Yamato Japanese Restaurant

857 E Grant Rd, Tucson
(520) 624-3377

Recent Reviews

pam murphy

Fabulous food great staff

Quinn Choffin

We got the salmon, tuna, yellowtail, cured salmon, and omelet nigiri, a salmon skin hand roll, and tuna sashimi. Absolutely everything was high quality and delicious and definitely a cut above what I've had elsewhere in Tucson. Standouts were the omelet nigiri and the cured salmon nigiri. And the hand roll as well. And the sashimi. And the rest of the nigiri too. It's hard to overstate how good everything was.Our to-go order also included some edamame, and some sort of creamy something with what I think was masago on top inside a little cup made of cucumber. I have absolutely no idea what it was but it was very tasty, and we weren't charged for that or the edamame. Overall, all the sushi was just really well put together. Nothing was awkward to fit into my mouth, the wasabi was present but didn't overwhelm anything, and all the nigiri held together just fine while we fumbled about with picking it up.Price wise, it's a little more expensive than the places I usually go, but really not by much and I'll definitely be coming again.

Ruben Palmtree

Best Sushi in the Southwest!

Mo C.

The best traditional sushi and Japanese food in town! Their sushi is always fresh and never fishy and food quality is always consistent. I have never witnessed Yamato having "an off day" and I have never been disappointed by what I've ordered. They are still open for pick up at this time, and even picking up the food and taking it home the food is just as good as it is in-restaurant. During quarantine, I've experienced being disappointed by food that tasted great for dine-in, but not for take-out. Not the case for Yamato! They have the best tamago I've ever had, and they offer freshly made takoyaki. I am a sucker for good takoyaki. Plus, their katsu curry is absolutely amazing! They aren't open for lunch on Saturdays because the family hosts traditional Japanese dance practice, so just keep that in mind! The family who owns Yamato is incredible and so friendly! It's a great, clean establishment with a homey feel hidden away in an unsuspecting shopping center next to an Ace Hardware. As cliche as it sounds, this place truly is a hidden gem!

Nicole Hicks

I have gone to Yamato's since I was 5 years old. I love this place! Family owned and they are the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Mr. Noboru is amazing sushi chef. Fish is always fresh and so tasty! Can't go wrong with anything you order

Keith Masato Kaneta

Best authentic Japanese Cuisine in the southwest. Original recipes. Great and friendly staff. Try the specials when you are there.

Mark William W.

I would recommend this place. So nice and modern. Good price, nice people and parking is perfect too

Colleen Maloney

Great food never goes out of style. This is a Tucson staple with the same owner and amazing quality food for almost 3 decades! It's a must try.

Edward Wickstead

Best Japanese food I have eaten outside of Asia. Will be back here again and again.

Luciana B.

This is my favorite sushi place when I am in Tucson. I love the variety of fish and how fresh everything is. I ordered mainly nigiri sushi and everything was good. The presentation is also beautiful. You can see the attention to detail. They also have toro, which not many places have. We had it once as nigiri and once in a negitoro roll. Service is fast and friendly. I would like to try Omakase one day.

James T.

Came to Yamato on a Saturday for a date night with my wife. It's next to our favorite Indian place in town, Sher-e Punjab so we thought we'd give it a try. We arrived around 6:30p and were quickly seated. The restaurant was about half full. I like that you could choose between a table or sitting at the sushi bar. The service was somewhat lackluster. I don't know if they were having a bad day, but our server was grumpy and off-putting. We ordered some hot sake, nigiri sushi, an eel roll, tempura appetizer and beef udon noodles. The sake and sushi (roll and nigiri) arrived after 5-10 mins and were tasty. I got the octopus and they gave generous portions. After that it took an additional 25-30 mins for the tempura and udon to arrive. And there was a strange burning smell coming from the kitchen. The server apologized and told us the wait was because they were so busy, but the place was half empty. From other reviews it seems like our experience was not an isolated one. I wish them the best of luck, but we're not planning on returning any time soon and will probably stick with our usual spot at Sushi on Oracle.

Vimaladevi N.

Amazing Chef driven sushi experience! Highly recommend and looking forward to next opportunity to enjoy this fresh clean traditional sushi. So happy we came!

Richard R.

Went there for lunch with a friend (just searching out random sushi places in Tucson). Very happy we found this place. I had squid salad, very nice dish, then three "rolls;" a California, an Unagi, and one roll I just picked at random. All were very tasty. The rice seemed "different" from other sushi places I've been in, somehow fresher, more moist, very nice. All the rolls were excellent. Staff was friendly and helpful (one wait staff person was on duty). We sat at the sushi bar and chatted with the friendly man preparing the food. Enjoyed our time there, will return.

Dylan T.

Very authentic and great service. Staff is very friendly and the restaurant has been open 31 years! Sushi was fresh and hand rolled in front of us

Eli G.

This is my favorite sushi place. Mainly because this is my anniversary place. My boyfriend and I's first date was here and 3 years later we still go back for dates

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