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This is the 7 dollar michelada I ordered exactly how it came to me. Literally half or more of the glass was filled with foam. Another customer in the store told me not to post a bad review because it "ruins businesses." No what ruins businesses is bad service... Even the most basic person should know how to properly pour a beer or to use a proper glass and if you can't do that then don't work in the service industry.

I order a fish burrito. I paid 20 dlls. I opened the burrito has 3 small pieces of fish. Is BIG BURRITO FULL OF CAN BEANS, RICE, I GUESS THEY BUY THE RICE AND BEANS FROM 99 STORE, THEN THEY SALE IT FOR $20.. 👊👊👊😠😠😠😠👎👎👎. I ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMEND IT.. YUNK FOOD!

This place was nice ¿ The food was good but the two tacos i ordered where very small. When i ordered two tacos i thought they would be real tacos, not a taco that was made for a a very very small child. Plus when my friend ordered the fish salad there was know\no fish in it that eather of us could see. When i ordered the burrito I ordered it in a regular flour tortilla and when I got it the burrito it was wrapped in a green tomato tortilla. She did take it back real quick and...read full review

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