Premium Kobe Gyukatsu Arcadia

1311 S Baldwin Ave Suite A, Arcadia
(626) 623-6015

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Bryan Burnell

"Sign on door says closed for remodeling." Huge banner above door says "for lease." Seems like they've closed down, but didn't update their website or Google page or anything. Make sure you call first if you're considering coming here, to see if they're even running still.

Cherrie Wang

We went on a Thursday evening for dinner— last order is at 7:30pm but the waitstaff were very nice and accommodating. Food came relatively fast, we got gyukatsu and beef tongue. The taste cannot compare to what you would get in Japan (truly, you must go have it there … it is incredible) but it scratches the itch and overall is a very filling meal.

William C.

This is our second time at Kobe gyukatsu. The first time was at the Diamond bar location. This location is a lot bigger and had a really clean & beautiful looking dining room in the back. We order a Katsu Rice plate & Buckwheat Soba noodles. Their katsu was so crispy and fried to perfection! I love the little sides that came with it. The Soba noodles was very fresh and light. It was what we were looking for. I definitely recommend getting the buckwheat noodles on a hot summer day! Overall, we love coming here every time & so will be back soon!

Darlene F.

Came here on Sunday at 6pm and there was no wait. It was pretty empty and there were only 2 other parties there. It's located inside a plaza, so parking is ample. I ordered the beef gyukatsu ($24.95) and it was really good! It also comes with rice, miso soup, salad, and different sauces/sides which made it pretty enjoyable and engaging. I tried the pork katsu before and I would say that the beef gyukatsu tastes significantly better. My friend and I also ordered the stir-kimchi cream men. We found it to be a little too creamy for our liking and had to take it to-go because we couldn't finish it in one sitting. Overall, food & service was great and all our food came out in less than 10 minutes!

Mark L.

My family decided to try this place because it was really spacious and there was no line. The service was excellent, the waitresses were friendly. The Beef Gyukatsu set, Pork Cutlet set, Curry Chicken Cutlet set, Kobe Ramen, and Gyoza the Fried Dumplings were among the dishes we ordered. The Gyoza and Fried Dumplings are great, but the rest of the meal is bland... The kobe ramen is too salty. Overall, the meal was just average...

Kalon C.

We came here because my friend was craving meat, and it was a pretty good experience! There is parking in plaza, but the weird part is that most of the seating is in the back of the restaurant. I guess the lot size is just very narrow and long? We came on a Sunday night around 7pm and there were plenty of tables available. The waitress took our order and the food came out pretty quickly. I ordered a beef gyukatsu and I really liked the variety of items available and also how you get to grill it yourself. I especially liked the soy dipping sauce and the wasabi I could add myself. My gf got their Steak Black Rice Bowl and while it was tasty, the rice ended up being a bit too salty. The only other issue was that they seemed understaffed. There were only two waitresses as more people were sitting down. I asked for another salad but never got it, and when we wanted to ask for the check, we didn't see anyone for a few minutes. Other than that, the food was great and the prices were fair. I would definitely come back to try it again!

Linz C.

Service wasn't the greatest. We were rushed to finish our food and pay because they were closing soon which was totally understandable. At the table next to us the waiter placed his dirty dish container right on their table forcing them out as well. Then 10 minutes later they seated another couple!! We had the kyukatsu soba which was just like chow mein but had more bean sprouts than noodles, and the snowy cheese kyukatsu. The food was just ok for the price, expected to like it a lot more.

Tanya B.

Q. How much did I like this place ? A. Yes Haha I am in love. Of allllll the Japanese spots I've been too (all genres sushi, ramen etc) this is the place that made me feel like I was back in Japan. This place deserves 12 out of 10 stars. I can't express how full my heart felt eating here. It's sooo authentic. On this particular visit I ordered the the curry chicken cutlet meal with all the fixins and the cold buckwheat noodles. EVERYTHING was sooooo mouth watering good. Eyes roll in the back of your head good , curve your pointer finger and put it over your mouth good . I originally wanted the cold ramen but they didn't have it today but that's ok because it forced me to try other menu items that I loved just as much I will be returning often

Eva K.

My friends and I were really excited to try this place. My expectations were very disappointed. However it was a Saturday night and they only had 2 kitchen staff. While I understand that Covid makes it hard for restaurants to be at full staff, it'd be nice to have a bit of communication on how long food will take to come out, especially if they know they are short on staff. Our servers were very nice and it was obvious they were very stressed, it might be better to schedule more workers on the weekends or if not have a waitlist. My friends and I had all ordered it took the food a little while to come out, probably around 30-40 mins. However of my friends meal didn't come out, we asked for it and they kept saying 5 mins however this went on for 20 minutes, it didn't help that we overheard that the cooks just put the food on when we asked. We would've been okay if they had just been truthful. My friend ended up canceling his order and walked out to the plaza to buy subway for dinner. It was quite disappointing. Hopefully if you decide to visit, they'll have enough staff. My recommendation would be the cream curry udon, it was delicious.

Kelly L.

WARNING for everyone eating here! I hope management will see this review! Unfortunately we ordered some takeout, the guy rang me up, took my payment. Then went straight to the side bar to assemble our bentos, WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS OR PUTTING GLOVES ON WENT TO GRAB THE CABBAGE AND PUT IT IN THE BENTO! This is a HUGE sanitation violation! Only after I called him out did he wash his hands and start a new bento. Not sure how many other people they served like this... The actual food itself is good, but after this experience not worth taking the risk. The cutlet has barely any panko breading, it's not light and crispy. I do like the pickled daikon and purple rice it came with...unfortunately very disappointed today!

Melinda L.

Writing this after my second visit. The curry udon is a must-try! You might be thinking that the whole "bowl of whipped cream" presentation is a little gimmicky and while you might be right, it doesn't take away from the fact that the dish tastes really freakin good. The curry sauce was rich in flavor and they clearly didn't skimp on the ingredients. Lots of tender beef cubes, mushrooms and other veggies. It makes me want to try the other creamy noodles for sure.

Samantha C.

I enjoyed their presentation of the food. I really liked their curry chicken katsu and salad. Service was attentive. Parking was easy. My boyfriend got the premium gyukatsu. He said it was okay... There are a lot of good looking dishes to try so we will probably come back and try their udon next time.

Warren L.

Saw this place on TikTok so my friend and I had to try it because the hype was real and it look pretty fire. We got the spicy chicken cream noodles and the beef cutlet combo. We mainly came here for the beef cutlet and it was pretty disappointing. I don't know if the person on TikTok got the premium cut or not but the regular beef cutlet was dry and wasn't seasoned that well. The spicy chicken cream noodles was not too bad. It was definitely creamy but it honestly just tasted like the chicken flavored Korean spicy noodles challenge packs. Not mad tho it was decent.

Brandon K.

Pretty good place with not too bad of prices. Would say I will come again and tried some other menu items. I'm taking away 1 star due the fact my chicken katsu was raw and at times could not find a server unless they came back with new customers. It is not their fault the layout of the restaurant they put the kitchen near the front and diners seat in the back away from everything. Good and bad since good was it is away from the kitchen. Bad would be servers are on those ends and also if customers are loud it echos back there. Got a katsu combo and beef gyukatsu. Katsu wasn't too bad need some more seasoning but I'm sure they think you will use the sauce given but I know some people like the sauce since I was okay with it but girlfriend wasn't. The beef was pretty good the panko breading didn't really cook out even when you cook it again on the little grills they give you but it is how it is made. The sides given were very good though not sure if you can ask for more or get charged for extra but it was good. The combo if you want bang for your buck is the best option the udon bowl with katsu is great for $20. Parking isn't too bad it is with LA fitness so can get busy but at the right times it will be fine. If not walking a bit isn't too bad either after eating a meal.

Lacey P.

This is probably more of a 3.5 star review. We went today for lunch and ordered the beef katsu dish and the pork cutlet combo with udon. The beef and udon was delicious, we were very happy with that. The pork was not hot and dry and when I let the server know it wasn't hot he assured me it came out fresh, almost with an incredulous tone, and didn't offer to take it back. I hadn't eaten enough to also notice the dryness or I would have insisted but definitely didn't appreciate his response. I was planning on giving him the feedback at the end of the meal since they have a grand opening sign above the door and figured they would appreciate it, but when we paid he didn't ask how the meal was or look at me so I let it go. Honestly the other food was great so we will probably be back, but will skip the pork!

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