Arinell Pizza

2119 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-4035

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asa dodsworth

Arinells is a Berkeley classic, and serves up one of my favorite bay area niche pizzas.. I like both their thin and thick crust pies, but my go to is the pepperoni thin crust, with a soda water.. the staff have a sense of autonomy and authority over their domain, play the music they want, last I heard they're paid well.But theres something else to Arinells, their other shop in San Francisco is the last place I know that looks and feels like that lost City from days before the Tech Tech Boom. It's an unadorned, unpretentious good thing.

AJ Stich-lo

Some of the best pizza in the Bay, X-ray Spex playing loudly, please never change. Ron forever.

Dede Y.

I moved more than an hour away so it's been at least a year since I've had a slice here but I still think about it all the time. This is the closest thing I've found in the Bay Area to a NY pizza and it is hands down the best pizza. The crust is perfectly thin, crisp and slightly chewy. I almost never order a plain cheese or pepperoni pizza at a restaurant, but I do at Arinell's because they do it so so so well! I wouldn't change a thing.

Aashish Singh

Love Arinell's pizza... Their thin Neapolitan slice is just amazing... Have been having this since high school and it is one of my favorite go to pizza slice joint.

Daniel F.

Pizza is mostly great from arinels. The wise-ass making the pizza should put more effort into his craft than interacting with the public. Dont gripe about tips or your wages until you can act like a professional. If you respected the art or the establishment you would show some manners. Im sure your moms proud.

OG Tony Montana

Best Pizza in Berkeley been goin here since i was 9

Max Haber

Best pizza on the west coast, always has been. Never change, Arinell's.

Austin E.

If you're interested in pizza that tastes like cardboard, this is definitely the place for you! This wonderful establishment is staffed by a wide array of unkempt metalheads who still live in their mom's basement and lack basic people skills. Talk about winning!The crusty, long-haired white man who served me ignored me for about five minutes at the counter, even though I was the only guest in the establishment. In fact, he and his co-worker turned up the death metal music that they were blaring after they saw me looking at them, waiting for some level of acknowledgment. Oh well, I ordered anyway. After I paid him, he tossed my change on the counter in an act of passive-aggressive rage that I usually don't see in a functioning adult. I began to consider that it may be a bad choice to eat here, and boy was I right! The pizza was as hard as a brick and tasted even worse. How is this place still in business?Don't ever patronize this place if you value your health. Oh, and to the owners- this place is filthy!

Alex W.

I have been going since I was young. Back then going to Arinell was one of my favorite places and pizza. As I've returned over the past years I still find the pizza the same quality and it is one of my favorite pizzas. As a kid I did not realize or was a ware of the very poor customer service and hospitality. I don't expect a lot going to a place to get a slice but as an adult I see how rude and awful the employees are. If the pizza wasn't one my favorites I would not ever go here because the service is down right pathetic. Not only are the employees never friendly they are the complete opposite. I've rarely had so much blatant disrespect from employees. It hurts me to say because I love this pizza but I hope someone reads this and works on they're attitudes.

K G.

Berkeley High son was missing Arinell's so we ordered a pizza for him. Husband went in to pick it up and got to witness the pizza maker with a mask at half mast (only covering his mouth, but not his nose or most of his beard) yelling about the sh*tty f'ing customers and how they don't tip him so he makes them sh*tty pizzas and that he only makes good pizzas for his friends and everyone else gets sh*tty pizzas. Sure enough we got a sh*tty pizza. Sorry Arinell. Never again.

rabin gurung

Waited for freaking hours for one piece of pizza...

Margaret W.

Take out orders only since it's SIP I didn't know what to get so opted for the Sicilian style pizza w sausage. It was about a 25 min drive home, and since we like our pizza bubbling hot- I stick this monstrous thing in a 400° oven to warm up. 10 mins. OK alarm went off and were ready!! The sausage is baked under the cheese and they were pretty generous with this. The bottom crust is thick yet crispy, the sauce was very flavorful, and the edges and corner crust is perfectly crunchy. If you like crusts, I hope you get lucky and score the corner piece. We called to place the order and it was ready in about 25 minutes. Really Friendly service. Thank you for staying open during this time.

Mariel B.

The closest thing to a NY slice you'll get out here. They've seriously got it down to a T. Crust is thin, slightly charred, and foldable. Perfect ratio of cheese to sauce. Simplicity giving way to a myriad of delicious flavor... I can't wait to go back!

Michael G.

I phoned in one (1) pizza to be picked up and was sternly advised it would take up to an hour until I could pick it up. Ok, not a big deal (Friday nights I assume are pretty busy). I arrived about ten (10) minutes before the hour elapsed just in time to witness an employee berate an older woman for not tipping him.....why? (idk none of my business). Anyways, I proceeded to pay for my pizza (cashier was incredibly cold and short). I asked for parmesan and red pepper and received an eye roll like I asked him to do a backflip (whatever, just want to get my pizza and head home). As I walk to the car, I notice the bottom of the box, at best, is lukewarm. I open the box and the pizza looks like it has been out of the oven for at least thirty (30) minutes (picture the old slices you see at the pizza by the slice spots). By the time I got home it was ice cold. In conclusion, poor service, bad attitudes and cold pizza. Please, do better (or hire some college kids who care and fire the 27-year-old hipsters who dgaf). Best,

Debra D.

Sooo ecstatic that Arinell's is open during shelter in place!! I only frequented this pizza joint 1-2 times a week prior! I'm able to grab a slice or get dough to go during these harsh times which is more than I could ask for.

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