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1523 19th St, Bakersfield
(661) 325-4048



Reviews for Riley's

Jacob is a really good bartender. They usually serve you pretty fast and you'll have an overall good time here! The Dj and live performances are pretty great too. Unfortunately I will not becoming back to this establishment because of their security. One of their security got very physical with me because I mindlessly walked out with a glass of water. It was a male and I'm a female, it really was unacceptable and I should've made it a bigger issue about it. But I decided to full review
The only reason I'm giving any stars is because I don't have a choice. That being said, I got jumped after a guy sucker punched me, I defended myself and still security did nothing, the guy then got his chick friends to come jump me and when I defended myself people came over attacking me instead of the girl and guy who attacked in the first place. Security was nowhere to be found. Fucking horrible. I got jumped twice in one night all because some guy couldn't full review

Cool enough spot. Plenty of seating and games (foosball and pool) are available. The music is pretty solid if you like the 90s. The drinks are cheap but the pours are super inconsistent. Sometimes you get 5, Sometimes you get 2. All in all its a cool joint I just happen to be on the receiving end of a 2 second pour. That's basically stealing.

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