3995 Quadra St, Victoria
(250) 727-6394

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Laura Kalcsa

Really friendly staff and an out of the way location.

Kelsey Woolley

Highly productive & friendly staff. When I arrived, there was a line out the door during peak lunch time. The staff where quick to help everyone and get everyone their coffees & beverages in a timely manner.

Jul Dickson

Went to buy a box of English Breakfast Tea and was stunned at the price. $11.99 for a box of 12 tea bags!! It is a nice tea but not that nice ?Service: 5/5

Jessica Scott

Love the spinach and feta cage free egg wrap ?Food: 5/5

Donald L

Starbucks tucked inside strip mall next to Thrifty Foods. This location gets busy after 3pm when kids get off from school. Staff were friendly and helpful.

Dave Lockyer

Personally not my fav( tim"s) but most people like it.

Dennis Gane

Staff were very pleasant. Our orders were made the way we wanted them. They have patio tables which protect from the rain but if you are looking for sunshine you won't get it as the patio is very shaded. Parking lot is very busy.

Taylor Sushi

All the workers are extremely kind, especially the worker named ava! My card kept declining for some some reason and she got it for me! Just kind people!

Wyatt Rhys Maddox

Excellent staff, always friendly. The manager with an accent is a real piece of work though.Ordered on app and arrived 5 minutes later to no lineup. Watched as a line formed and people in line started to receive their drinks. Approached cashier after 10 minutes saying that I think my order may have been missed. Manager immediately jumped in with hostile attitude and said it was extremely busy, despite being on break while there were no customers in line. Then asked me if I thought the staff were doing a bad job and somehow turned around and told me that I said his staff were doing a bad job. This person has serious anger management problems and zero customer service skills. I haven't seen them at the location previously so hopefully they won't stay long. I feel bad for the staff working under a manager like this.

Vanessa Galloway

Terrible customer service. Starbucks app and Google maps says this store is open at 7 am… I came here for 7:45 and the won’t let me in. They motioned to me “8” with their fingers, so clearly they saw me.. but I was there for a while before they came over (after I knocked and showed them the time on the app) So apparently they do open at 7 as per Google and the app…. They are just late and couldn’t be bothered to put up a sign (and initially didn’t even come over to apologize). I meant… sometimes these things happen. People are late or short staffed. Just be professional about it and apologize. The whole thing just felt really disrespectful and unprofessional.

Finch B

I had lovely service from a woman named Carla, but how the store is run is awful. Would be 5/5 if different.

H An

Terrible service I've ever seen.I'd been waiting for 30 minutes for the order, but they made an excuse instead of an apology.

Kristi Schmitz

Would be 5 if order ahead was available more often

Troy More

Lovely staff and good service, but they close early in the afternoon when you need them most.

Brian Blunt

Closed half the time I try to go here. Makes no sense to be closed all day in the middle of the week.

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