Rainbow Donuts

2025 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-2029

Recent Reviews

Alec Clothier

Unbelievably good. Dulce de Leche donut is to die for

MacDre Garcia

My to go place when my sweet tooth is acting up

Georgina Graff

The donuts are beautiful and delicious and the women working are so kind and lovely

Oliver R.

Their donut case sparkles with a ton of unique creations. Always walk out with 5x as many donuts as I'd planned on purchasing. Oopses. Definitely check them out. Easy access. Great donuts.

Cindy W.

Absolutely amazing doughnuts! Amazing service! I look forward to enjoying them again soon. Friendly and attentive staff.

Noah Lowry

Excellent donuts! Quality customer service. Clean establishment. What more can you ask for! We will definitely be back!

Jonathan J.

Very cheap and high quality donuts, but the customer service was not as high quality as their donuts which is why I am giving them 3 stars. My friends and I wanted to try Rainbow Donuts due to their high reviews, so we decided to go on Wednesday. When we walked into the shop, it was completely empty and there was two workers. None of the workers greeted us when we walked in and took them about 5 minutes to come help us out while we were looking at the donuts. When the worker finally started to help me out, I was given so much attitude, it really made me feel uncomfortable. Since it was my first time ordering, I asked which donuts were popular and good in her opinion to which the lady responded, "all of them." That wasn't as much help either. None of their workers were friendly or helpful to my friends and as it was our first time. They were getting annoyed with how long it took us to decide which donuts to get when 1. No one else was in the store the whole duration we were inside and 2. They weren't as helpful or friendly with helping us decided. I ended up getting the Ube donut and the Oreo donut. Overall, I really loved how the Ube donut really melts in your melt and the consistency of the donut is perfect. Such a steal for the price! The Oreo donut was also really good with crumbled pieces of Oreo on the top making it taste so good. However, the customer service I experienced was not so high quality which, as much as I would love to come back, I will not be. Probably one of the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a donut shop.

Saima N.

I hadn't had any fresh baked donuts anywhere near campus in berkeley, so it was worth the walk down to San Pablo Ave to get this beautiful 6-pack. I went around noon on a Sunday and still had about half the display case to choose from. The donuts definitely taste fresh and aren't too greasy or sweet, this place knows what they're doing. The half-dozen runs you $7.99. Check it out for your donut fix!

Bonnie S.

What's not to like? Fluffy amazing donuts that look as good as they taste! That's what you get here. Everything looks very tempting...from giant croissants to bagels to the amazing selection of donuts!! The unicorn donuts are adorable as are the unicorn poop haha. The selection is pretty amazing. On our first visit here we decided to go for filled donuts. We got the mini glazed donuts with berries filling and with custard filling. Those were sooooo good - the perfect ratio of donut to filling ratio! I got a Nutella filled donut and hubby got a dulce de leche filled one. Both were delicious. I was also very interested in the smores one as well as the Oreo one. I don't think we have a choice....we need to come back again soon! Covid note: there were markings on the floor so customers can wait spaced out, everything went smoothly, where two customers are served at a time. They also have hand sanitizer and everyone wore masks.

Robin E.

The person working today was disinfecting surfaces when my partner and I walked into the empty shop, giving us that extra assurance we could enjoy our yummy treats without worrying about Covid. As always, the donuts were fresh, inventive, and super tasty. Best in Berkeley by far!Thank you, Rainbow!

Laurence W.

I'm not ashamed to admit I know a thing or two about donuts. And by "know a thing or two about" I mean "eat a lot of."The buttermilks at Rainbow are divine. So are the cake donuts. There are a million more options ranging from standard to a little bit wacky, but the flavors themselves are straightforward without too much grease or air factor.The ambience is quintessential San Pablo Ave (for better or worse) with decent street parking nearby.

Olivia Whitaker

Great quality and selection of delicious doughnuts! The employees are very nice.

Fedi A.

To be fair my rating is based on eating the donuts at 2:30 pm, when the glaze is not so fresh. The service was great and the donuts were decent. I had higher expectations based on reviews. However, would I give it another chance? Probably.

Michael D Harris

This place is a neighborhood hallmark. Every morning you’ll see quite a few regulars there. The donuts are good and cheap. If you come after 5pm, you’ll often get a free donut. The staff is nice. They change up their donut selection, so you can always try new flavors (but also what you want may not be available). Coffee products are pretty good for their price.


they put good details on the special donuts and I absolutely love them also IK this is a little late but they were the only place open while the California power outages so I’m really happy I got to find this place

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