Nikko Sushi

2399 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-8224

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Monic R.

COVID 19 review- hard to find sushi on a Monday night but this place was very accommodating. This place is clean and well organized with a nice check in station and plenty of space. We'll come back once they're open because the restaurant looks stylish and spacious for downtown Berkeley. I got the OMG roll which was something I haven't had elsewhere and will get again. Bf got the chicken teriyaki bento box which was plenty of food. I got the miso soup which was standard, the seaweed salad tasted like there was wasabi in it and I probably won't get that again.

Elicia Y.

The coolest part was the Fire Roll ($16.50), which they literally light on fire in front of you when serving it. The Hamachi Lover has a distinct flavor; the restaurant tried mixing some unique flavors in each of the other rolls, which was interesting but not super appealing to me personally. Great dining atmosphere. Fun fact, the bathroom is quite a far walk, which was inside the restaurant.

Alex M.

Reaaaallly good affordable sushi. They had a great happy hour special for saki & beer. Definitely recommend the mango roll!

Amy M.

Ordered sushi for pickup during the shelter-in-place and was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and yummy the sushi rolls were! The hot lobster roll was a treat. They even included a free miso soup.

Arlene W.

This place is very inviting. The staff are very friendly and kind. I love their sushi dish. My favorite is dragon roll. I like their Ingredients and tasty sauces. The bento boxes are delicious too. Too bad I don't live in Berkeley. But I still try to make excuse to come by for some sushi when ever I can.

Stephanie Y.

I live close to here so I've seen this business change hands a few times, always sushi and always with suspect reviews. However, times have changed and lunch the other day was a delightful sushi meal. I went with a coworker and we indulged in 4 fun rolls and it was about $60 and they were really good. A nice amount of fish, not a ton of rice and everything tasted fresh. We went with an array, but we agreed, we both loved the non-rice roll named the Ocean Roll. The baked baby lobster roll was delicious, although too much sauce; I would order again, but just request light on the mayo-y sauce. Nothing too crazy here: think those basic rolls with salmon and tuna, a ton of deep fried and spicy roll options, which aren't my favorite, but America. They offer a ton of non-fish items as well from teriyaki and don's, however it'd be hard for me not to want to go straight sushi rolls since it was s good. Ambiance is more on the generic side, so maybe not the best spot for date night, but a delicious spot for some reasonable sushi.

Brendan H.

I love coming in for the $1 hot sake and ordering off the specials menu, I really enjoyed their fresh uni when it's in season from Santa Barbara as well as some of their classics like the rainbow roll and such. I always wish that I worked closer so that I could be there for some of the amazing lunch deals. I've tried the bento boxes as well and they never dissappoint!

Yeonhwa S.

I went in with little to no expectations (not sure why... maybe because good sushi is hard to find around campus) and i was pleasantly surprised! It's not gourmet sushi you'd find in Japan or anything but the quality was pretty good for the price. Had 4 of their rolls and vegetable udon. They were all pretty good. I also loved that they had a parking lot in the back! Parking in Berkeley is so terrible. It was nice not having to spend too much time looking for parking when i am hangry. Servers were super sweet and understanding too! My nephew spilled miso soup and started crying and the server came to help us out and gave us a fresh bowl of soup. Thank you!!

Jennifer Raven-Harris

Great spot for an affordable and quick sushi dinner. Friendly and good quality

Carol E.

A lovely afternoon lunch. Everyone completely satisfied. I had the ocean roll and wakame salad because I'm on noom. All of us were really happy; son had tempura to die for, hubby's spicy tuna hand roll looked so good that my nephew ordered it mid meal. My hamachi did not match the texture of their salmon or tuna so had to chew a bit more (ocean roll). Son said yam tempura a bit raw.

Ant Pruitt

Speed of service good. Sushi good. Sat at the bar. The staff was funny and courteous. Good food

Shamaila Akhtar

Really good sushi. The flaming roll looks pretty but is a pretty "heavy" option.

Nicole M.

This place is delicious Food is great and always tastes fresh. I usually get the chicken teriyaki or lobster roll which is always fresh and one of the best around , wait times are usually not too long . They have $1 warm sake when you order food What can I say other than I absolutely looovvee this place!!!

Matt E.

This corner restaurant has changed hands, going from sushi restaurant to sushi restaurant for what seems like years. But I hope Nikko is here to stay. My girlfriend and I randomly picked this place over the weekend since we were hanging out in the area. We ordered the mango nigori sake, lobster roll, 10 pc salmon sashimi with rice, 2 pc seared salmon nigiri, and 2 pc inari. The Mango nigori came first, and it was absolutely delicious!!! We took a picture of the bottle hoping we could find it at a store. We'll need a few bottles for the house! As for the food, the first thing we tried was the salmon sashimi. As soon as I took the first bite, I was amazed. How could the fish be so fresh and high quality for this price?? The chef used a unique cut that I prefer over the traditional thick square blocks they give at these type of sushi/ bento/ donburi/ do-it-all restaurants. This was a true sushi chef. He scored the skin as well which added nice texture. Next up was the lobster roll. For this, they heap baby lobster and a creamy sriracha mayo-type sauce on top of a California roll. Once again, I was amazed at how they could provide this at such a decent price. There was so much lobster, you could just pick it off and eat it alone, with enough to still cover the roll. Lastly, the seared salmon nigiri. After tasting this, I knew I was going to write my review the same night. I'm so disappointed that I forgot to give my compliments to the chef before leaving :/ but it gives us a reason to go back!!!! Hopefully, very soon.


Tasty food, if a bit pricey! I had the veggie bento box, as I am vegan. I enjoyed it immensely! The staff was also very nice and attentive

Toni L.

Love this place, we have came here a for both lunch and dinner. The fish are very fresh, food can take a bit long to come out but it's worth the wait. The oysters was so good and fresh, I think we ordered a few rounds . The sweet shrimp fried head was perfectly seasoned and had a great crunch just perfect to consume the entire head. The rolls are great too, we especially enjoyed the Hungry roll top with fried onions, shrimp and lobster. No pictures here since we were hungry so all of the hungry roll was down the hatch. They even have special lunch set price for dining in , it's great to take the kids for lunch so it won't break the bank for sushi and the kids enjoyed the bento box. I even got some rolls to go home for my son and it was still good even after a few hours. We will be back for more.

Bob Jewett

I like the bento boxes. Everything is fresh and flavorful.

Vanessa S.

This was a great late lunch. Sat at the sushi bar and the tuna was fresh. All our choices were excellent.

S. Stevens

Tasty food, if a bit pricey! I had the veggie bento box, as I am vegan. I enjoyed it immensely! The staff was also very nice and attentive

Willl W.

Definitely scratched the sushi itch. Seared albacore Tuna sashimi was heavenly. Price was great, service straightforward and friendly.

Mac M.

Good service, great food! Super good quality and the fish is fresh and tasty. I recommend the hamachi ponzu and fresh oysters! I'll definitely be back, also for the $1 sake while it lasts (limited time only). Great job guys :)

Audrey W.

It wasn't too busy when we ate here, so the service was attentive and fast. The sushi was good. I had the hamachi roll and the husband got the nigiri special (9 pieces, I think, of the chef's choice). The fish was fresh and well cut. The miso soup, which came with the meal, was pretty standard. The gyoza on the other hand were pretty gross. They were more heavily fried that I like, and the filling was weird. But hey, we came for the sushi and it was solid.

Ole B.

Nice sushi, a bit overpriced. They need to do better cleaning, though, their plants throughout the dining room are REALLY DUSTY. I think they are artificial, but either way, would not hurt to wash them every now and then. It's a breathing hazard.

Lucy C.

Best casual sushi place in Berkeley! Always tables available (don't know why) and food is fresh and well made. Love the $1 sake! Good choices for family members who don't eat sushi and in great big portions!

Kathleen S.

This is a great place for decently priced sushi. It comes with complimentary miso soup and green tea. They are also currently offering 1$ sake bombs because of their grand opening. Great thick sashimi cuts and flavorful rolls, will definitely be back.

Starlight's Toy roleplays

Some food was good, some was mediocre. The service could have been better.

Selena L.

Restaurant with a nice vibe and high-quality food. Came here with a large group of 8 people, and the staff did a good job getting us seated and served. Be prepared to pay a bit for a meal here, though the prices aren't unreasonable for sushi compared to other places in the area. Food was delicious and they have a great variety of rolls!

agatupu lefao

Their chicken katsu curry is more like gravy on fried chicken... not bad just underwhelming

Ed U.

Hasn't this corner location been home to one sushi place or another over the years? At least that's been my perception, and perception is reality, at least until I'm called out as a liar. And just who the hell you callin' a liar? Anyway I presume it's under new management now because I didn't recognize the name when Jamie W. and I passed by. I suggested we hurry and try it before the name changes again. I should've relaxed as the place was good, so good we've been twice in the last month. How 'bout that? Jamie was good off the bat and ordered the little $3.50 bowl of Green Salad with a major drizzle of miso dressing (photo: I countered with the $4.95 Cucumber Salad marinated in rice vinegar (photo: Tasty and healthy. We went our separate ways on the rolls. Jamie ordered the $6.45 Alaska Roll with salmon and avocado (photo: and the more straightforward $5.50 Negi Hama with maguro and green onion (photo: Both were up to snuff easily. Being the difficult one, I asked if they made a naruto roll that doesn't have rice. She offered the $13.50 Ocean Roll, which was basically a rainbow roll with soy paper used instead of rice. Tuna, hamachi, salmon, and avocado were all accounted for, and tobiko was added for good measure (photo: The result was delightful. To end our meal, we took advantage of their $1 vials of Hot Sake (photo: The warmth made the elixir blissful. Jamie suggested we return today after we took a two-hour walk through the hills. We ended up repeating much of the same order including the Ocean and Alaska Rolls. This time I tried the $5.85 Oshitashi as I was in the mood for steamed spinach even though it was a tad too wet for my taste (photo: The other new try for us was the $10.50 Salmon Kama, which I have to say was one of the better executed versions I've had as the salmon was unusually tender for a collar that spends a lot of time over a fire (photo: Of course, once again, we ended our meal with the Hot Sake because well, we just have to at this point. Now here twice, we just liked the low-key vibe because it's just far enough away from the core of downtown and the campus to be downright pleasant. FOOD - 4 stars...the rolls sang as did the kama and hot sake AMBIANCE - 4 stars...chill surprisingly SERVICE - 3.5 stars...quietly efficient TOTAL - 4 stars...nice find, bring on the sake RELATED - Stepping out in Berkeley? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Sonia S.

Overall would give this place 3.5 stars--ordered the Nikko Roll and found it to be okay. The place itself has many tables, and my group of 4 was seated right away. The place is clean, calming, and spacious. The service was also great with each of us drinking barley tea and miso soup as complementary items to our meal. I ordered the Nikko Roll (spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko) and found the fish to be good. The flavors were why you'd expect for spicy tuna. However, my issue was in the rice. I found the rice to be a bit soft, and this made the rolls softer than other sushi places I am used to. The softness of the rice with the soft spicy tuna fish made the texture of the roll just okay. It wasn't the best sushi I have had, and it wasn't the worst. It was mainly the texture of the roll that affected my perception of Nikko, especially as I am paying $12 for a roll.

Celena C.

Their sushi rolls are great! The Raider's Roll basically a super California roll in other restaurants (California Roll with unagi on top). The unagi sauce was a little too sweet for me though. I felt a sugar rush after eating around 3 pieces and don't think I could order that roll just for myself (I'd rather share it, so that I could balance the sweetness out with other tastes). The Half and Half Roll has the same interior as the Raider's Roll (just a California Roll with tuna and salmon slices on top). Overall, the food and service was good. Glad to have found another solid sushi restaurant in Berkeley! I would definitely come back again.

Stacy S.

This sushi joint was pretty damn good. I'm comparing it to the ones I have had in Seattle. I think I pick Nikki sushi over any Seattle place. The service was friendly and I really enjoyed sitting at the bar. The sushi also tasted great! Got the dragon roll, the lobster roll, and two of the basic rolls. All were very delicious and flavorful. I love when the sushi chef welcomes people in Japanese !

Jorge L.

Excellent service! Came for a date night with the lady. It was the right amount of busy for a holiday Monday night. The service was super attentive the whole night and we never felt rushed. The sushi rolls were tasty and felt fresh. Will update tomorrow if we're sick :). We felt comfortable trying the creamy uni and monkfish liver for the first time. There was a special for $1 hot sake so we had a few of those and shared a small beer. It was a great time and recommend trying it. We'll be back to try the lobster roll. Thanks Nikko Sushi!!!

Steve R.

This place is great. My waiter was amazing. Ask for duc

Erick W.

i have to say this is a hidden gem of berkeley the fish was very fresh and the customer service was excellent the bento box portions were very good i'm definitely coming back again

Jina C.

I was very impressed by Nikko Sushi! I stopped by to order food to go and ordered a chirashi sushi. Let me start by talking how conveniently located this business is! It is right on Shattuck in Downtown Berkeley. And unlike a lot of business around, Nikko Sushi has lots of seats and is very spacious (I feel like a canned sardine when I dine in many restaurants here). In fact, it is so spacious that the bathroom is SUPER far so just know that you will be walking down a hall to get there. The staff here is very friendly and definitely made my experience here. While I was waiting for my chirashi to-go, I was offered some hot miso soup on the house. They also packed my food very carefully so that it was not a mess when I took it home. I was impressed by the quality of the fish and I was pretty happy about the portion. I really enjoyed my meal that day! I returned a different day to dine in with my boyfriend and we decided to order some rolls. I liked how neat their rolls looked (no saucy mess) and I liked the selection that they offered. My favorite rolls were the Dragon roll and Spider roll. While I wouldn't call them a high-end sushi restaurant, I think that the price is reasonable for the quality of fish they offer and I would be comfortable dining here more regularly. I am so happy to have Nikko Sushi in Downtown Berkeley :)

Eric Perret

The sushi was good but nothing to write home about. The price was decent and they're were many tables open when I arrived at 7:30 on a week day.


Reasonably priced sushi, with miso included! It's nice to sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs prepare the sushi!

Roberto Cortes

Great food and good service! Few vegan options, definitely will be back for sake!

Joe Whitaker

Great rolls. Service was excellent, the ingredients were all super fresh, and a decent price. I'll be back for sure.