Northside Cafe.

1878 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-3663

Recent Reviews

william hasty

Excellent breakfast burrito

Syomantak Chaudhuri

Found a bug in my tuna salad ?. Pic attached. Better avoid this place.

Alé Murcio Reyes

food is good, service ok. if u want to come here to get some work done, good luck. wifi is slower than dial up.

Avishek Das

Good breakfast burrito!

Katherine G.

This is a nice spot for studying, as there's plenty of seating and outlets too. However, in terms of food quality it's not my favorite. I ordered a breakfast bowl with egg, potatoes, and impossible burger meat. It also came with salsa. Nothing was particularly bad, but it didn't taste like much and felt a bit thrown together. However, they had a good discount on Snackpass so I think overall it was pretty worth it. I'd come back to study though!

Ken Guss

Great food. Breakfast bowls excellent.

Fedora G.

I feel like I need to tell Northside, because the staff seemed to genuinely not know, that an iced coffee beverage is NOT a hot coffee beverage that you then pour over ice. I'm really sorry but I don't like weak room temp coffee.

Todd Roberts

good breakfast burritos. Otherwise regular.

Maria Comstock

So cute, amazing food and atmosphere.


The northerners will never forget.

Bing Wu

Nice place to have a break

Ilsa Bartlett

The chicken apple sausage tasted like kilbasa was served sliced swimming in grease and some liquid. The eggs swam in as much water as the volume of 2 poached eggs, the French was packaged freezer stuff.

OyaSuuru Ifawarinwa

Good breakfast food!

Lawrence C.

As a Berkeley student living near Northside Cafe, it's a great place to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee in between classes. Usually it doesn't take too long to get your food, around 5-10 minutes at most. There are a decent number of tables and seats, so unless it's a big lunch rush hour then you'll be able to find places to sit down at. The baked potato special they had was a pretty good deal, although I'm not sure if they have that option anymore. They also have some pretty good croissant sandwiches that are filling and pretty cheap too. I've had some of their breakfast items as well, like the biscuits and gravy, and those are decent as well. The service is good too, and I'll keep coming back as long as I'm still around here!

Gabby C.

It took 30 minutes on a non-busy day for me to get a chicken sandwich. Nothing fancy in the order, they're just extremely slow.

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