Akira Japanese Restaurant

Teppanyaki, Sushi Bar, Asian Fusion

4154 California Ave, Bakersfield
(661) 326-1860



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Worst sushi in the whole world. Their so called sushi chef even gives you a reason for making the sushi so fast and bad. He made 4 plates in 5 minutes. When we complained he told us we were wrong. "The Japanese way is not the right way" he said to us!

It's decent. Price is right, but the food is meh. Okay I guess. Waitress was abrupt and pushy. Chef was awesome and did a great job. I wish they would try something new and differentiate themselves from just being boring with the food being equally boring. Get rid of that pushy waitress that makes it incredibly obvious they're trying to push us out. Be slightly warm to your guests.

The service was good from our server but it was hot inside with swamp cooler at the front entrance. Another issue was we ordered a philly roll and the salmon was not fresh and was literally frozen and cut way too thick. Food quality was very poor compared to other local sushi spots. We will try it one more time because we had a great server and hope the food quality improves!

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