Nagano Sushi

1298 Ellis St, Kelowna
(250) 763-5252

Recent Reviews

no no

Awesome food, awesome service. 100% would eat again. :]

Daniel Lee

It is a great place ?

TJ Kimmie

The best value sushi restaurant in Kelowna. Has never disappointed myself or my family. Fair priced and good portion sizes.

Dianna B

As mentioned elsewhere on here, the prawn tempura was wayyyy over cooked, chewy and tough. Their tempura in general is dense and doughy, not light and flaky like tempura should be. The dip had a cinnamon taste, which was unexpected, but kind of nice. Sushi pieces a little on the small side compared to other places. Overall the food didnt wow me at all. My usual place was closed so gave it a try, but wasn't overly impressed.

Holly Ramsden

This place has amazing sushi, I love the atmosphere and the service is always great. I also like that the menu has lots of verity.

scott juniper

Good food. Interior could be spruced up.

alex d

Awesome service clean polite Awesome sushi

Ly Cura

I went here once and there wasn't really much selection, decent food. Although the prices were a little on the higher side.

Michael Wilson

Best Udon soup in Kelowna!

Treena Fleming

The food is pretty average. I think the cost of it is way higher then quality

Kohdee Arborgon

Classic Sushi place, its been in kelowna for years. Delicious!


Better than average. Selection is alright. Pricing on the high side. Service not exceptional but facility and location are great. I'll go again, maybe, but my try another place if close by. Didn't WOW me, but didn't disappoint.

Dawna Brown

The water tasted like they left a bowel out in the rain froze it and let it melt and pourd into cups to serve!! The sushi wasthe worst ive ever had we got like 10 different rools and couldt stomach half of them so we brought them home to our 4 boys whom ador sushi and they were like thats bad sushi !! 6/6 people hated it . were more of a momo sushi family and now we know why id never eat here again not sure how they stay open . holes in the seats the old wooden booths with writing every where should have bin our first clue to not eat here never again ;(!!!!!!!


We ordered take out and delivery last night. Time for the delivery was very good but the food was a failure as our nigiri sushi tasted off tried to finish one piece and stopped. Chicken in teriyaki was dry and spongy, even the reliable California roll had no taste to it so, our whole meal tasted like it was made from old ingredients. Didn't like it and will order some where else next time.

zack lagace

My absolute favorite place ever. For over 20 years I've been going here and the people are amazing. The food is always very good. Wasn't into the Christian rock they were playing but thats no big deal!

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