Fellini Coffeebar

1401 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-5200

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Vincent L.

A mixed bag. I understand that businesses have staffing challenges during our coronacrisis, but Fellini's stated operating hours have been pretty consistent for a while now. Emphasis on "stated."Several weeks ago, I popped by at 1.20pm - well before their daily 2.00pm closing time - only to be turned away by a staffer who said they were already closed. No explanation - whether verbal or in the form of a posted sign - was given for this early closure. No such closing was telegraphed ahead of time on their social media or Internet presences. I didn't want to be *that* person who leaves a 1-star review during the coronacrisis (even if very much justified), so I gave them another chance. Fortunately, they were still open just before noon on my repeat attempt at a visit. A large americano was... just ok, if watery, while a slice of baklava from a third-party local vendor was quite delicious. Ed U. rightfully notes that this should be the kind of place that is well-suited to the coronacrisis. They have a walk-up window, limited outdoor seating, and plenty of off-street parking. If you're skittish about folks flaunting their privilege by not wearing their masks, however, note that there were plenty of people sitting outside with their masks off despite taking lots and lots of time in between sips.

Stellar Phenotype

Great coffee and great food and fun people; nice outside seating

M'Gilvry Allen

Fellini is the most underrated coffee spot in Berkeley. Great drinks, friendly service, and some of the baristas are truly epic artists who show their work in the front window from time to time. Unreliable wifi and limited outdoor seating, but it's a coffee bar - that's the vibe.

Olesia Borkovsky

Great people working there, good coffee. Wish they had more seating spots in the shade there.

Matthew J. Rhein

This is best coffee in the world, hands down. End of discussion.

Charisma K.

Perfect place to live close to during quarantine. I go on morning walks, and today I got my caffeine fix here (I like that they're open by 7). Good+fast service, the baristas were nice and everyone was wearing masks as expected. But the white choc mocha I got was disappointing, tasted nothing like a white choc mocha :( maybe I'll try something different next time, seems worth a second shot. The pastries looked tempting.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my experience prior to the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** Not by intention, but this may be the model for the post-COVID-19 coffee house. It's a walk-up operation in a small building with no indoor tables. It wouldn't take much to eliminate the human interaction completely. Maybe they could turn the order window into a revolving window like at the more paranoid bank branches. It would be worth the effort since the $2.75 Cafe au Lait was quite satisfying (photo: https://bit.ly/3bm7bLt). There were lots of baked goods if you need the indulgence. You deserve it during these dark times. COFFEE - 4 stars...smooth organic brews served here AMBIANCE - 3 stars...it's a walk-up so not much to say SERVICE - 4 stars...pretty quick TOTAL - 4 stars...a model of cafes to come RELATED - Looking for coffee in the East Bay? Here's a collection of places I've tried and reviewed: https://bit.ly/2EHMfBv

Sagruilla P.

This was a highlight of my shelter-in-place walk yesterday. I had a perfect cappuccino--lovely thick foam, and the espresso wasn't burnt or too hot. They have a rich array of pastries from local bakeries. Morning buns and bran muffins stood out as looking especially tasty. Fellini Coffeebar had always been an exterior stand, so it is already set up for low contact ordering and pickup. Walk up, or use their parking lot.

Tina O.

April 21: Fellini's has re-opened walk up service! Yahoo! Favorite Coffeebar, ready to serve! Oh happy day! My favorite puppy watching spot. Lots of neighbors stop by with their cute pooches. And this business plays great tunes!

Darren Klein

Got a bad vibe from this place.

Chloe Brooks

Quick service, delicious quiche and pastries and the coffee was perfect!

Maria M.

First time stopping in as I have passed by on errands and was so happy I did!!! Great pastries like the Spinach and Feta croissant and yummy coffee options. Extra friendly staff and generous portions with a great vibe for a walk up Coffee Bar. Outdoor seating and even a pour bucket to use (instead of the trash can) when fixing your coffee yourself, add to the awareness of the staff and management! Thank you and I will be back!!!

Melanie H.

Cute sidewalk coffee bar with a ton of pastries from nearby bakeries. My Americano was excellent and my ginger scone was also amazing. Will definitely come back if I am in the area!

Flaming Yoshi

Amazing coffee and staff.

Michael Cooper

What really makes this spot for me are the folks working there.

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