Limewood Bar and Restaurant

41 Tunnel Rd, Berkeley
(510) 549-8585

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Valerie Amboy LaHaie

Excellent food & atmosphere


I came to a birthday dinner here and all the food was amazing. Our server was Francisco and he was very attentive and kind. I ordered the fried chicken and it was delicious and a very good portion. The chef came out to check on us which I thought was very nice. Although it is outdoors they have heated lamps and the ambiance was lovely.

Teresa Hays

Appetizers like heirloom carrots, roasted Brussels sprouts fried potato salad were all fantastic especially carrots which were awesome. Vast wine list and great service


Love Limewood!! Perfectly located in the Claremont Fairmont (one of my fave hotels). Delicious for drinks or brunch!

Regina J.

Went to eat at my sisters birthday dinner last night . I felt safe and the food was fantastic The chef (Joseph ) was amazing. We really enjoyed our server Francisco. The ambience was surprisingly nice due to the fact we had to sit outside because of COVID.


Went to Limewood, requested view table, they tried to seat me in upper parking lot. No thanks. Amazingly a table on deck became available after a short wait. Huh. Ordered wine. Choices " red or white" according to waiter. Thanks. White served way too cold, it was an overpacked chard, 17 glass. Thanks. We got a table without a heat lamp- wtf?!? It's chilly when sun goes down. Menu is truncated. One would think things would be expertly prepared. The fish, a whole striped bass ($44) was, very good on a bed of thinly sliced fennel and zucchini. Large enough for 2 entrees. The lemons on plate, sliced thin as well- hard to get a few drops of lemon juice on fish- so needed. Brussels sprouts ( $12?) side tasted like dirt, blech. Broccolini with shiitake (14?) undercooked for my taste. Heirloom tomatoes - did a chef taste these mushy, mealy orbs? When you are serving and item alone ( also seasoning off- was that sesame oil?) basically unadulterated the product should be stellar- these were not. I knew they wouldn't be but wifey wanted, grrr. Dessert choices- a merengue or choc/ vanilla gelato. Wow are they employing a cook? I cook better food at home except don't really practice on whole fish - kudos to that cook. I noticed the next table over a 4some of septuagenarians 3 of 4 ordered fish enough for 6-8! What a poor waiter to not warn them. Overall a decent experience but I'm not hurrying back.

Liana Perrault

Every dish we had was great! Loved the tomato salad especially.

Julie Taeko 妙子

This restaurant has an absolutely fantastic view! The food, though, was disappointing. The only good thing that we ordered was the burger, which was quite delicious. I still give it five stars, because the service was excellent. And the view was worth it.

Brett Baker

certainly a top place in the area. nothing but great experiences here. the place has a nice atmosphere. food is like a restaurant in louisville i liked.

Mark Deaton

Amazing views,fantastic food, super attentive staff. Fantastic overall experience.


Really good food and wonderful service by all. Thank you Chef for the vip treatment with our seafood boil on Sunday!! Wow!! We loved it!! Looking forward to coming back soon

Deanna Evans

They took great care of us; service was top notch. The food was excellent! Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but you are paying for all this and a great view, too!

Mary M.

Overall good time and certainly wonderful to be back to The Claremont and the beautiful terrace but getting in to the place was waay too over the top...checked in by boy at gate, next had to check in with man at podium at top of parking area, next had to check in with hostess at a second podium beyond him in front of the planter, next were accompanied by hostess into foyer and had to be checked in by a man who took our temperature with a gun thermometer, then escorted through the empty restaurant interior to our table on the terrace. When seated, had to listen to an obligatory 5 min spiel of rules and no-nos and distancing regulations for our time on the terrace. Way way too much. When a table emptied next to us after a little while, a cleaner appeared and washed the whole table and chairs with a sudsy sponge and bucket of something. Like seeing a housecleaner in your dining room. Oh, and no printed menus of course, must scan the QR code at the table and study your phone. It all was opprobrious and belittling. However, the meal and service, view and sun on our shoulders were all spectacular. Friend and I each had a cocktail, had to ask for bread which turned out to be toasted! sourdough with butter on a board at a cost. We shared the smashed hamburger and fries and it was delish. Friend had housemade rocky road ice cream for dessert and I had the pavlova; both perfection. Hot coffee. Getting out of the place was a lot easier than getting in...we were actually allowed to just walk out like normal. The chef is brand new and his menu is excellent. I would return maybe. The hoopla to go in was daunting and neither of us had seen anything like it at any of the outside covid cafés we've been to in the East Bay nor in Contra Costa.

Christina B.

Fabulous Sunday Brunch! Excellent service. Beautiful and delicious food. The Covid protocol in place made us feel safe. Normally there would be a lovely view, however, there was a lot of wildfire smoke today. We will definitely go back!

Shar M.

Made a quick stop before using the day spa to order some coffees and teas. Tea is piping hot and makes any tea you select too scalding and it ruins the flavor. Coffee is mediocre. And, of course, overpriced. Would not recommend.

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Limewood Bar and Restaurant

41 Tunnel Rd, Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 549-8585