HandleBar Pizza

4557 Blackcomb Way #106, Whistler
(604) 962-2876

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Dennis DeMercer

Handlebar has figured out a light, delicious crust and an amazing set of flavors. Great beer selection, but please try the scotch. I'd never considered having scotch with my pizza, but I'm glad I did. Staff were delightful, knowledgeable, and very helpful. In one trip Handlebar has become a favorite. We'll be going back as often as we can.*The Cardhu 12 and White Out are a great pair. The toffee taste and almost Cavendish scent from the scotch beautifully contrasted the savory garlic base and cheeses. The young-ish fire from the 12 really opens the palate and accents the sesame crust. I wish I could experience it again for the first time.**We went back before we left and I tried the regular cheese. Again the crust is great. Airy and crunchy without being dry. Tangy tomato base and just the right amount of cheese. I'll eat pizza just about anywhere, but my favorite slices are Joe's in the Greenwich Village and now Handlebar. Keep up the great work!

christy thomas

I ordered a split pizza. It's one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. They take great care to make sure they have made your food right. I highly recommend them!

Nat D

I’ve always enjoyed visiting Handlebar in Whistler in the past for their vegan falafel and hotdog. They are now specializing in pizza and special thanks to Johnny for creating a vegan pizza for us - SO yummy! PS - I especially loved the creative touch of decorative sesame seeds on the crust!! ???

Stuart Mckinney

Amazing pizza.. The US could definitely learn about not making pizza the heavy crust way, the way they do it in Whistler BC is miles and smiles better.My wife and I between us had white-out, cheese and two of the most excellent slices of Hawaiian ever.The beers, ciders, and the non-alcoholic ginger ale was yummy and satisfying.Our female server, was warm, energetic and a brilliant personality, which only added to the fantasticness of our visit.

Kimberly Pham

Great place to chill, grab some pizza and have a beer! It has cool indoor seating and delightful patio seating overlooking the village. We did enjoy a couple of beers and pizza while we are here. Not too big of a menu but enough to choose from! Very attentive service and friendly.They also offer cider if you are not a beer drinker. Great place to socialize with friends after a day of energetically exploring Whistler!

Ami McKinney

We stopped here for pizza after a hike and it was delicious! My husband had the cider and the Italian Pilsner and enjoyed them both. He said they were both refreshing. Let's get to the main attraction...the pizza. I ordered the white out first with the spicy honey drizzle. The crust was airy and light. The pizza was not greasy, but very flavorful. I liked it so much that I got a second slice of just cheese with the honey drizzle. Just as good. Anyone can drown a pizza in toppings to make up for sub-par crust, cheese, and sauce, but even their most basic pizza is something special. I got a ginger beer with my pizza and was in heaven.

Shane Hutman

Best pizza around. The spicy honey add on is unreal as well. Good to see someone’s doing something right in this town.

George Rozvany

Jonny and his always nice waiting staff including Rachel and Taylor do a fantastic job at producing brilliant pizza in the Upper Village of Whistler.

Rhys Badenoch

Super tasty pizza. Friendly and efficient service even when stupid busy.

JBaz Bazan

This place is tucked away and we almost missed it; but so glad we didn’t! It was amazing. Great stuff, fantastic pizza and just loved the experience

Ayesha Gunaratne

Writing this review as we're still waiting for our food (almost an hr later) Hiking in the morning and we now have 2 starving kids under 3. Our initial order was sent to the wrong table. I wish we hadn't left a tip!


We read several positive reviews about the pizza at this place so decided to stop in for a slice. The menu is fairly small with only 5 choices of pizza by the slices and 9 different craft beers and ciders. My wife got a slice of Hawaiian pizza (that had an AMAZING CRUST). My slice of spicy calabrese was good but the crust was not quite as good. Both slices were $5.25 each. There was enough cheese, but we would have preferred a bit more of the other toppings.

David Archer

The best NY style Pizza in Whistler! Spicy honey is a must have for the crust!!

Jeanette Bruce

Handlebar is my new favourite pizza in Whistler! Make sure you try the Whiteout - garlic base, four cheeses, drizzled with hot honey, and a sesame seed crust. Unreal! Also love the Hawaiian and the plain cheese, and my partner recommends the pepperoni and the Calabrese (I think that’s the whole menu between the two of us). Get the hot honey on every slice if you like sweet + heat. I don’t drink beer, but they seem to have a great selection, and I had a really delicious cider as well. Definitely our go-to spot in the Upper Village!

Tim Nassar

Pizza is fantastic! The best place to go in Whistler for pizza by FAR. They have nailed the dough and the sauce is great! There is also different kinds of dipping sauces and drizzles you can add on top or on the side like their spicy honey drizzle or Nutella on the side for the last bit of crust! Nice small seating area inside, and a variety of rotating craft beer on tap! How good! It's also owned by a Whistler Local which makes it even better to support! Only thing I would wish is there to be more vegetarian pizza options other than the two types of cheese pizza!

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