RareTea Berkeley

2440 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(415) 734-0525

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Belsh asle

Here be Asians who don’t wipe their muddy feet and turn the entire store into a slip and slide.

Jeff Dinakar

I've been coming here for boba since my college days (back when it was still called ShareTea), and it's good to see that the quality hasn't dropped since then. Years ago, you'd see a line out the door for ShareTea, partly because it was the new kid on the block, but largely because it set a new benchmark for what boba should be on Southside.

Li-Chen W.

Drink itself tastes very good but the new cups are toooooooo thin and fragile!!! I have already broken the cup twice due to accidentally hitting the door... If you can change the cups back to the previous thick ones, that would be perfect!

Jeff D.

I've been coming here for boba since my college days (back when it was still called ShareTea), and it's good to see that the quality hasn't dropped since then. Years ago, you'd see a line out the door for ShareTea, partly because it was the new kid on the block, but largely because it set a new benchmark for what boba should be on Southside. They've got solid options all around. You can't go wrong with a classic Milk Tea w/ Boba, but my go to is the Ice Cream Milk Tea w/ Boba. Order it with less ice & less sugar, but once in a while, it's a nice mix up from a standard Milk Tea. Since my time in Undergrad, Berkeley has seen so many Boba shops come and go that it's easy to get lost in the deluge. More internationally renowned chains have set up shop in Berkeley, and options abound...that said, if you want quality Boba without making a fuss and waiting in line for 30 min, absolutely stop by Rare Tea.

Annie Y.

love the happy hour specials they have going on, it makes treating myself nicer during exams. The boba portion is really hit or miss sometimes. My friend and I ordered drinks and got one with half the cup filled with boba and the other with about 1/4 filled. the difference was comical, and the drink with all the boba was left unfinished because it was too tiring to drink and couldn't get much tea. service is still fast as usual, so you won't be waiting for too long. their straws are now in paper packaging which is nice, hope to see them transition further to bamboo straws possibly

Seri J.

I feel like this place used to be better. Or maybe my standards for boba have gone up after 10 more boba shops opened up in Berkeley. This place's (Rare Tea/Tea One/ShareTea/whatever) drinks aren't worth the $5 you pay for. If you're gonna spend $5 on a drink, why don't you go somewhere that uses more authentic ingredients with actually sweetened and chewy boba? I also really don't know why they're changing names. AFAIK, Rare Tea/Tea One/ShareTea are all the same, so why stray from the global ShareTea brand and make this a Berkeley-only thing?

Ariana E.

gets the job done but the boba is always hard and the tea is a little too watered down. I never feel satisfied after it

Mushk Rizvi

This place used to be good when they started and then eventually the quality started to go down and now it’s just a lot watery drink full of sugar. I do miss it when they opened. :/

Ro L.

In store table orderingsystem does not allow for customization. Staff are not help in using the app. When you are experiencing difficulty they tell you there are options on the tablet to choose from when there are not. I'll take Teaspoon over rare tea/share tea any day. This will be my last visit to any share/rare tea.

Say H.

The drinks are okay. However, they use powder in the the taro smoothie, even though the sign said fresh taro. The drinks have too much ice, Making them very watery. The Matcha smoothie with red beans was good, that's why I give an extra star. But for the price I paid, I want fresh real food. No powder. IF I pay that price, I would go to Itea in Oakland Chinatown, which is pretty good (I recommend Itea).

Elaine C.

This spot was basically a Sharetea and in my opinion, a bit disappointed. I was nearby and found parking around the corner and had trouble looking for this spot because I had mistaken it for a Sharetea. I was already here so I ordered a drink anyways. I got the jasmine milk tea with boba and it was fine. This spot had 500+ reviews and wished I knew it was a Sharetea prior to coming. I've had Sharetea before. There's plenty.. I mean plenty of other boba spots out there. I will not be coming back. I wasn't even sure what their recommended drinks were. I found out later that it was on a stand (which is usually outside) by the door and this was after I ordered.

Loann H.

Located on the Main Street of Berkeley (Telegraph) raretea is a chain boba shop I believe. They are almost always busy when I stop by. I tried it a few times and the drinks were good. This time around, they had a promo for bogo boba tea, so we tried it out using Snackpass. If you don't have the app, use my code Loann9541op for 50% any tea and other local discounts. I wish I got it a little less sweet but overall the drink was good and a bonus that we got one for free (: saved it for later. Great location, friendly and QUICK service. I barely put in my drink order and it was already ready. Did I even pay yet?.... Grabbed sliver pizza down the street to complete the meal..

Lauryn L.

I came in for a snack in between classes, so I tried their new jian bing crepe (no meat). For those who don't know what that is, it's essentially a Chinese crepe made of eggs, with black sesame seeds on top. Inside the crepe however, is where the magic happens. There's like a sweet and spicy chili sauce within the crepe folds, along with a crispy cracker-like thing, finally garnished with green onions. However, I did not realize it came with TWO crepes. Yes. What I thought would be a snack has now turned into a meal. Keep that in mind if you do plan on ordering those crepes. Lastly, I ordered a hot oolong milk tea and it came out lukewarm......maybe ask for it to be super hot if you do want hot milk tea in this weather.

Emmaline F.

This is my go to boba tea place! I'm here at least once a week between classes. Very convenient location right across from lower Sproul. I love that there are vegan milk options including almond and oat! My favorite is the high mountain milk tea with boba, and if it's cold out, I just get it hot! I always bring my reusable bumbler cup + straw, and they always fill it to the brim. Definitely bring your own! Very efficient, fast, and friendly service! I left off one star due to the amount of single use plastic. Other stores are offering rewards for bringing reusable cups + straws as well as selling them there, and compostable straws.


Very refreshing!! Thai Milk Tea...A DEFINITE MUST TRY!

Andy M.

Never open at the listed times. Every time I come here there's a handwritten sign saying when they will open,11...12? Who knows. Get it together rare tea. Your drinks are not worth the inconvenience.

Benjamin Arsenault

20 minutes to get a tea with only one customer in front of me. Maybe if they spent less time chatting about LoL I wouldn't have been late to my following engagement

Helena B

Very refreshing!! Thai Milk Tea...A DEFINITE MUST TRY!

The Adventures & Gaming of SingaporeKris/ SGKris

The staff is nice and friendly.

Yanjun W.

10.7 evening. I bought a peach black tea. It was a big cup and cost $4.25. Peach was delicious and the space was large. There was a same store on the opposite of the road but it was closed. I prefer rate tea to Yi fang. Maybe I will try other fruit tea later.

Alexander K.

High-quality tea and pretty good toppings (I'm fond of boba or lychee jelly), at an excellent price: $4.50 for a simple boba tea, and up to $6.00 for the specialty teas. However, it can get pretty crowded at times (3-5pm, I think?) and sometimes they run out of ingredients for some of their specialty teas. This doesn't bother me, but it seems to be a major issue for other people on this site.

Selena L.

Been here twice now. Tea is pretty decent, but the main draw for me was the size of the drink you get for the price. The shop is clean, and the service was friendly. Overall a solid choice.

Kate N.

Pass on this joint. If you want rude customer service along with your boba - then sure! This place is for you. We were walking around and saw this place had better reviews than others. Yet I don't know why. The drinks are mediocre and when I had a simple question about their coconut - I was given sarcasm and never heard a "thank you" from anyone who works there. We ordered 4 drinks, asked for a bag and was like well it's 10¢, I said sure np. The chick rolled her eyes. The cashier, young girl with glasses, basically tossed our drinks at us. After spending $20 on drinks there? Come on. As we walked out, my own fiancé was SO IRKED with the bad customer service, he simply said "ma'm you need to work on your people skills" and she scoffed at us and that was that. What a joke when your employees can't appreciate customers who GIVE YOU BUSINESS! Never again will we return and nor do I recommend wasting your time here. It's also a disgusting sauna while waiting for your order inside

Jennifer H.

This spot is amazing! Watermelon green tea is on point. Straight watermelon with a kick of tea! The menu is self explanatory and well organized. My friend tried one of the yakult drink and liked it. Overall, I would give this spot 10/10. Plenty of seatings and great drinks.

Van L.

This is NOT the spot for quality boba tea. Even boba from Sheng Kee is better... I ordered the Okinawa Pearl MT 80% sweet. Although the milk tea itself was alright, the boba was a huge disappointment! The texture was completely off as the inside was a bit hard and the outside was so overcooked. It may have been an off day, but I ended up drinking only the tea part and tossing all the boba balls :'( Some pros: quick service, close to campus but overall, you should skip this place and head someplace else to satisfy your boba cravings

Carolina E.

My friend ordered his drink with the ice cream. They put a teaspoon of ice cream. I bought the taro milk tea. It was flavorless. Service: the lady today at around 3:30PM was on the more rude side. Originally she didn't want to help right away and paced.

Samuel Chen

A standard boba place at Berkeley. It's pretty solid as long as it's the closest boba place you have available. The drinks came out super fast and tasted great

Vivian Lu

This place is pretty solid. I have definitely had better boba, but since this place has good deals on snackpass pretty often, I end up getting boba here pretty frequently. My go to is the mango green tea with lychee jelly, which is really good if you like fruit teas. The wait time can be pretty long if its crowded, but you can usually order ahead.

Karishma M.

The mango green tea with red bean and/or aloe vera is my go to drink. It's already sweetened through the toppings and mango so I would recommend getting no sugar/sweetening. Consistently good, highly recommend for boba drinks!

Deborah Q.

the tea is not rare, nor is it any type of tea you should share. I ordered the coffee milk tea, which--come to think of it--is arguably tea at all. so that's confusing. For those who fall in the overlapping middle part of the venn diagram of both tea and coffee drinkers, I beg of you, stick to one side. Coffee is great; tea is lovely. But be cautious when these beautiful beverages are combined together, because I fully regret to inform you that you will not get the best of both worlds, for the night is dark and full of terrors. The regular boba is pretty decent tho

Kevin L.

Perfectly cooked boba, texture consistently soft with a smooth chew. Just enough sweetness in boba as well. Oolong milk tea, zero sugar, I can actually taste tea, wow, even though it looks pretty milky. Good value and matte finished on cups looks slick. One size is the way to go. Probably one of the best boba drinks I've had.

Mike W.

I've had rare tea at other locations and happy with their consistency. A few problems with new staff not knowing what's available for soft opening but I'm sure it will be fine.

Michelle L.

Stingy on the toppings. Watered-down milk tea. Not coming back. Dull staff lacking in customer service skills.

Charis Zhang

Beautiful store, could be cleaner. Tea was fast, ice and sweetness options are to be expected. Staff was overworked and over appreciated. Tea was watered down. I now fully support automation.

Michael H

Same great boba as usual. They added a convenient payment kiosk too now.

Carlos Eduardo Gutiérrez Corte

It's by far the best bubble tea I've had in Berkeley, prices overall are the same as competitors, service and flavor are way better tho

E Arci

My favorite boba place in Berkeley. Love when their tapioca is made fresh and it's warm in the tea. Even better with the Snackpass app.

Craig Crossley

Great Boba tea and kind employees. The cups are really fancy, but I wish they recycled. Everything goes in the trash 😢

Connie M.

Is this Share Tea or Rate Tea? Ordered the Oreo milk tea and it tasted just like you would imagine, regular milk tea with blended Oreo in it. I'm not sure how I feel about sandy Oreo pieces gliding down my throat it didn't feel smooth! Kind of a weird sensation but the drink itself had a good flavor just not the best mouth feel.

Randolph Wooten

Brown Sugar Boba + Taro = Majestic Boomtastic ✌️ ✌️ ✌️