Fly to the Chicken

2117 E Ball Rd, Anaheim
(714) 833-5770

Recent Reviews

Shannon B.

When you're craving Korean chicken this is the place!! Garlic pineapple chicken hit the spot and had the best side of pickled radishes.

Terry Day

The chicken here was so yummy and spicy. Friendly customer service!

Wade Oliveira

Spicy chicken sandwich was solid. Crunchy chicken and fresh slaw. Wish the sauce had a little more kick but was very tasty.

Javier Hino

Ate here and got food poisonong from undercooked chicken if i could give this place no stars i would... dont eat here.

Mayra Mendoza M.

My boyfriend and I were really excited about trying this place. We placed an order in advance and when we got to the restaurant they still forever to have our order. We were like whatever about it since they did had a good amount of people. But we didn't like the burgers. Maybe the flavor just wasn't for us. It tastes a lot like vinegar. Nothing else.

Julia R.

Been coming here for over a year now and have never been disappointed. Always greeted with quality service and quality flavors with affordable prices. It's not the biggest spot but still have plenty seats all around. It's never a long wait when I order. My go to meal is the spicy chicken sandwich combo with fried zucchini.

Esmir Alvarez

Great food and staff is super friendly

Jenny A.

I almost didn't notice the place because it's small. Went on a date there and we could believe how good the food was. I got the fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce! Omg literally so good and super crispy. My husband got the spicy chicken sandwhich and wings. Everything was so good. I don't like potato wedges, but the ones that came with the sandwich were so good and crispy. Def recommend. The food takes a while to cook, but overall super good.

Edward Crown

First time, clean place, good food and am satisfied. Recommended.

Sue S.

Love the wings! It's not greasy or fatty. Very lean and crispy. I wonder if they double fry? But it's really good!

Mallory Lemmons

we ordered A simple order and they still managed to mess it up. first time in california and i’m not impressed.

Jacqueline P.

cook tossed wings in bowl places them in take out box ( this is where I couldn't believe my eyes ) He hits the bowl deep INSIDE OF A TRASH CAN and turns back around to add wedges into the bowl. It went from trash can to more food in seconds no rising nor wipe down most disgusting thing ever. AND MY ORDER WAS WRONG !!!! Front lady just said "Oh" when I informed her that my order was wrong . I wish the owners would work here again WOST SERVICE EVER . Money wasted and food went straight to my trash can

Mallory Sullivan

we ordered A simple order and they still managed to mess it up. first time in california and i’m not impressed.

Devin L.

Absolutely solid! The chicken is perfect and the sweet/spicy sauce they make is great! Fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect! The sandwich is on a great bun, great coldslaw and assembled with care. Staff is friendly and very professional!

Stephanie B.

Very crunchy and savory the sauces are very packed with flavor Would definitely go back for more

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