Cafe Réveille

760 Hearst Ave Suite 102, Berkeley
(415) 789-6258

Recent Reviews

Naomi Herring

The worst customer service experience. While two of my friends were sitting, eating and getting work done on their laptops, two of the employees started having a conversation within earshot that they don’t like my friend’s name, and they can’t imagine naming someone’s child with her name. She has a very common Thai name. It was an extremely rude, insensitive, and inappropriate conversation to be having in general, let alone while providing a customer service experience. Would not recommend spending money here, there are other coffee places that value diversity and basic human respect.

Phil M

I've been here twice and both times was a pretty good experience. Right off the bat I'll say I took a star away because the tables weren't wiped down before people sit at them. Since the outdoor seating is first come first serve mine had coffee grounds on it still. Also there was a family that put 3 tables together, stayed for 5 minutes and then left 2 glasses on one of the tables. A little after that two ladies came outside to sit and took one table away and a few minutes after that two more took another table and separated it as well. So basically a free for all seating area where anything can happen.Onto my order I got the breakfast burrito with bacon and a macchiato. The burrito had a nice spice to it with the salsa inside and I had an additional sauce to put on top that was super yummy. The bacon was a bit sparse though. It had large wedges of potatoes inside that took up most of the space so I only got a couple bites of bacon on the side. Regardless it was a nice meal.I'll also add that since it's closer to University it's usually a little less busy than the other cafés on 4th street so that's also pretty nice. I walked by the other places later on and they were just packed full of people. That made it nice for here where I wanted something more relaxed.

Ugur Kaner

One of the worse macchiatos I’ve tasted here. Burnt brew, foamy milk, bad taste

Marx Moley

Yawn. The barista was cool, otherwise nothing special here.

Lee M

Tasty food that's healthy, creative and consistently satisfying. I appreciate the staff who keep the ambiance of Cafe Réveille welcoming and appealing despite the lack of indoor dining (and this persistent pandemic that's made restaurant visits anything but normal). Your efforts make a difference and I'll keep coming back. Thank you.

Stacy La

Delicious and healthy brunch/breakfast spot with good food and coffee. Nice outdoor seating. Best breakfast spot in the area.

Kayla Jochimsen

Once I discovered cafe réveille it changed my life! There is surprisingly a lack of cute brunch places in the bay, but this place is the perfect spot for quality food & adorable ambiance. My girlfriends & I love coming here in the morning or stopping by in the day for a matcha!

Todd Kaiser

Absolutely fantastic food and seriously photo worthy. I’ll head back for brunch again soon.

Yun Chiu

I ordered Mocha to-go which has a subtle cocoa flavor without being sweet at all (which I love). Looks like their brunch is pretty good too — would come back on weekends to try the food

Ton T

I ordered a breakfast egg toast with avocado and it was very nicely done. The outdoor seating was very nice too.

Raymond Libaad

Very nice cafe for breakfast. It is on a quiet street (occasional train nearby). The staff were very nice. The outdoor seating simple yet very pleasing. We had breakfast on a Sunday morning and we had avery nice morning. The coffee was excellent (quantity small by Starbucks standards). Eggs and potato wedges with fresh sliced avocado was fantastic. Highly recommended for weekend breakfast.

Evelyne Michaut

Such a cool outdoor space, and good, human-portioned food. Great for meetings and hangouts.


Good service, great execution, nice environment. Will visit again

Michael Newcomer

This place is my favorite cafe in east bay. The food and coffee are always amazing and the staff is always super kind. The only thing they could do to make it better would be to serve breakfast all day ?

Robert Jamieson

Fantastic foods and vibes. The açaí bowl is one of the best I’ve had. Come on a Saturday and take your coffee through the flea market next door

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