.

J P.

We moved from southern Cali so we missed all the authentic and variety of foods available there resorting to cooking at home mostly here. Recommended by husband's coworker, we found Yamato's tonkatsu ramen to be very very close to our favorite ramen spot back in Orange County. Definitely a great find and we keep going back for it

James Altrock

Great food, you can see that they take pride in what they make for customers.

Seungyoon H.

I saw lots of good reviews and had to try out Yamato. I ordered Tenzaru and some nigiri sushi for takeout. I called ahead and went to pick up my order. They are currently only doing takeout only and have a nice set up inside for you to pick up your order! The chilled soba tasted delicious and the nigiri sushi was great as well! I've been to a lot of different sushi places in Tucson and Yamato has one of the best nigiri sushi that I've eaten. I definitely want to go back and try more!

kaiden pitts

I give this spot a thumbs up. The service here is friendly. This place has a good atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I liked.

Cindy Krause

I had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. The place has an awesome atmosphere. I can see why they have a lot of great reviews.

Peter Bell

Excellent! The owner prepared me a perfectly made 12 piece Sashimi combo for carryout which also came with some edamame and melon as a dessert. I also had a buttery avocado roll with seaweed wrapper on the outside...the way I like it!The server was very pleasant! Yamoto outshines the others in Tucson I've tried and is my new go-to Japanese restaurant!

Julia Levine

This place is so yummy! It's currently only take-out, but they added some delicious specials that are great deals, especially the chirashi combo! I get it with the iced green tea. My favorite things to get there are Tina maki or sashimi, uni nigiri, and the ikura and salmon don with sushi rice. They make fantastic temporal too. When dine-in is an option, the sukiyaki is lit! They have a great combo with sukiyaki and tuna sashimi, perfect after a big workout! Yamato isn't a pretty place, but the food is beautiful!

Jenni K.

Yamato is one of my top 3 favorite sushi places in town. I do not love the space nor the location, but the food is great. The sushi chef has been there for over 30 years. I consider it to be one of the pricier sushi restaurants in the area, but the dishes are tasty, higher quality, and well-presented. During COVID, you can only order takeout (whenever they choose to re-open the dining area I'll probably still eat takeout because the space is so small). Make sure you call ahead by at least 30-45 minutes. The service is a little slow. The chirashi bowl is my go-to. The sushi rice is the best in Tucson! You can tell the fish is better here than at other places. I just wish the pieces were bigger, but it's still delicious!

Destinee M.

I usually don't care to give reviews but I HAD TO for this place. So I ordered to go today and the service was nice. The cashier was very friendly and sweet. But then I get home and actually eat the food. The fish did not taste right and as soon as I ate it, it made my stomach very uneasy. And I had the California roll and even that didn't taste good at all. I am very worried that this place is going to give me food poisoning. :/

pam murphy

Fabulous food great staff

Quinn Choffin

We got the salmon, tuna, yellowtail, cured salmon, and omelet nigiri, a salmon skin hand roll, and tuna sashimi. Absolutely everything was high quality and delicious and definitely a cut above what I've had elsewhere in Tucson. Standouts were the omelet nigiri and the cured salmon nigiri. And the hand roll as well. And the sashimi. And the rest of the nigiri too. It's hard to overstate how good everything was.Our to-go order also included some edamame, and some sort of creamy something with what I think was masago on top inside a little cup made of cucumber. I have absolutely no idea what it was but it was very tasty, and we weren't charged for that or the edamame. Overall, all the sushi was just really well put together. Nothing was awkward to fit into my mouth, the wasabi was present but didn't overwhelm anything, and all the nigiri held together just fine while we fumbled about with picking it up.Price wise, it's a little more expensive than the places I usually go, but really not by much and I'll definitely be coming again.

Ruben Palmtree

Best Sushi in the Southwest!

Mo C.

The best traditional sushi and Japanese food in town! Their sushi is always fresh and never fishy and food quality is always consistent. I have never witnessed Yamato having "an off day" and I have never been disappointed by what I've ordered. They are still open for pick up at this time, and even picking up the food and taking it home the food is just as good as it is in-restaurant. During quarantine, I've experienced being disappointed by food that tasted great for dine-in, but not for take-out. Not the case for Yamato! They have the best tamago I've ever had, and they offer freshly made takoyaki. I am a sucker for good takoyaki. Plus, their katsu curry is absolutely amazing! They aren't open for lunch on Saturdays because the family hosts traditional Japanese dance practice, so just keep that in mind! The family who owns Yamato is incredible and so friendly! It's a great, clean establishment with a homey feel hidden away in an unsuspecting shopping center next to an Ace Hardware. As cliche as it sounds, this place truly is a hidden gem!

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