Rainbow Donuts

2025 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-2029

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Ana Gaona

I love their service and the girls that work there are so nice and friendly.

EL wal

Melt in your mouth donuts. Great service. Fun flavor choices. My new go to place for donuts. They even have breakfast sandwiches made with donuts!

Michael Greenberg

These donuts are delicious, fresh, and affordable! In an age where donuts can cost $3.50 each, Rainbow Donuts is keeping it real. The yeasted donuts are fluffy and delicious, the cake donuts moist, and the flavors interesting. Stop by, you won’t regret it!

Niema Durham

The staff is always friendly and the donuts are so fresh. I have also tried the bagels as well and was pleased. I will have to try some of the other items they have as well.

Luis Cornejo Miramontes

This place makes amazing doughnuts! There is no such thing as getting only 1 here! The prices are more than fair, and the wait is minimal. My personal preference in all of the Bay Area.

jimmy leslie

Great donuts but runs out of just pure glazed donuts quickly

Albert L.

Rainbow Donuts is one of those no-frills not quite old-school joint with classic pink take-out box. The place feels dated back then, but recent upgrade kept them in the scene much like any other donut shop. Service is brisk get you in and out within minutes sometimes just seconds when no one is around. After a visit to Toyota dealership looking to test drive 2020 GR Supra I needed something sweet nearby and donut happen to be it. Got a maple glazed old-fashioned being so fresh the dough literally flattened when I took a bite which is perfect something I like to see more often with other places. It's not just a regular basic donut shop they have rainbow donut on a daily basis some are unique only to this place. Lottery scratcher tickets left behind by patrons is messy and annoying should be wipe off or blow off surface before leaving not a biggie though.


Tastes as delicious as they look! Lovely customer service!

Eyez V.

My order is wrong.she knew it was wrong.she charged me for it anyway. I had a negative vibe from her which is why I wasn't trying to order from her in the first place. It really did. Happy birthday to me. Whatever

Shamsie E.

This place looks nothing like what is on Yelp. The donut selection was like every other regular donut place and they weren't even that good. Don't let the photos deceive you.

Jennifer T.

I've had their donut once before when my classmate brought a dozen to class it was pretty good, so I thought I'll check it out for myself. So happy they open really early! I came by to pick up two dozen for my coworkers. There are so many unique flavors. I think I was too early to see any of the cute designs I've seen on Yelp. One dozen was $13. Not bad for unique flavors. They had ube, red velvet, coconut, Oreo, the classics (glazed, chocolate, maple), mini filled, donut holes, and many other flavors. I liked the mini filled donuts because they are the perfect size without feeling guilty for having a donut! If you get the mini filled they come in lemon curd, fruit jelly, and custard. You can get two mini filled donuts for the place of one regular donut in your dozen. So you can get 24 mini filled dozens as your one dozen donuts. Donuts were fresh and soft. There were so many options that I took a while to decide on which donuts to get. The worker helping me with my selection was very patient and nice about my questions/recommendations. Will be back!

Brian Downing

Awesome donut selection I'm going back tomorrow

Stacey L.

They have lot of different kinds of donuts to choose from. So soft not stale when you take a bit you can tell it's fresh from the oven.

Laura M

the absolute worst service and coffee i’ve ever had. chai latte was made with some grainy ass powder that made it taste like sand. save your time and don’t go here

Phil S.

Good healthy eating (NOT). My sis and I walked to ACME BAKERY while everyone was sleeping much to our chagrin they were closed. I mean didn't they know we were coming from Chicago? Duhhh I mean like what the heck? To kill time we wandered down the street to RAINBOW DONUTS. We stopped in and got a cup of coffee and a donut I got an enormous apple fritter, nice healthy deep fried and covered w/sugar SUPER HEALTHY (NOT). They have an enormous selection of donuts, but knowing we were going back to ACME BAKERY we only got one apiece.

Eric Wong

A surprising variety of donuts dishes out by a super sweet staff.

Toru Mino

Fun, tasty donuts. Good community vibe

Robert Farrugia

Got up early and picked up a dozen donuts at Rainbow.. really fresh.. amazing donuts. Friendly and helpful staff.. really great donuts!

Jami Grayer

And cheese really good if you want something else besides donuts.Love the hot crassaunts with bacon

Mzima Reiki

I've only been here once but it was close to closing time and they still had delicious fresh tasting donuts so I'm a happy customer.

Rainbow Donuts

2025 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702