Beta Lounge

2129 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-3200

Recent Reviews

rose haven

Truly a most amazing and friendly place. A wonderful atmosphere and kind staff.

rose Griffin

The best people ever!!

Cason Moore

Such a great spot. The best small food menu. Everything was impeccable and the drinks were great. It was a great mix of people.

David Light

Great selection of custom cocktails and monthly art shows to keep things entertaining

j jones

Was lured in one late afternoon with a street sign advertising a $7 falafel and happy hour wine. Very disappointed to find the lounge (really a sports bar) didn't serve falafel because it didn't even have a kitchen! Happy hour over as well. When I confronted the bartender, he laughed at me. Nice mix of clientele though...

Jodi Felton

Great tacos, airy dining indoors w/ open windows & female sports on the TV.

Ugoeze Ofoegbu (Ugo)

It was great to be back in a bar again!!

Ugoeze Ofoegbu

It was great to be back in a bar again!!

Monique Keo

I've been coming to Beta for years. The bartenders are always so nice, especially Jesse. Their food is also yummy too. They're a great lil spot especially if you want a change from the college bar scene. Even compared to the more "upscale" restaurants in Berkeley, this place makes the better cocktails. They're all at a reasonable price too. I love taking my friends here. They're definitely moreuofa cocktail lounge, but they have a selection of draft (and I think bottled) beers. I tend to be a beer drinker myself but if I want a good cocktail or overall just chill drinking experience, Beta is definitely one of favorite places to go. I am actually so glad they added an outdoor seating - even if it's due to COVID-19 - because I feel like it has added more to the atmosphere and options besides being inside, and it's actually cute compared to other restaurants. I love taking my friends here - I've never had a bad experience here! And when I need a spot to think of introducing folks to, this is one of the first places that come to mind and it hasn't disappointed my guests either. Thanks so much for the hard work y'all put in!P.S. They have a part of the menu where proceeds go to supporting the local homeless population. Supporting local business that supports the local community is even more incentive to go!

J J Cuff

Nice quiet place for a afternoon cocktail. Bartenders are friendly with good service and prices are reasonable for downtown.

Shivin Devgon

Great bar and food

Ben Nixon

Amazing staff, service, and fare! Food and cocktails are on point! Price is amazing, and the establishment is well kept and extremely welcoming!

Ms. Mage

Sweet staff with sweet regulars. Lovely comfy space in the back and nice outdoor parklet considering the area.Definitely a spot to chill and hang out in. Large selection of drinks, some specials, decent prices. ????

Tom Maxwell

Super chill, relaxed bar! A lot of people overlook this one because it's kind of nondescript and hidden from the main drag but it's one of my favorites. The owner is great too.


Nice lounge with good food at a reasonable price. Bartender very friendly and nice. Gyro was tasty too

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