Nikko Sushi

2399 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-8224

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Maggie C.

[3.5 stars]
This was my first time getting takeout from Nikko since the pandemic started.

Online/prepaid orders have a designated pick up table on the left. The cashier has a plastic shield, so it's covid safe. I don't doubt the safety or cleanliness of the restaurant.

Pickup process was a bit messy. They were running a bit behind and my order didn't come out until 10 minutes after the designated pick up time (overall took 40 minutes around 7:30 pm on a Sunday). Understandable to be behind, but I think the issue was that the staff did not acknowledge the 5-6 people waiting inside that were trying to check in on their orders. Everyone inside looked really confused.

I got the Alaskan roll and Sunrise roll. The salmon in both rolls were not that fresh. It had an older, more fishy than usual, taste. The salmon inside the Alaskan roll was more of a gray than orange color. The salmon topped on the Sunrise roll was slightly better, but were quite thin pieces. I wasn't too impressed, but it satisfied my sushi craving.

Shannon Taylor

I’ve gotten delivery from this place so many times these last few months. Every order has been a hit! The chicken teriyaki is delicious and comes with so many sides. And of course the sushi is super fresh. Best sushi I’ve had in Oakland thus far.

Kayarash Karami

Good and timely services. I highly recommend their vegan sushi rolls. Veggie lover in particular!

Agnes Chu

Tasty, palette-pleasing fare (and filling for sushi, which is rare!). I’d rate it as solid, but maybe not exceptional as the sushi was a bit fishy (didn’t seem amazingly fresh, esp the carpaccio, but it was cut thick).

Daniel Wang

We were looking for food on Christmas Day and the happened to be open. Prices were fair and portion sizes were huge. Service was fast and courteous. I tried their ton katsu curry and wakage seaweed salad and both were delicious!

Ricky A.

Nikki Sushi has tasty, fresh, and nutritious Japanese food! We love the chicken teriyaki and Veggie Lover Roll. The staff are very friendly and observe strict Covid protocols. They also prepare the food quickly for pickup or delivery. Everything on time and fresh. It is a wonderful neighborhood spot - we really enjoy all of our food from Nikki!

Ravi Singh

I order take out from place almost every week and the order process is always on time and seamless. The food is incredible from the sushi rolls to the bento boxes and the entree dishes. I was saddened to not be able to visit my favorite chicken katsu place in SF when the pandemic started but Nikko's Chicken Katsu is by far one of my favorite chicken katsu dishes I have had.

Emmeline W.

Nikko is for sure one of our go-to's in Berkeley. My bf and I get takeout here all the time, especially now with COVID. Reasonable prices, great fish, lovely service-- Nikko checks all the boxes.

Location is in downtown Berkeley on the corner lot. With nobody out and about anymore, it's easy to find parking, pick up, and leave. For COVID safety purposes, all staff wear masks and social distancing is enforced. IIRC, they permitted indoor dining for a while, but I think it's been since prohibited.

My bf and I typically call in our order and grab it 20 mins later, there's never been any problems. The staff are always friendly & prep our order beautifully, even in the takeout boxes.

CHIRASHI: Mouthwateringly fresh and thicccccc cuts. Great portions and variety for the price. My only issue is that the hamachi tastes pre-frozen, but tbh, it's hard to come by good hamachi in most sushi places. The other cuts of fish are excellent quality.

We've tried a handful of their rolls and appetizers, but almost always get their chirashi. Their rolls can be really hit or miss to me, but when they get it right, the flavor is phenomenal.

Logan P.

While I have never ate here dining in since its a new owner. I could say this has to be the best doordash sushi spot I've gotten since covid started. Hamachi ponzu was very very good. Sear sake belly is AMAZING!!! Lobster roll was super good as well. And I also got the spicy edamame which was good to eat while drinking some soju. There are no complaints here. And you all know that door dash sushi during covid have not been that tasty but nikko is very very good. Will be ordering here again.

Joan C.

I haven't actually tried their sushi yet, just their bento boxes. BUT I'm already a fan of Nikko sushi.

First, how many bento boxes come with this much tempura AND something else?? Ok, maybe the answer is a lot, but nowhere else that I've been to includes shrimp and vegetable tempura in this quantity with their bento boxes. I love tempura, so I was such a fan! They make it so fair too - my husband and I each had one broccoli, one zucchini, one shrimp, one sweet potato, and one other thing I can't recall - so no fighting over who gets the broccoli or shrimp!

I also love their service. During covid, you can order ahead and pick up, and I must say their timing is impeccable. I had an order placed for 1 PM pickup and when I arrived at 12:59 they were just finishing bagging it. Next time I ordered I wanted to pick up ASAP and 17 min later my order was steaming and ready.

Will definitely come back!!

Laura P.

This place rivals my experience with my favorite sushi go to in the Outer Richmond (SF). Haven't found a place that measures up in the East Bay until Nikko Sushi. Packaged brilliantly for Covid takeout with lots of extras. The sushi itself was creatively and beautifully presented, and, most importantly, delicious.

Amabel Y.

Ordered to go via Uber Eats and the experience was not bad! I ordered the Orange blossom and Nikki roll and it took about 1hr plus for it to be delivered. The menu was extensive was everything looked so good but slightly on the pricier side but it is worth it for the quality. Only thing is that most of their special rolls had shrimp and I'm allergic to shrimp so it would've been nice if they offered more special rolls without shrimp.

The orange blossom roll was nicely placed in the to-go container and is basically tuna and avocado inside with salmon and tobiko on the outside. The fish was not fishy at all so I was happy with the quality!

The Nikko roll however was not nicely placed in the Togo container, would be nice if they separated the rolls with a divider of some sort but luckily I didn't order a saucy roll or else it would've ruined the flavor of the other roll. The Nikko roll was spicy tuna topped with salmon, tobiko and avocado. The roll was good, but it would've been better if it the spicy tuna filling was more flavorful and spicy.

Overall, I was satisfied with my meal and they were accommodating! When placing the order, I asked for extra ginger and they were very generous and gave me 4 little containers. I've ordered sushi to-go at other places and they only gave me one extra container of ginger. I definitely recommend ordering takeout from this sushi restaurant!

Ricardo P

Exceptional and fresh food, I liked the atmosphere the place has, and the workers were very friendly. Will definitely visit here when I’m around.

Andrea Armetta

Very good food. Very good deal. Great portion. They dont take very long...they have their act together!

James N.

Small disappointment...our salmon skin roll is suppose to be crispy...but its char burnt and the taste of burned food is disgusting. The sushi maki rolls are quite average, but good price point. I was originally going to give it 3 stars, becuase the sushi chefs need more knife work practice, the cherry blossom roll exterior tuna was  like puzzle patch work and the burnt salmon skin roll. However, because they are willing to recognize the mistake and offer to correct the error they get an additional star for customer service.

Hostess/ waitstaff were nice and followed Covid19 food safe  protocols. This place is great for affordable sushi, but don't expect it to be top tier sushi chef and well worth the price.

If you love salmon skin roll please don't be discerned by my review, because it may be a one off situation and your experience may be different.

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