Monterey Fish Market

1582 Hopkins St, Berkeley
(510) 525-5600

Recent Reviews

Gary Chan

This is the retail arm of their wholesale businesses, so the quality of the fishes is indeed the best. Price won’t be cheap but reasonable. Sometime they have rare items like CA lobster, razor clam and etc.

Morgan Lambert

The only place for fish.They know what fish to purchase, never purchase endangered or overfished types, and every restaurant that I have worked at over the past 38 years has used fish from Monterey fish market .( I am a cook)

Matthew Carlstroem

Jewelery of the sea, always fresh and perfectly trimmed and presented. Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient staff.

Kute KittyKat Productions

Nice fish. Ridiculous, extortionate prices.


The best manila clams. I wish all fish market had fresh clams like this market. True, not wild caught but still very good. I highly recommend this place

William Davis

First class locally owned seafood market. The best. I’ve been going there for at least 25 years and they’ve never disappointed me!

Valerie Rezente

Freshest seafood and helpful staff!

Elizabeth Salen

Nice, clean, good selection.

Marti Dion

Great service, excellent source for local and sustainable seafood. Don't forget they have curb service if you order online. However, I prefer in-store when I can so I see what's new. For example, I'm including a pic of boned skate. It's a hard-to-find seafood delicacy. Also we love their tartar and cocktail sauces.

Douglas Unsworth

Outstanding fresh fish, sustainably fished in the wild and well worth the slight additional cost in light of the superior flavor of their products. You really can't go wrong buying your fish from these outstanding fishmongers!

Norm Gold

Superb fish, shellfish and service! We LOVE Monterey Fi sh!???


If ur down to drop some cash get some of the fish here. ?

Michael Roberts

Fresh fresh fresh! Yes, they will run out of fish. Yes, they are more expensive than the grocery store. But the quality is far higher.

rene mesa

Amazing market if you want fresh.

Neill Bourke

Friendly and efficient also the best fish in town

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