Bearfoot Bistro

4121 Village Green, Whistler
(604) 932-3433

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Herman Ko

I am so impressed with this place. Just wowed at every opportunity. We came here on a whim to get away from the city and I'm so glad we did.The food was amazing and service was excellent. I wouldn't consider myself a picky eater but I did work in the kitchen and hospitality for almost 10 years. I have a slight lactose sensitivity and they have been extremely accommodating. This dining experience was definitely very experiential. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this restaurant for all diners! Big shout out to the kitchen staff and our server Ronni, she did an absolute stunning job.

Jeff P

Special thanks to Jessica G and our server Dylan for a fantastic dining experience and excellent service. Beef tenderloin, Atlantic lobster & nitro ice cream are amazing! Highly recommend the Bearfoot Bistro for special occasions.

Lydia H

$$$$ in price but the food are well presented, decorated and tasty. Service is also very good. The chef offered a sampler appetizer. The Location is kind of hidden. It is inside of the hotel. One thing I wished I was informed was that we had to pay for the bread. The server asked if we would like some bread or fries and we assumed that the bread is always provided by the restaurants, so we said "yes" but we were charged for $8 . Otherwise I would give 5 stars.

Janice M

Bearfoot is definitely an upscale restaurant. My husband had the steak and I had the lamb - two lamb chops with lamb sausage. The wine list is incredible. Alex, our waitress, was a delight.

Jennie L.

So generally this is a place where was once really good but has gone downhill while the other restaurants have gone up. Expensive. Dated environment. Dated menu. We were there for their lobster feast. A few things stood out - service was great, and they had an extensive wine and beer list. Food was adaquate but not fantastic for the price point. I think the chef is confused about what people want. What I saw was an overcomplicated menu that wasn't done properly. The appetizer was decent but a little combobulated with too many things going on the plate. The Lobster was overcooked although the arricini was delicous. Dessert was just too much. Too rich. Too many things going on. Too heavy. Sadly the best thing was the truffle fries which were actually delicious. Perhaps they have an established community, because it was busy on the night we came in, but I can't say that my friend or I will come here again.


I must start with a confession: We booked into here after we’d been mountain biking all day. For us a ‘bistro’ is usually a relaxed dining experience, and just what we were after. We realised our mistake as is we walked in wearing our jandals, just as the piano player started. To their credited, they never blinked. Everything was absolutely superb. The services was precise yet friendly, the sommelier had a breadth of knowledge and accurate on her descriptions and the Head Chef an absolute master of her craft. - I chose the duck, a difficult dish and it was one of the best cooked and presented that I’ve had. The Bearfoot Bistro does come at a higher price point - it is fine dining though, at its finest, and worth paying for.

Kingstoon II Grimaldi Jr.

We had a birthday party there and we got the special experience package for the group. It was amazing experience. Food was very good as well.


We had an amazing night celebrating our anniversary. Our waitress though relatively new to her position was out standing. When she was not familiar or did not have all the details on a particular item she called over someone that could help and she also listened in so she could learn. We couldn't have asked for more from her. We ordered the Caviar to start and were presented with 4 very interesting types. The waiter that helped us with it was very knowledgeable and made the choice easy. Once the Caviar was chosen the Sommelier took us through the choices of Vodka verses Champagne to accompany it. we went with a Vodka from the Ukraine and one from New Zeeland for before the Caviar and a Champagne to accompany the dish. We were then taken to the wine cellar to learn how to Sabre the bottle. We were taught the history of the tradition as well as given a fantastic tour of the cellar. When it came to Sabering the bottle it was very exciting as I have always wanted to try this and I will say its very satisfying and I highly recommend it. for dinner we chose the Lobster tasting menu. Every dish was very well prepared and outstanding. We Accompanied the main course with the A5 Wagyu beef. A 5oz steak that was off the charts fantastic. to end we were soooooo full we opted out of the upgraded dessert and had the Chefs creation , a marvelous mouse style desert that melted in your mouth. We had the pleasure of watching the table next to us have the upgraded dessert Nitro Sundae I believe it was called. Wow it was an impressive show as they make it at the table. thank you to all that made it an amazing night


We recently visited the Bearfoot Bistro. The food is very good, but compared to fine dining competitors in Whistler (Red Door, Rimrock, Il Caminetto, Araxi), the Bearfoot Bistro is significantly more expensive, and does not provide value for the $. At Bearfoot, much of the focus is on 'Flash', in the form of ice cream made table side with liquid Nitrogen($64. for 2 people), rack of lamb cooked in a sous vide bath ($68. compared to $54. at Rimrock) and extras like a small side of asparagus for $18. There are 3 sommeliers on staff, all very knowledgable. As I mentioned, the food is tasty, well prepared and the service is good, but the pricing is too much for what you get. We don't mind paying a good price for a good meal, but I left the Bearfoot feeling as though we had been gouged. This was our second time there, and as a result of this visit, I have cancelled the Bearfoot for our next trip to Whistler. An interesting side note, we booked all other fine dining restaurants(see list above) 2 months before our stay and they were packed. Bearfoot was half empty, you could walk in the day of your meal if you wish.


Lovely restaurant, located in the village. I had a fantastic flatiron steak, my fellow diners took advantage of a lobster special, the vegetables were perfect and crispy. Service was top of the line, would come again !

Michael Peth

Tucked away in the corner of the Lister hotel the experience is perfect. From the wonderful menu the great piano muscian everything is top notch. I am a vesper martini enthusiast and very few places know of it or can make it. It is a highlight of their drink menu made with liquid Nitrogen for cooling. While the flair is very nice it is the taste that counts and this is the best smooth vesper I have had. The lobster carpacio and raw oysters did not disappoint. My main lobster (not the 1 lb choice) was perfect. Finally, the light desserts finished a great evening. Service impecable.


Always love this restaurant. Waiters are very attentive and know both their food and wines. Food is beautifully presented and tasty. The longstanding pianist to a perfect touch for the restaurant and is very talented

Mitchell Casson

Fantastic experience - Chefs table, Champagne Sabre, wonderful tasting menu and wine pairing. We thoroughly enjoyed our 25th wedding anniversary dinner with the Bearfoot Bistro. Truly world class service, wine, food and setting. I cannot express enough how good the team at Bearfoot Bistro is at what they do. Looking forward to our return to Whistler to have another experience.

Joyce Fan

Splendid restaurant with beautiful jazz. Food featured culinary diversity from across the globe. More upscale than expected. Definitely a go-to!

Malonie Langthorne

Wonderful food and service. Unreal wine menu with fun and friendly staff. Visit the Vodka room as well. Great fun ?

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