Kebab near Vancouver, BC

Granville Kebab & Poutine Fast Food • $
1011 Granville St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Large Chicken Poutine
Mix Kebab with Rice
Large Beef Poutine
Double Beef Wrap
Large Beef Wrap
Classic Poutine
Large Mix Wrap
Chicken Kebab
Chicken Wrap
Canned Pop

“Hidden gem in Granville!!!Super nice and friendly service, the food was very tasty and big portions. The best part very reasonable prices! Very clean and modern atmosphere.I really like how the salad that come with their kebab platters is very varied and not your typical lettuce and tomatoe salad.Also the baklava is one of the best I’ve tried. I wasn’t expecting anything special but I’m telling you you won’t regret getting it!!“

4.7 Superb122 Reviews
Afghan Horsemen Restaurant Afghan • $$
1833 Anderson St #202, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Vegetarian Platter Delight
Appetizer Taster Platter
Horsemen Special Platter
Kebab Platter Delight
Chicken Shish Kebab
Lamb Shoulder Chop
Lamb Shish Kebab
Hummus and Salad
Potato Pakawra
Potato Boulany

“I really recommend this restaurant for groups! We were a group of 8 and so could share a few of the platters, absolutely delicious food! We sat at a low table on the floor with some huge cushions and it was incredibly comfortable. The atmosphere was super cosy, there was music but not too loud so we could always hear each other. The staff were very friendly. It's a shame we weren't there for one of the belly dancing shows but will gladly come back! Such a lovely evening, thank you.“

4.5 Superb107 Reviews
Donair Town Kebab • $
5728 University Blvd, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma Plate
Donair Pita Wrap Mixed

“Okay I don’t even know where to start. The chicken shawarma is AMAZING, it is so flavourful it literally melts in your mouth. Also the price - I’m sorry it’s so reasonable and is the best shawarma in the ubc area - do not go to pita pit unless u wanna be disappointed. Also the staff are so friendly and kind. Kinda feels like a hole in a wall. Anyways, 100% recommend.“

3.6 Good29 Reviews
Li's China Grill (Order from our website & save more!) Kebab • $$$
3377 Kingsway, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Scallop Motoyaki

“Although I am a picky person, I still have to admit that their barbecue is indeed delicious. Although the meat on a skewer is relatively small, it is more delicious. Recommend the chicken knees, fat beef and other meat skewers, the vegetarian bean curd is too salty. The grilled eggplant is a bit too oily. I don’t like the Northeastern pulled pork because of the sesame sauce and vinegar. The medium-rare beef is also sour and tastes strange. The average price per person is about 50, and the service attitude and environment are very good.“

3.2 Average51 Reviews
Khaghan Restaurant North Shore Persian/Iranian • $$
935 Marine Dr Unit 66, North Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Tahchin Adas Polo with Lamb Shank
Kabab with Rice and Salad Shirazi
Tahdig Ghorme Sabzi Gheymeh
Lamb Shank with Dill Rice
Flat Bread for Dipping
Crispy Rice Tahdig
Chicken Skewers
Soltani Kebab
Mirza Ghasemi
عدس پلو

“Last night we been there for dinner , we enjoyed live music. Our server was a beautiful girl called Zeinab who was so friendly and kind.The food ingredients were amazing but the way it was cooked was not that much good, we ordered sultani and shishlik , both kebabs were dry and not juicy although I’m sure the meat used on them was perfect. The cook should watch how much the meat stay on fire.Thanks Zeinab with your nice personality to make our night beautiful“

4.4 Superb278 Reviews
Big Bite Donair حلال Kebab • $
1252 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

French Fries Added Falafel Warp
Congo Pepper Big Bite Donair
Authentic Afghan Tikka Kabab
Samosa and Spring Roll
Butter Chicken Plate
Steak on the Skewers
Koobideh Kabab Plate
Chicken Donair Plate
Chicken Donair Wrap
Big Bite Hot Sauce

“Really enjoyed our dining experience. We decided to try something different and this small location with big taste did not disappoint. The owner gave very personal service that made the experience over the top. A must stop if in the area will not disappoint.“

4.4 Superb72 Reviews
Chuan Ku BBQ Restaurant Kebab • $$$
8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

grilled beef skewers 3 skewers 烤牛肉串 3串
pork intestine skewer 3 烤肥肠串 3串
chinese cucumber salad 拍黄瓜
sour suicai 东北酸菜
chicken whole 扒鸡 整

“This is the best place for Koreans to drink. The quality of lamb skewers and hot pot meat is no joke..This place is good for drinking ? And lamb and chicken skewer is the best I ever had. If you like to drink, you should come here. Highly recommended?“

4.4 Superb11 Reviews
Farsi Food Persian/Iranian • $$
1480 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

felfeli kebob with rice - چلوکباب فلفلی
Tahchin Beef and Eggplant
Saffron Rice Pudding
Tahchin with Chicken
Shirazi Salad
Chicken Wings
Shish Kabob
Lamb Neck

“Honestly, my hat's off to this place. Why? Here's why.....A "Vaziri" dish is a skewer of beef and a skewer of chicken which comes with rice and grilled tomato.....ok here it goes....In any Persian restaurant in the vicinity of Vancouver the lowest price for this dish is $28.00 going all the way to $34.00. The adorable fact about Farsi Food is they offer that dish for $23.99...and here's the real kick....The quality is just as good! So, let's do some basic math this place you pay less for the same level of quality. They're just not...all high up on my horse about it. If I wanted to pay nearly 35 bucks for a meal, I'd go to a steakhouse and order a filet mignon......get my drift?Loved the Vaziri.The chicken had a beautiful lemon-marinated aftertaste and tender on the inside. The Beef was also pre-marinated and grilled just right. The rice was actually impressive. Persian rice is cooked a certain way. The grains were fully extended and al-dente, which only means they were cooked right and steamed right....oh and it was seasoned. You'd be surprised how many Persian restaurants serve their rice unsalted, which is surprising considering that Persians salt everything generously. The tomato was fresh and had a super tasty bbq'd taste grilled to perfection finishing with a sweet bow.I also loved how the side onion for our to-go order was cut fresh. I mean super fresh. Yes, little bites of raw onion with Persian dishes is very just should try it.Friendly Service.Clean Space.Fair Prices.Why would I go anywhere else? I won’t.“

4 Good56 Reviews
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