Feng Cha 奉茶

1172 Robson St, Vancouver
(604) 688-3531

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Sandy Y.

Happy International Women's Day! Let's Drink What We Like.

Feng Cha 奉茶 means to serve tea in an ultimate respectful way in Chinese culture.

I visited and tried their Strawberry Mango Slush with Yogurt.  It was super pretty and colourful!  It was different than their other drinks which you don't have options to select the sweetness, and it only serves in a large cup.  It was a slight sweet for me.

Feng Cha 奉茶 is a franchise teahouse.  They serve a variety of fruit tea series.  This one is located at 1172 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.

Drink: 3/5 Can Try!
Service: takeout
Kids:  3/5 A-OK for kids.
Price: $7.50 for a drink
Presentation:  2/5 (gorgeous decor)
Parking: metered parking on the street
*can download apps to collect bubble tea rewards.
*continues health and safety protocols.
Would I Return: Maybe

Kay F.

We came to check out Feng Cha after dinner in the area as I was interested in a refreshing drink after dinner and settled on the House Special Fruit Tea. The decor inside is very "cute" and they also have a very instagrammable flower wall. I also liked the plastic bottles that the drinks came in. Drinks are a bit on the pricier side and flavours are comparable to what you would get from Yi Fang, a bit in a smaller size. Would recommend if you were interested in a refreshing drink and you are in the Robson area!

Tiffany Yeh

Gorgeous decors and cozy environment, friendly staff with fast speed. I love their fruit tea series! They use fresh fruit slices (you can see them cut in back kitchen) and fruit syrup, not to sweet for me. Grapefruit jasmine green tea is my personal fav, highly recommend! p.s. large size is much more worth than their medium size though a dollar extra:)

Kimi Maekawa

I tried 3times here, every time I had very bad experiences. Overall the staff attitude is really rude, and the tea is completely different from the picture. Taste is just normal, you should go other bubble tea house.

Yuen Tso

the decor cute . it’s weird they don’t have their business hours on their door . i got the fruit tea

Evgenia Trofimova

I don't understand. I tell: I want a hot tea. Can this tea be made really hot? Then I add: don't worry about your default hot, make as hot as possible. It can burn my mouth. I like my tea hot.She gives me this, my hand doesn't feel warmth. Tea is barely warm. Warm! I ask to make it hotter. She says it's maximum permitted 65°. I tell I am ok with it to be hotter. In any other places I get my hot tea without that much explanation and asking.Nothing.I leave.With my friend outside we conclude that this barely warm tea is maximum 35° warm.The tea was probably ok, thus 2 stars, it's also clean and nice. I just don't like my bubble tea barely warm and to get 100 times to make it hot.PS the cup made us laugh. "Extremely hot beverage". :-D

Annie Ru

i got the mango slush with the popping pearls. there were large chunks of ice so the drink wasnt blended well. the top of drink had a hole in it for the straw so it wasn’t sealed and when i put my straw in, it spilled all over the place. the customer service wasn’t great either.i wouldn’t go here again. their drinks are creative but the execution is lacking.

Miguel Wu

Brand new product coffee milk tea??

Henry Chen

Not worth it. Subpar drinks.

Angel C.

Went to try Feng Cha after walking by it many times. Look how pretty the flower backdrop is!
Peach Mousse Peach Oolong $6.98
Strawberry Mango Slush with Yoghurt $7.50
The peach oolong was pretty good, with a strong tea flavour and the sweetness was just right.

The nieces really liked the strawberry mango drink, but it was a little sweet.

Joanne Cheung

I had their house special fruit tea. It tasted so bad for $9! Just tasted like loads of sugar. Even when I asked for 25% sugar level. No taste of tea in there. I had 2 sips of my drink and throw it away. Will not go back again.

Julia W.

another foodie adventure with a - i was craving bbt and a is always so nice to indulge on my cravings. we actually walked by this place before and i was immediately drawn to the flower backdrop - it screamed ig LOL.a and i actually looked the menu beforehand - as we always do - but we ended up changing what we wanted. i, for one, forgot what i originally wanted LOL. a's choice was exactly on the menu. it was so sad to see the nice chairs (ALL FOR THE GRAM) and the dining area closed off due to covid - i was thinking abt all the shots i would have taken lol.onto my drink, i ordered a medium kiwi basil seed drink - i subbed the green tea with sparkling water. i found that to be a great option as i can be rly sensitive to caffeine late in the day (we were there ard 2pm). half sweet and reg ice is what i went for. obvsly - mandatory shot at the flower backdrop once my drink was ready. the drink was very light and refreshing for a summer day, and the fizziness frm the sparkling water adds a bit of oomph to the drink.im pretty sure you can tell that julia will be going back once they reopen the dining area for most ig!shots ;)

Eira O.

Tried Fengcha's Mango Slush (not the exact name) on a hot summer day, and sadly, it was disappointing. Pretty pricey for it's size at $6.75, I was disappointed with the taste, and would rate it as 3/10. The mango was very light to taste and the included toppings weren't good either. Hesitant to come back and try other things on the menu.

Ron S

Mango slash with yogurt ball is amazing! Such a wonderful enjoyment during summer time! Highly recommend :)

Nelson Mah

Almost every milk tea option smells like flowers. That's an automatic 5/5 for me

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