Fellini Coffeebar

1401 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-5200

Recent Reviews

Bianca W.

This place is accessible since it's right off University and there's a nice area to park there it's not a big line and they have a great assortment of pastries I got a spinach croissant but I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. My chai latte hit the spot. They also sell day-old pastries. There is no seating though

Lydia Ropp

Best coffee place ever.

Sean Thomas L.

What can I say? Local favorite for a good reason. Everything is always super fresh and delicious. I feel like I never truly had a scone until I tried one here. Game changer. Love this place!!

Adrian Merry

Great coffee, good selection of pastry treats.

Marina Todde Vilela

Amazing savory scones

Chris Huth

Always good, reliable and fast staff is friendly and efficient, everyone wearing masks and doing there best in these crazy times. Bonus points for using compostable cups and lids.

Mia Shackelford

Best neighborhood coffee shop with super friendly employees

Manolo Espinosa

Closing hours not correct

Suzanne Seraphin

I have loved their Mexican Mocha for years. Available vegan also.

Gabrielle R.

This place is a great find during normal times and is even better during COVID. They have an exterior walk up window, the staff is super friendly, and even if there is a line it moves quickly enough.

I generally get the iced latte here and it's always nice and smooth. The vanilla latte is also tasty. Just an FYI, they have iced coffee, but not cold brew.

In terms of eats - there's always a large assortment of fresh baked goods that are also solid (scones, morning buns, Pebble's vegan donuts etc).


Great bicycle pit stop! And good coffee!

Adam Rothman

When I was a child I once went to a restaurant with my parents and observed a kindly older couple at the next booth over order their "usual." I remember wondering what kind of place would be so good that you could go in again and again and always get the same thing without getting bored of it. For me now, Fellini Coffeebar is that place. Their coffee is pretty much perfect; I will never get bored of it. It also helps that the staff are incredible! They are considerate, welcoming, creative, and have an impressive memory for all of their customers (it didn't take me long to get a "usual"). Now when I step up to that counter it feels like coming home. I know I am about to have a wonderful experience as one of those lovely people writes my name on the cup before I even order, and then fills it with a delicious coffee. I almost always get a warmed veggie quiche as well, and can expect to have a complimentary pleasant conversation on the side! Also, for those dog owners out there, this is THE spot to go if you are in walking distance. They are super dog-friendly and provide free treats for their 4-legged customers! I will leave you with this warning: it's not possible to only go here once. Prepare to make this a regular stop.

Raen T.

Forgot how good coffee could taste. Then my friend introduced me to this local treasure! I celebrate every meditation program by taking a nice long walk to and from, complimented by a medium roast with a splash of oat milk.

Cari A.

I've always driven by Fellini Coffee bar and was curious to try it due to the long lines. Finally was able to attend this morning.While there is a parking lot here, I would recommend street parking since a lot of customers were physically distancing themselves by standing in the street. There were a variety of pastries and hot and cold beverages. I ordered a 20 oz iced white Chocolate frappe (delicious!!!) and an almond croissant. Both excellent choices. There are a few tables and chairs outdoors that customers were using. Pros:-delicious coffee-variety of pastry items-parking lot for customers Cons:-n/a

Mutant O.

Open early - checkFast and efficient - checkFriendly - checkExcellent lattes - checkEasy parking - checkCentrally located - checkStarter Bakery apple turnovers - WINNER!

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