Café Blue Door

2244 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 665-6000

Recent Reviews

Jackson Masiel

Best coffee I've had in my life so far.

Jeremy Saraie

Best cafe in the city

Nariman Shehata

The sandwichs are fresh, delicious super big in size, the employees are super friendly and helpful! Coffee is good, my boyfriend got the club sandwich, and i got the chicken quesadilla, got pesto and cheese, great for a hangover

Priyanka S.

Cafe Blue Door is hand down my favorite cafe to study at in Berkeley, provided I am able to find seating! Not only does the small open rustic feel of the cafe give off soothing vibes but the constant smell of cookies and fresh baked goods doesn't hurt either. Every time I visit my go to orders to put my mind at ease and fuel my soul are the nutella hot chocolate and the berkeley fog. The nutella hot chocolate is a must if you are a nutella lover as it is a rich buttery blend that is thick enough to melt like drinking chocolate in your mouth leaving behind a soft hazelnut hint behind. It is perfect for those gloomy and cold berkeley days! Secondly, the berkeley fog is a soothing blend of earl grey tea and black tea that is calming and reminds me of a hot version of bubble milk tea, great if you enjoy hot teas with a little milk of your choice. My only caveat with this cafe is that they do not have extended hours like Cafe Milano or Cafe Strada, closing as early as 8:00! So often times I would have to reallocate to one of the former Cafes once Blue door closes.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my experience prior to the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** Hey, I need a place to hang while Jamie W. gets his haircut, and it needs to be quick 'cause he doesn't have that much hair to cut. Don't tell him I said that. Anyway, this relatively cavernous space is ideal for the student laptopper as there were a lot of them at individual tables. You can get a proper lunch here - salads, sandwiches, bagels - but I've only had the $4.40 Double Cafe au Lait which they fill right to the lip (photo: Students like a deal, I imagine. And I've yet to have lunch here 'cause remember, I'm just waiting for Jamie and his trimmed scalp. No time to hang, dude. COFFEE - 4 get a lotta lait in an au lait AMBIANCE - 3.5 stars...a lotta tables in here SERVICE - 3 stars...a bit impersonal but certainly efficient TOTAL - 4 stars...comes down to the lait RELATED - Exploring Berkeley? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Sancesca DeSouza

Good food! Good service!

Natalia A.

Not to be confused with Cafe Red door, Cafe Blue Door is oh so much more than sandwiches. The open layout houses rows and rows of studious students of Berkeley sipping, munching, typing, and texting. The work flow game is serious in here. Almost as serious as the menu. First things first, I'll get the Nutella Hot Chocolate even it's 70 degrees outside. I mean, come on. It's Berkeley. It never really gets hot here. The array of breakfast bagels is phenomenal. I went for a classic lox bagel this fine morn and boy, was I pleased. The bagel was soft and doughy, with a fine amount of salmon piled on top, but not too overwhelming. The ratio of cream cheese and salmon was just right. You gotta love a place that gets it. It was easy to eat and minimally messy. Super tasty bagels. I'll definitely be back. I overestimated my hunger because I figured I'd pick up lunch while getting breakfast only to find that the bagel sandwich was enough to keep me full the rest of the day. By the time I ate my chicken sandwich it was cold, but that didnt take away from the flavor. The focaccia bread was super soft with a lovely layer of pesto on each slice. It housed juicy chicken strips, tomato, onions with pickles on the side. It was a great early bird dinner! And to top it off, I got all three items for $20. Pretty impressive, Blue Door. Prettaaayyy pretttaaayyy pretttayyy impressive.

Leah D.

This place was amazing! I am visiting UCBerkeley from Texas and stumbled upon this spot. You've got to try the bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese and any of the coffee options!

Mike Callan

I love this place for a number of reasons but dislike their sustainability practices. The food is significantly better than most other cafes, the WiFi is great, and there are a ton of outlets and plenty of space which draws in a large university crowd.

Roop K.

A solid spot near campus for studying or catching up with friends. Their almond croissants are one of the best in the area as the outer layer is very soft and easy to bite into with a decent filling. The WiFi does not ever work for me no matter how many times I try so that's just something to be aware of. As far as coffee goes, you can't go wrong with an americano or regular coffee -- I rarely buy lattes, mochas, etc near campus as I don't find them strong enough. One drink I do recommend specific to blue door for a warm day is their iced chocolate chai. I would never think those two flavors would ever go together but it works!

Yen Ting Liu

Good service, good coffee.

Jennifer Zilliac

Blue Door is a spacious cafe near UC Berkeley campus with a classic wooden-table, lots-of-students vibe. The food is good, classic cafe food -- salads, sandwiches, pastries. You can get a nice dark-roast coffee, which is my preference. I enjoy my visits to Café Blue Door. We usually find ourselves there when we get haircuts at La Petite Hair Salon around the corner.

Selena L.

Came here to study one day. The drink was decent, and the vibe was nice, but my biggest gripe was that the service was SO slow, as was the WiFi.

Siddharth Gupta

Great ambience and perfect for coffee chats and meeting people. Can become very crowded during student exam season and peak hours, so be sure to have alternative locations planned in mind if you need to be at a coffee shop!

Shreyas Bhayana

Nice little spot to work with a cup of delicious Nutella hot chocolate on a cold day

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