Rainbow Donuts

2025 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-2029

Recent Reviews

Antoinette A.

I was in the mood for donuts and coffee, I found this place and they were open, which I was grateful for during this time. Every worker had on gloves and a mask. There were only two people working and 4 of us inside (it's a good sized place). It took a few minutes before someone helped me. They had a decent amount of options. I had a cinnamon crumb and a maple round. Both were fine. I also had a coffee. It tasted a it burnt and was very strong for just regular coffee. I did appreciate the fact that they had flavored creamer though.

Joan L.

Really yummy, no greasy aftertaste doughnuts. Huge egg, cheese, ham etc croissant sandwiches and bagels too! The staff have faithfully come in to serve our neighborhood during covid outbreak thankfully. Can't wait for things to get back to normal so I can have my 5am treat and relax at a table!

Nica Rianne N.

So glad Rainbow Donuts is open during this shelter-in-place!! Thankfully there were still many options available when we came in today. Staff was very polite and they are responsive to social media messages. We picked up this yummy assortment earlier and the whole family loved it - ube and the Oreo were the favorites! Such cute, thoughtful designs too can't wait to try other flavors next time!

Amy D.

Modern neighborhood donut shop with a large variety of donuts to choose from. It wasn't busy around 1:30pm on a Sunday, and they still had a good selection of donuts available. However, they had a steady stream of customers, and were always busy during the time I was there. I ordered a few donuts, and tried: Original Glazed, Ube Cake, Blueberry Crueller, Rainbow Cake [ https://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?select=MbeeDIig66fHd2EvvXD8mQ&userid=76vIFZcC7owykCBjMfGVXg]. The ube was the favorite, and I loved the ube crumbs on top of the donut. The original glazed was solid, as was the blueberry crueller. The rainbow cake was the least favorite, since it was a little too sweet, and I wish it had more rainbow cake flavor. They have so many donut varieties available, I will need to come back and try their other options. Parking will be the most difficult part about coming here since the street parking spots are limited.

Diann U.

A cute lil donut shop! Great customer service. Go early for street parking though :)

Matthew Geary

Worth going out of your way for. Price is decent

Dar V.

I hesitate to give this place such a great review because I don't want it to become one of those lines out the door fad places, but on the other hand they deserve it. Excellent donuts, some absolutely adorable and some really unique combinations of flavors, and the serve is great.

Chris H.

This place has amazing donuts! I always try to get the original glazed cronut but most of the time they're out! I was lucky enough to get not only the original, but also the maple one! The texture is perfect; flaky and soft with a good amount of glaze! I've tried plenty of other donuts as well and none have disappointed. I've also paired my donuts with their iced coffee and it is a must try. It comes black and they have a variety of items to add to your coffee!

Darnea Olson

Best donuts I've had in the Bay area. I'll drive from San Mateo to Berkeley for these donuts.

Gideon T.

Came in just after closing. Register was closed. I only had a ten dollar bill and asked for a single maple old fashioned donut. The fella at the counter couldn't give me change, but he gave me a donut anyway - - on the house! The donut was delicious! Ring-a-ding-ding, FIVE STARS well-deserved!

thomas law

Good, fresh donuts. Chocolate icing was not overly hard, :). All was fresh. Nice and friendly staff. Would return if opportunity presents.

Alicia A.

OMG. What's the big deal about donuts?!? If that is your question, then yo haven't been to Rainbow Donuts, in Berkeley. These are the definitive donuts. The selection is wonderful and whimsical. The flavors and textures are to die for. After one bite of my raised glazed gem, I was ready to advertise for this place. We got half a dozen of their confections. Sorry waistline, I'm hooked.

Yibran D.

Amazing donuts they always have great colorful choices also they are innovative as they have a HOT CHEETO donut it's surprisingly good and the first time I've seen it

Etsuko K.

All's I'm going to say about this place, UBE donut. Maaaan it's this cake donut that's purple, because its made with purple yam called ube. The donuts are moist and cake-like, and evening after a day or so, still moist and delicious. The rest of the donuts are fine. That ube one rocks my world!

Dana B.

Recently I had the pleasure of trying seven different donuts and let me tell you something, I just about died and went to heaven. Delightful in every way.

Matthew Coleman

Always the perfect morning stop b4 getting the day started ... The staff is kind and considerate without fail, and the doughnuts are outstanding. My favorite donut spot to shop doughnuts ?? ?☺️.

Carolyn von Behren

Cute, delish specialty donuts and yummy standard fare donuts.

Lisa B.

Great donuts and very reasonable prices. Vegan options available.

Kathryn L

Cute donuts! Great for a last minute party!

Cara W.

This place is such a hidden gem. The donuts are reasonably priced and they have so many cute choices! I feel like this is the perfect balance between old-school neighborhood donut shops and the hipster donut shops that are more common today. It has cute, Instagram-worthy designs on some donuts and some donut flavors that are edgy, but there's nothing pretentious about this place and it still carries all of the childhood favorites. The service here is always great too. Pro tip: They have WiFi and some seating! I've actually found this shop to be a great place to get some work in with a donut and coffee. No one else really comes here to do that, so there's typically plenty of seating to choose from and not many people on the WiFi!

Riley Muse

A good selection of fresh donuts and a few bagels. The glazed and unicorn poop, yes, unicorn poop, donuts were delicious.

Jae N.

I walked in on a totally last minute deal trying to pull something together for my lil one classroom bday party. The staff was very welcoming. I left with two dozen beautifully colored donuts; Unicorns, blue galaxy, fruity pepples. I never tasted donuts from this shop so I was hoping these things tasted as good as they looked. I didn't want to fail a full class of First graders. They can be too honest at times, ya know! Lol Well when it came time to crack open the white box and let the wonderful colors of the donut allure the First graders they jumped in excitement and all started yelling out which color they wanted. Not all the kids got what they wanted but they loved the donuts. I will be back! I did sneak myself a rainbow cake donut.... it was yummy.

Casey C.

Oh my god, yes, yup, mhm. this is it, folks.

Debora L.

Dunno why it's taken me so long to try this place out. $1.60 and up for specialty donuts, $1.35 and up for regular. It was perfect for our family of 4, with 2 little girls ages 4 and 1 ogling the bright, colorful display case with lots of rainbow sprinkle donuts, unicorn poop donuts, Halloween iced mummy and pumpkin looking donuts. Plus fluffy donut holes, a few vegan donuts (1.60 so cheaper than Whole Foods and better cake - lighter but still dense with some chew - than the regular old fashioned donuts IMO). Of course we also tried the ube donut which was purple, a tad crumbly, and very iced. Sugar high goodness. The cashier said that the donuts last at least 3 days at home which prompted me to buy some to go. The texture is light and fluffy, with a heavy hand of frosting that sometimes I peel off some bc my sweet tooth isn't quite what it used to be. Fluffy enough that it de poofs a little if you try to use your hands to break it apart like I did to allow my two girls to share a donut. I liked this over my usual donuts place Happy Donuts which is priced similarly but less inviting atmosphere, denser donuts that taste a little older. The inside is also decently clean, a bit hipster looking, with a few tables but no high chair. They make their own croissants and bagels here too. And the espresso is cheap for a heavy pour. That's nice for two parents of young kids. My 4yo already wants to return to try more sprinkles.

Kendy Chan

Great service, got traditional donuts and some Instagram worthy donuts haha.

Liam M.

Awesome donuts! I love this place--great selection of some of the freshest and most delicious donuts I have ever enjoyed. Try a breakfast donut slider, it's ridiculously tasty.

Ryan C.

First and foremost, the staff was incredibly friendly and engaging. That alone isn't enough to make me want to return though. It's all about quality and price point for me. I opted for the maple bacon as always. It wasn't my favorite donut in the world, but it was definitely satisfying. It was a little more on the chewy/doughy side on this day, opposed to soft and pillowy. The bacon on top was generous though! That's always a W in my book, because it's... BACONNNNN! Rainbow was relatively inexpensive; which is fantastic for your pocket. All in all, you should definitely swing by when in the area and wanting a donut fix.

Deanna Y.

Rainbow has the perfect balance of classic and specialty donuts. They have your standard raised, glazed, and cake donuts, but also offer donuts like maple bacon, cookies 'n cream, s'mores, matcha, cereal themed, and decorated donuts (unicorn, cookie monster, etc.). Some of my favorites are the ube crumb, which have a soft, pillowy texture, and just enough glaze to hold the crumbs in place. In addition to apple fritters, Rainbow makes blueberry fritters! They're massive and wonderfully marbled with purple streaks and little blueberry bits. Like any donut shop, the selection of donuts dwindles as the day progresses. I've been here at 8am on a Saturday morning and had a fully stocked case at my fingertips and I've also popped in before dinner at 5pm and was limited to the basics. The best part? Rainbow has really affordable prices! Even the fancier donuts are less than most shops. You can order online for pick-up and they also do large orders for events.

Ana Gaona

I love their service and the girls that work there are so nice and friendly.

Irene L.

Rainbow Donuts is fantastic! Every now and then I like to bring donuts to work for all my co-workers. I happened to be in the Berkeley area one morning, so decided I'd find a local donut place on Yelp, so that I wouldn't be going to work empty-handed. Rainbow Donuts exceeded my expectations. The reviews were glowing, so I knew it wasn't going to be your average donut place, but I was delighted at all of the donut options! And, the donuts were so affordable! I ended up walking out of shop with three dozen donuts. My co-workers had nothing but raving reviews - the donuts were demolished and gone within minutes of me dropping them off in the lounge. Next time I'm in the area, I'll be stopping by Rainbow donuts again!

Erich L.

Stopped here for a coffee and a donut. Nice small business. I tried a vegan donut that was delicious. Coffee is decent. Very casual place and typical donut shop. Overall it is very good and inexpensive.

Lizzie C.

I liked the decor of the shop. Donut displays were very tempting. Donuts were alright , some had toppings I never thought to have on a donut which made them sweeter. Staff though, they just stood around looking for some lottery ticket, were talking amongst themselves. I had to ask the guy at the register if i could order with him because the lady who helped someone prior had gone in the back and it was almost like I was bothering him. Unless Im actually in Berkeley, I won't go out of my way to come here.

Leona leslie

Great donuts but runs out of just pure glazed donuts quickly

EL wal

Melt in your mouth donuts. Great service. Fun flavor choices. My new go to place for donuts. They even have breakfast sandwiches made with donuts!

Michael Greenberg

These donuts are delicious, fresh, and affordable! In an age where donuts can cost $3.50 each, Rainbow Donuts is keeping it real. The yeasted donuts are fluffy and delicious, the cake donuts moist, and the flavors interesting. Stop by, you won’t regret it!

Niema Durham

The staff is always friendly and the donuts are so fresh. I have also tried the bagels as well and was pleased. I will have to try some of the other items they have as well.

Luis Cornejo Miramontes

This place makes amazing doughnuts! There is no such thing as getting only 1 here! The prices are more than fair, and the wait is minimal. My personal preference in all of the Bay Area.

jimmy leslie

Great donuts but runs out of just pure glazed donuts quickly

Albert L.

Rainbow Donuts is one of those no-frills not quite old-school joint with classic pink take-out box. The place feels dated back then, but recent upgrade kept them in the scene much like any other donut shop. Service is brisk get you in and out within minutes sometimes just seconds when no one is around. After a visit to Toyota dealership looking to test drive 2020 GR Supra I needed something sweet nearby and donut happen to be it. Got a maple glazed old-fashioned being so fresh the dough literally flattened when I took a bite which is perfect something I like to see more often with other places. It's not just a regular basic donut shop they have rainbow donut on a daily basis some are unique only to this place. Lottery scratcher tickets left behind by patrons is messy and annoying should be wipe off or blow off surface before leaving not a biggie though.


Tastes as delicious as they look! Lovely customer service!