Peet's Coffee

2255 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 225-0451

Recent Reviews

Jordan Slappey

This was my first time trying Peet’s, and I wasn’t disappointed! My coffee was good, I got it quickly, and the atmosphere in the coffee shop was such that I was able to have my meeting there, rather than relocating. Would definitely go again.

Delvie Davis

My coffee was absolutely great as usual the guy knows me and what I want I appreciate that keep up the good work!!

Menu Mystique

There is no such thing as a "bad" Peet's. Exceptional Service here!

Ruchika M.

The staff here is always super friendly and courteous, and they make the drinks well! It's a nice place to catch up with someone or study, but it's not the most spacious and the bathrooms aren't the greatest. But Peet's is a prerequisite for a coffee aficionado at Berkeley, so come here, if not the OG on Telegraph!

E S.

Asked for a matcha javiva. Pretty tasty and the barista was very friendly and professional. The other barista was pretty professional as well and polite. Can't complain. The drink was prepared pretty well.

Jeff Maley

Convenient location down. Has a front window with seating, providing a view of people walking by. Great for people-watching.

Vinita Garnier

I've been enjoying Peet's coffee since the late 70's. Always loved the coffee and experienced excellent and friendly service. I have always had great service at this Shattuck location as well as at the 4th Street, College Ave and Fruitvale locations. I was surprised and disappointed to have a poor experience at number number of other Peet's in the East Bay Area. I did give corporate the feedback and I recently tried a few other East Bay Peet's locations and am happy to see and very much appreciate the improving customer service.

Kevin Zimmerman

I didn't expect it to work out as well as it has when they redid the interior several years ago. Now, in addition to the great coffee and baked snacks there is a natural flow to the place. It's downtown, so there is a queue sometimes forms, but they dissolve it quickly in general. It's more of a live place than many - not just a bunch of chairs with silent folk behind laptops, but friends chatting with friends, business discussions, small groups coming in to socialize briefly. A very diverse and cool crowd to go along with the excellent beverages and tasties, not to mention some of the best coffee beans probably on the planet.


Good. Not great.,Good. Consistently just good. Which is fine. Yep,it's ok to be good. I'm good, how bout ya"LL?

Eric Adams

Very poor grade coffee - when dark roasted (Strong) it is VERY bitter.

Mark Plott

Great place to meet up with people and to just sit and relax with a coffee and a muffin.

Michael Roberts

Save money! Download the app and get free coffee! Peet's is always great coffee, friendly staff, and a clean shop. The only drip coffee in the area worth drinking.

Julien 44

Great staff, nice atmosphere et good coffee.

Aristo Nice

Great place, clean and friendly staff. They were great with my young children. They allowed them to order and made their hot chocolate "just right" in temperature.

jewell hickman

Good place to bring your friends and family and your children. the coffee and their specials Thursday drinks are very good. Very reasonable prices

Renetha Henley

Peet's is the best! Coffee tastes real. Long line but fast service. Parking was plentiful at 8 am.

Felix H.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, my girl Sidney (one of the baristas at this peets) treats me like I'm coming home every time I walk in the door. Look, my dudes, I've only been coming to this peets for like one week, yet this girl lights up as soon as I come in. I'm new to town and I've been having a rough time adjusting so this has honestly meant a lot to me. She even knew my name after like the second time I came in. I used to be loyal to starbucks but I've been converted just for the good vibes and customer service I get here. Sometimes a genuinely kind interaction can really make or break someone's day, ya know? This girl is really out here doing the lord's work!

Mohamed Bahabri

Excellent coffee shop

Ralph Foster

Today I went in to buy morning coffee, as I have for years at Peets on Shattuck in Berkeley. I was in line waiting my turn and went to the cashier and started to order when the person ahead of me left. I started to order with eye contact from the counter person [a new person not one I knew] what I wanted. Then someone rushed up to my right with an internet order or online order. I was abruptly told by that counter person that computer orders have precedent and I most go to the back of the line--about 7 people. Which I did--waited a very long time as internet orders kept going ahead of me. I do not really understand what is happening, computer wise, as being almost 80 years of age, hard of hearing and severely disabled where the continued standing becomes painful. Why the counter people but me through a painful morning I do not know. If I was not old with all my grey hair and disabled I would have been treated better--a couple of folks I've seen there before, and were in the line agreed. What is happening to this Peet's -- a place that I really love. Ralph

Thomas V

Peet's was originally a Berkeley coffee store, but now it's everywhere. The quality has remained high, as we found at this store. I buy their beans as well.

Tasha T.

Great coffee shop. Huge selection, very clean and green options. This location is great at mixing drinks. Coffee drinkers, stay away from the Matcha Fog. I have yet to have it mixed correctly, so I usually just get green milk.

Tiff Ting

10 cents off if you BYO mug/cup!

Colleen F.

I am a die-hard Pete's Nick so I won't go to the other coffee place I also don't like going to this particular store because there are always at least a dozen Ethiopians hanging out inside and outside and to take up all the spaces to sit there kind of rude and it's unattractive I know that this has been a problem for a while and many people have complained about it they also take up all the parking but there has been nothing done about it so just beware

Jeff L.

I generally like Peet's coffee, although I find the quality of the brew inconsistent. This location is no exception. I ordered. a Double Macchiato . Unfortunately the shots were so small. about an inch of espresso in a small to go cup. For three and a half bucks, plus tip they need to be more generous. Barely enough for a buzz. The guy suggested I order 3 or 4 shots if I wanted more. No more Macchiatos at Peet's

Jai P.

The parties were full of fruit flies. When asked, the pony tail guy was unapologetic. Regret going to this place in a Sunday morning. Should have gone to Paris baguette

andrea lyn

I can't believe this is my first time coming to a Peet's Coffee bar !!

Adrian Merry

Great coffee, clean and with polite staff.

Muirén Ní Sídach

Great coffee. Site needs a redesign or new location. Too crowded at the worst times, and the traffic pattern is disruptive, and no electric sockets. Find a better way to deal with bad actors regardless of whether they are perceived as homeless or mentally unfit at the moment.

John Gibbles

Forget Starbucks you get great coffee great customer service at this place and they dont discriminate against social status or anything else like the other Starbucks shops in the area do did I mention great coffee

Craig Mollerstuen

I always enjoy my mocha from Peet's.

Mai S.

I haven't tried Peet's in years, and I decided to head here to study as a change of pace. The latte was good, and the croissant was great, so I can't complain on that end. But I wouldn't come back here to study; it's so small the likelihood of getting a place is slim. The wi-fi worked for a minute but I kept getting disconnected so I gave up and went back to campus to study. But the most unpleasant part of the experience was that the area I was sitting in lowkey smelled like piss, as if the smell of the dirty sidewalks outside had entered and came to stay. So even if there was good wi-fi and space to sit, I wouldn't have stayed longer because of the awful smell.

Mark L.

Not every person at Peet's can do a wicked good Mocha. This one does. Although, whoever happened to work there does. The flavor is good, just espresso, but it's the amount of steam milk and how smooth he made it. Of course, if you are at Starbucks or some other places, if they don't roast the beans to perfection or the right beans, the espresso will not come out as flavorful and aromatic.

Victor G.

Peet's coffee exceeds in very good service & coffee, this spot didn't disappoint. brew: sm. dark roast coffee, Uruzi African blend (2.30) -smooth, bold tasting coffee without the Major Dickerson flair. -addictive & satisfying.... drips: -just need to find parking or walk a few blocks... -mostly filled with people on laptops.

Tom M.

I'm a fan of Peet's coffee. But the servers at the Solano location in Berkeley can be truly awful. Not always, but occasionally. I was the only one waiting at the counter one Sunday afternoon. One of the baristas (Pele) was mixing drinks and saw that I was standing there, but totally ignored me. Clearly, taking the drinks orders or even saying hello wasn't understood to be part of his job description that day. Someone else in the beans section eventually called out that he could help me but then, as I approached, he took someone else who happened to be closer to that area. The other two staff members were in back and were not notified called to come out and help. To be fair, I've also received good service at this location. But when they fall down on the job, they really fall down on the job. Suggestion: All Peet's baristas should cycle through the original Peet's location on Vine Street to be reminded what consistently great service looks like.

Kiana I.

This was my first time in years coming in this Peets coffee, the tables are sometimes filled with students doing their homework or people just enjoying their day. & I always go to Peets because I was craving a matcha tea latte either blended or iced & they couldn't make it because they're blenders weren't working & so I ended up trying their chai ice latte & then I ordered a hot drink and ended up getting a iced. But I didn't want to complain because they made a mistake so I just left that alone. & then I asked for the bathroom code and I'm not good with remembering stuff so I forgot the code and asked for it again and the lady with curly hair gave me a big attitude about it and then when I walked out I heard her talking about me to her coworker and I was like childish. Be mature, if you don't like your job and treat customers like that like grow up. I then left and regret going there due to their bad service

Ole P

Great staff: always friendly, attentive, accommodating. Good reliable coffee. (except decaf: their decaf latte is bitter/sour and tasted horrible both times when I ordered it! I usually don’t order it, so whatever... but I would order it more if they fixed it.)

Teresa V

The only problem is that you cannot reload your cell phone there. Otherwise nice people, good coffee and a big choice of scones!

Tobi J.

I really just bought something and sat down to do school and asked for a cup of water and no staff member would give one to me. I even offered to buy the cup and they said they had to treat me the same as the homeless even though I bought something to eat. But they didn't do anything about the homeless people coming in and filling up a cup from the trash with milk.

Susan P.

The customers are not safe here. At ALL. Not even a little bit. Neither is the staff. The homeless/mental health problem in Downtown Berkeley is unfortunate, but Peet's does nothing to protect the staff and/or customers at this location. Peet's needs to understand that the shattuck avenue store is inhabitable and they really should be paying the staff at this location double and triple for the amount of physical and emotional abuse they must endure while being paid a measly $15/h. The staff here deserves better. 5 stars for them. 1 Star for Peet's as a corporation and company. You guys put the staff at this location through HELL, some even to the point of feeling s*icidal. The paying customers are great but the homeless problem is unsafe and unsanitary. Staff and customers alike are threatened, attacked both verbally and physically. Racial slurs to staff members of color. Your baristas and managers work their asses off to maintain a clean store and make quality beverages just for Peet's (the corporation) to come in and tell them the 3 things they're doing wrong versus the 600 things they are doing right. You force them to clean the feces of homeless people off of the bathroom floor and demand they make drinks with latte art or sell pastries with drinks or beans with coffee and threaten to cut their hours and write them up if they don't! You guys go on and on about your "Peet's standard" but what about your employees? The backbone of your company. The driving force behind your sales. How could you appoint a pregnant mother to manage this unsafe and dangerous location? The people that work here and the customers deserve. SO. MUCH. BETTER. I've contacted HR MULTIPLE times on this matter and much to my surprise (not), they have not returned my phone calls. I'm working with a good friend at KTVU, proposing a news story about how this company could benefit from re-prioritizing their staff of baristas and managers. To keep allowing them the physical and emotional abuse required with working at this location and at least not compensate them for it, is slavery.

Jeannine Noel

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