Bear's Food Court

2237 Shattuck Ave #1415, Berkeley
(510) 649-1700

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Bill B.

Quite disappointing on many levels! 1. Health issues.. men with beards cooking and not wearing proper covering 2. Nothing special about the over priced burger. No flavor. 3. $2.00 for a slice of cheese! Really? 4. nearly $14 for an average size burger and a soft drink. Without fries. Many other better choices.

Angelina Ponzio Labate

got very sick after eating here

Suzanne C.

Mainly the 4 stars are for the young ladies working at the front & the Krispy Krunchy Chicken. I can't rate the burgers here because we didn't have them. However, the wedges are very good & a nice sized portion. Also, they have the fountain soda machine (Pepsi) with the flavor shot options as well as an iced tea selection. The place was clean & pretty well organized. They weren't at all busy when we were there. However, they were accommodating. I ordered a 2-pc dark. For some reason they were out of legs, but she offered me another thigh in its place. Hubby had 2 breasts and before I finished my biscuit had downed them both! It's the original chicken you'd expect from "Krispy Krunchy" and the service is great.

Irene L.

I had high hopes because I heard from a coworker that it was really good. I got a nice range of items to try and thought two of them were worth it. I really liked the biscuits which were slightly sweet and had a nice rich buttermilk taste. They were perfectly crumbly and went nicely with the dark pieces of fried chicken. I was impressed by the slightly spicy Cajun flavor and made the over cooked fried part more forgivable. It really would be incredible fried chicken if it was just cooked a bit less. The chicken sandwich wasn't worth it and the tenders had a nice crunch but had no flavor or seasonings. The wings seemed like the frozen ones from Costco and were just okay. I hope this place gets better because it has potential!

Susan P.

If this review was based on customer service, it would be 5 stars. The person that took our order was so sweet. She was obviously new but she was awesome and super patient with us. I came with a friend, she said her food was 5 stars. Mine, however, was 2 stars at best. Under burgers they have a turkey option, which i ordered. I have trouble finding turkey burgers as i haven't eaten beef in 4 years. I order the turkey burger but turns out, it's a grilled turkey breast on a dry ass wheat bun. And it comes with like 8 fries. All for the hefty price of $15. I could've saved my money and went to McDonald's on the corner of drug addiction and university.

Willie Esparza

Wonderful environment and very welcoming service. The meals were crisp and enchanting. Will easily recommend this restaurant to anyone. Fair rates and large meals. Great job.


Friendly staff and fairly quick service. Food was nice and commensurate with the price paid. Definitely returning.

David N.

Saw the Krispy Krunchy sign and my mental GPS steered me in. The chicken has always been a favorite gas station and liquor store cuisine for me. Once inside, I found it's a burger joint too. However, my mission is the Extra Krispy food group. 5 pcs of wings and a fountain soda came to $10 and change. I don't recall if it's same price as gas stations. Seemed pricey. The wings were as expected. Crunchy and moist inside. Not greasy. Tapatio was on the table. All was good, but I'm going to stick with KK as road trip food. I saw the market next door also sells KK, but they don't have any to sell.

Ashley Breck

I adore the friendly staff almost as much as the cajun fried chicken and biscuits here! This is my go-to spot when I'm craving the comforts of home.

Rhonda R.

I can't believe that I just waisted 5 minutes of my life trying to order a 8 piece chicken "special" from this restaurant. I go there every other week and have been going there since the place opened. I ordered an eight piece "special"because that's the way I ordered it the first time and I believe it was on the menu as such. However, I went in this morning to order the eight piece "special" and the person says we don't have an eight piece "special". I say the one got $11.99. So she goes into the register and says oh we have a eight piece dark but is $13.10 (that's $11.99 with tax). I realize it's just chicken but this is the same thinking (or lack of) when I asked a young lady did they have stamps and she said no we have stickers or the girl at Kentucky fried chicken who told me they didn't have drumsticks but they had legs. HELP! This is getting serious!! Thanks for letting me vent!

Brian Hickey

Lovely people, but the chicken is not my fav

triniece smith

Glad they have Krispy crunchy chicken

Yikuan C.

Menu says a beef burger is 7.99, end up paying 9.48 (excluding tax), liar resraurant. The burger is the worst burger that you can get with 9 dollar at any restaurant.

T C.

I went here looking for a turkey burger....what I got was a grilled turkey sandwich. It should have been on the sandwich menu not the burger menu. Won't be going back

Calypso O'Reilly

The owners dropped their Burgermeister franchise and rebranded themselves. Menu essentially the same, plus fast-food-style fried chicken options for grab-and-go.

jewell hickman

Good place to bring your friends and family members for lunch and dinner. The prices are very reasonable


I love my fried chicken and this place delivers! I definitely went back for more. They fry it to perfection and it is good. Parking is not great, but if you are lucky to find one, go on in and grab some already cooked pieces (no waiting).

Jenin R.

HONEY BISCUITS. Probably the best biscuits I've ever had. The fried chicken is amazing and affordable. Juicy, well seasoned, and fried to the core. They're not lying about the Krispy and Krunchy part! The biscuits and chicken here is way better than Popeyes and KFC. So happy I found this spot! Will definitely be coming back often!

Jose Colon

Good place. Quiet atmosphere

Jason R McMillan

Right downtown on Shattuck Ave! It’s a great place for a meal before seeing a movie nearby!

Victor G.

Bear's Food Court is Burgermeister sans the franchise fee plus Krispy Krunchy Chicken. lots of seating within(same as before?) drill: order at counter, food brought to table. offerings: burgers, salads, sides, krispy krunchy chicken, plates, sandwiches, etc. eats: chicken tenders, 4 pieces + biscuit (6.19) -tender, semi-moist chicken meat with heavy crunchy batter -dipping sauce is unique, not the usual fast food sauces. -almost 1000 calories., slightly better than average take outs: -lines longer at lunch time. -impossible burger @13.99- not a great deal....


The food here is okay. The prices are extremely fair for the most part, and it gets the job done. The fries were the best part of anything we tried. The seasoning was good, they're thick cut, and crispy on the outside while soft inside.

Dineah Taha

Very disappointed with the food today. I loved this place specifically the buffalo chicken sandwich. But they changed the bread and when I expressed that I was unsatisfied the services sucked. The guy basically got an attitude with me because I didn't like the sandwich never coming back again!!!

Elliot Reed

After defranchising from Burgermeister a few weeks ago, the service and food have become a disaster. When I went, they got every part of the order wrong, refused to provide free tap water, and served milkshakes that were so awful that I threw mine away after a few sips.

Yiwen Dai

Slow service. Staff didnt seem very organized. Fries were crispy though, so that was a plus.

Thunder Goddess

Get the Pasta Special enough for 2😍

Ryan M. The Berkeley location of BurgerMeister is now called Bear's Food Court. A note at the location explains, "There is no change in ownership or management. The main change is that we are no longer a franchise, but an independent family-owned and run restaurant. Being no longer a franchise, we will be able to offer the same quality food and service at substantially lower prices." The note also adds that the menu will soon include Cajun-style chicken from Louisiana chain Krispy Krunchy Chicken.

Jon Swift

Closed at this time, no more Burgermeister.


The first time I visit the Burgermeister, I directly felt in love with the Coleslaw. It's so delicious! The Burgers are great and you really have to try the Ribs! The people are super friendly and I enjoyed every single visit.

Suesan G.

I recently hired Burgermeister Catering for my daughters Bat Mitzvah! They were so professional. First they did a site visit and gave me a very reasonable quote for my party. They came with there giant outdoor kitchen truck. The food was delicious and very fresh. The milkshakes were a big hit. Even the veggie burgers were good. French fries, onion rings salads all great. I highly recommend them for any casual event!

Jerry Gold

One of my favorite burgers. Alameda location closed, glad Berkeley is still there.

Neda O.

I am SO SURPRISED that this place doesn't have 5 stars! It's literally the tastiest food I have ever had! I'm back home in SoCal and I already can't wait to come back here! My mom, brother, and I came here. Got three different meals and we loved everything we got. I got a side of fries and it was the perfect mixture of crisp, thickness, and salt. My mom got the coleslaw and she really liked it. She even planned on making some when we got home in an attempt to imitate BurgerMeisters. My brother got the salad. I think that was the only side we weren't impressed with but he liked the sauce on the salad. It was obviously something self made in the restaurant.

Raquelle T.

I eat here all the time... friday ask about the impossible buger and was told that it only can be made one way & any other way would be extra, . Asked if they could sub the meat patty on the southwest buger for an impossible patty and got attitude while the jerk explains ,again, it would be extra, cool I didn't mind paying extra but since somehow this wasn't registering in the man's head. I asked for two regular impossible bugers however they're made, to go and asked if they can add mustard. Received more attitude and was told they're not adding mustard and if want mustard there's mustard at the tables put it on myself then,was cut off mid order and ignored for the people behind me. Look, I thought I was shelling out cash for my burger to made by them guess it was a team effort. Maybe I should be happy they didn't tell me to cut my own tomatoes too, "bright side" right? Look, this was always a nice place to go and watch the games but these burgers aren't good enough to deal with attitude from crabby cashiers especially when Barney's is right up the street. I will NEVER spend my hard earned cash here EVER again. Best thing about this horrible experience is I wandered into Saturn Cafe which is right around the corner on Alston way and oxford, they make your impossible burger how you want it, without "changing the patty fees" and the customer service is A+.

Friane Jade H.

Service was bad, place was grimy, food was below average, and VERY overpriced ‍ will not come here again

Cassandra G.

I came in today and ordered a turkey burger. The sandwich came out as chicken instead of turkey but I wasn't going to complain. The fries were not cooked all the way. It took about 30 minutes to get served cold fries and a chicken burger. The food despite having cold fries was very good. I also felt the prices were a tad high. The burger and fries will set you back 15 dollars.

Caden R.

Ordered Impossible Burgers on Snackpass for 50% off, at the listed price of $5.75 after discount. Arrived at the restaurant only to be told that there was an error on their menu and that we would need to pay an additional $6.00 to get actual impossible patties. This is really technically price gouging. The employee there was SUPER nice and apologetic, and scolded his boss on the phone for screwing us over which I really appreciated. Shoutout to him. Anyway, the burgers were ok. Very dry, however, as there was absolutely no sauce on it (mayo, ketchup, thousand island) and the ketchup packets didn't help a ton. In the end, paid more than anticipated for just OK food. Won't be back again.

Anthony A.

The burgers were alright but what was disappointing is customer service. I came in with a cal 1 card and wanted to pay with it and when I handed the card I was told to sit down but I stayed since I was waiting for my card. It wasn't explained that the card will be brought to me later and the person at the front repeated himself to sit down and wait in a very rude tone. The overall interaction was very rude and unprofessional.

Ury Vainsencher

Generous portions. Done to your specs. Bacon to dream of. Onion rings are just right. Oh, if only they sold Coke...

Winne L

Rather expensive for a burger but the portions are quite large! I got the veggie burger and it was *delicious*, I really appreciate that they don't just use the same black bean patty that every other burger restaurant does, it was a totally new type of veggie patty and it was delicious!

Gibran Huerta

Great food! Love the chicken pesto sandwich, and the garlic fries are good to!